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  1. These are only watch list when they bring out the 'f' equvelant for the reasons you state.
  2. Absolutely and a bloomin bargain but sadly my funds from one car bolster the purchase of the next.
  3. I did consider it. My concern was depreciation and being able to sell it. Depreciation has transpired to be high so that was correct. I also think come resale the rc-f will be hard to sell. The Lexus performance cars are not well known at all. The isf had good reviews against its peers so was easy to shift. I can see the same being the case for the rcf. Poor press reviews will inevitably lead people to other cars like the M4. Sad but true. Ultimately if you love it then go for it but it would have to be a heart purchase and not a head purchase.
  4. Sounds lovely chap. Well done 👍
  5. And 46k for a carbon pack model. That's a heck of a dip from 72k ish new??? Amazing value at current prices. I wonder how much the cars will come down year on year.
  6. Sadly this will probably now die! While this forum is great very few are willing to step forward and organise meets, events etc. I experienced this while organising number of blue water meets. I would have have taken this on if I was not already organising other drives and meets for other forums/groups. I hope someone does come forward as it looks to be a good crack.
  7. I'll just be trolling you all weekend with my Evora 😂
  8. Would be ok to invite my brother in hopefully an r32 and a mate in a 911? Both will be date dependent.
  9. What's the format of the trip and duration? I need to start softening up the good lady.
  10. Can the isf put that power to the road? It's all well and good having massive figures but if in second or third out of a corner on a B road the car can't lay the power down it's wasted money.
  11. Looks like a great time lads. If another takes place and i an free I'd be game. Off to wales later this year 😃
  12. Lol you will need it. They seem to go wrong a lot!
  13. Whatever you want!
  14. The folk on this form think outside the box so figured it would be interesting to see what people come up with. budget of 50k, can be as old as you like, can be any vehicle you like, can only be one vehicle. Go...
  15. Oh dear god!