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  1. Thank you all for the help. I've decided to just service my Lexus and leave the lpg. :)
  2. Thank for the reply. The LPG installer claims he's done tons of Lexus installations and others with in-line engine configurations and that when done properly using the proper equipment they work great; he also gives a 2 year warranty on the work; also, by my calculations the LPG savings (50 quid a month) should pay off the installation in 2 years (1200) or 4 years (including the 100k service and the loan interest). It's not much of an economy though. I guess the main question is will my Lexus survive 50K more without major issues? Any ideas?
  3. Hi, I've owned my IS200 for about 7 years, it's a 2001 x-reg with just under 105,000 on the clock. My wife is a bit scared to drive it after a couple of bad skids on ice (rear-wheel drive culpable, I think) but I still love it. However, I've recently thought I should p/x and buy a small used diesel like a Peugeot 206 to cut fuel bills. On reflection though, I thought I could maybe keep the IS and add an LPG system. I plan to emigrate in about 5 years time so I really only need the car (our second car - we have a bigger family car) to do about 50,000 more miles; my only worry is that it might have some major (expensive) problems in the next 50K? With its 100K service due (cam belt) and the LPG installation I'll be sinking roughly 2000 into the car which is less than buying a much newer Peugeot but if it has any major problems I don't want to keep pouring money into the IS when it's not worth any resale... Do you know of any common problems with the IS between 100K and 150K (or even 200K) miles? Does anyone have one that's been successfully converted to LPG? Thus far (touch wood!) I've not had any serious problems. It needs some reconditioned alloys and has been through lots of tires and twice has had problems starting (plus my key's snapped) but otherwise it's been bullet-proof. Any advice?? Thanks, Ben