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  1. True. OK then lexus it is. Hopefully Barry gadgy will give me a 10 percent discount. But I like dojng my own work and will buy any tool required, in that case is it advisable to do it or not?
  2. Take it trw at 40 quid a side is no good
  3. My front lower ball joint is very worn. Can users please share their experience in changing this part out? Also what brand should I look to replace with? And where should I buy from. Thanks
  4. I own a 2002 is200 which I'm sure has a standard suspension setup on it. Although I'm very happy with the way the car handles and rides, I was wondering if there is a possible solution to retaining the ride comfort with a lowered look. I'm not after a silly lowered look, just lower than what it is. I would also like to add spacers to the wheels, to give the car that bit of a more aggressive stance. Is there any advice that can be offered? Thanks.
  5. Sorry for late reply. The problem is not related to aircon use. I did though notice two air leaks - one at the induction and another at the air filter housing. I'm going to look in to that and see what the script is. Although I don't those leaks would cause much of an issue
  6. Steering pump hose leaking. Can anyone tell if this is a tricky diy and if there is a walk through on it? Also is there any specialists for Lexus in Scotland?
  7. Hoping someone can help. While stationary, I can hear - not necessarily feel - RPM's fluctuating. I can see the rev needle moving up and down in tune with the engine sound. The fluctuation is very smooth and takes around 4 seconds between fluctuations hence why it isn't noticeable. Any ideas what could be wrong and where to look?
  8. tyre size advice

    Hi I'm pretty sure my rears are 7j
  9. Just a quick opinion on what you would do/have done. The car as it is has factory standard tyres - 215/45/17 front and 225/45/17 rear (non-standard). Now I'm well up for sticking to factory sizes on the car, but what sort of experience will I have if reverting to factory standard tyres on rears? Im pretty sure the rims are only equipped for 215's on the rears, but saying that I haven't had any issues with handling. I do also know that lexus specify factory sizes for a good reason.
  10. My fan is not switching on and causing the car to overheat. After doing some digging around, one of the temp sensors is out of action, just do not know which one. When I switch on the AC, my fan comes on so that pretty much points to a sensor I suppose.
  11. My cam cover seems to sweating oil although I'm not experiencing oil loss. What do members think I should do, renew the sealant/gasket or leave alone. I am though having a rough running problem, which brings me on to the second question, is servicing the breather system on the is 200 difficult?
  12. Just a quick question - my caliper piston boot is allowing fluid to seep out so I'm in a dilemma as to either refurb the calipers or get them refurbed. I would like to do it myself but do not know how difficult this job is. Can people whom have done this job please shed light on the complexities etc. Thanks
  13. is there any diys for this task
  14. Quick question - looking to rebuild brakes and use castrol red rubber grease on caliper sliding pins/piston rubber boot and copper grease on contact points between brake pad between contact points. Is this correct? Also should I be putting any grease on the back of brake pads? Cant see why that would be done.
  15. Problem Tried to disconnect the battery but the negative terminal was sparking too much when I went even close to the negative terminal with a socket wrench. Questions How do I disconnect the battery now? I have had a magnetic clutch failure fault which I suspect to be an electrical issue. If I disconnect the throttle body, should I then be able to remove the negative terminal based on the assumption the magnetic clutch is at fault?