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  1. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Hey Maz, no, didn't get a compression test done in the end. The fact there has as you say only been one case where this was an issue (guy used nitrous, drag raced his car a lot) mean't I didn't see much point! The dyno results proved I had a healthy motor to start with. If there had been any spikes or issues when we did the first dyno pre-install, I would have asked Lee to do a compression check.
  2. Morning All, As suggested, thought I’d start a new thread to document the progress by SRD on my supercharger install. Hoping they receive the replacement auxiliary pulley today, as it’s holding things up! I won’t try posting the video of the knackered pulley again, but here are photos from day one, mostly stripping everything down, with one of the two new coolers fitted, and the rather lovely ATI custom harmonic crank damper pulley.
  3. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Hi Lee, Thanks, I am indeed struggling to stop smiling at the results. Lee and his team did a great job installing everything, the kit itself was very comprehensive from RR-Racing, so can't forgot to say a huge thanks to Rafi and Simon for their part in this. I've not driven the car as yet unfortunately, still waiting for the green light from Lee to go and collect it. Don't think they are far off finishing it, just a few minor tweaks required. The car should handle the increased power without any real issues. I took the precaution of adding both the gearbox cooler and a further engine oil cooler to keep things nice and cool during operation. Rafi/RR-Racing have been using this setup on their shop demo car for a while now with no issues whatsoever. When you consider these results were achieved using just 0.5bar of boost, it's even more impressive. Getting enough traction could prove to be the trickiest part. I am waiting for some feedback from the States on whether I can increase the size of my current tyres (rears mainly), but will probably look at changing out the wheels for something more substantial at a later date. Would mean doing some work on the wheel arches, as well as adding some suspension components so we can adjust the camber etc, but will have to see how it goes in that respect. I also plan to add a proper LSD (RR-Racing are offering some Cusco units I might try) and change out the current BC BR coilovers for a set of the Penske's that RR-Racing offer. Will be sure to report back from time to time so people know how the car is coping with everything, but signs suggest it should be fine.
  4. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Thanks Maz, your turn next my friend! To answer Dav's question about what it means, if you consider the LF A produces 552bhp, mine is now making more than that. Whilst I wouldn't compare the two (lets remember what an LF A costs!), it's just amazing to think this supercharger has given me an increase of 168bhp. Couldn't be happier with the results. Lee and his team at SRD have outdone themselves. Really can't find the words to thank them for their efforts, truly amazing stuff!

    Best of luck with the sale Bob, seems like a very fair price for a really nice example. Sorry to lose yet another IS F owner, but wishing you all the best for the future. Cheers, Pete
  6. Newish isf owner

    Welcome Wayne, congrats on the F, looks like a nicely spec’d example. Good to see another tuned car on here. Sounds like you have some nice plans for it fella. Enjoy! Pete
  7. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Funny you say that, Lee actually said you barely hear the supercharger, which doesn’t actually bother me in the slightest. He seemed to think you could just make out the BOV’s, but didn’t think he heard much else! Should make it even easier to creep up on those poor unsuspecting M3/M5’s! Lol.
  8. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Give me a few, will try to get this video up and running!
  9. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    So......... results are in from the dyno................. Have a video, but won’t upload! I can’t stop smiling! Lol.
  10. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Got a few nice photos from Lee today. Plan is to address a couple of niggles on Monday, and hopefully get it back on the dyno. Looking forward to seeing what it does.
  11. One area for all F Drivers

    Gets my vote, More the merrier!
  12. USRS RR Racing

    Remaining 3 sets now posted. Last set will go out once I pick it up in December. Have PM’d the three buyers with bank info/costs, tracking numbers. Need to pay my SRD bill this week, so if you can get it done soon, I’d appreciate it. Thanks guys.
  13. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Nice one Dan, take it your missus doesn’t come on here then?! Lol. I second this. Or, borrow enough money to give her the same amount your spending on the car? That way it’s equal..... works for me!
  14. IsF exhaust filth

    Does sound amazing in tunnels, especially in manual mode with the downshift blips..... Think he was worried I would drive right through him! Lol.
  15. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Hi Chris, Thanks, it's going to be one special car once everything has been finished up, that's for sure! So mapping is all done by RR-Racing/Rafi. He will tweak/change the base map to accommodate any/all changes needed using the Dimsport software, then send me the new map via email. I load that map via the cable to the My Genius OBD 2 handheld controller, then connect it via the OBD2 port on the car, and upload the new map. Then it's good to go. Really easy, and works a charm.
  16. IsF exhaust filth

    Won't stay looking like that though! Lol. Hence the reason I went with matt black tips, hides the dirt!
  17. IsF exhaust filth

    Hi Mike, You should just do it. Ian and the guys at H&S have been brilliant, not the cheapest, but you do get what you pay for I find. No, pretty sure the fitment was relatively easy (mine was fitted my H&S), just getting the spacing right with the real quad tips. Those aren't black covers, they are ceramic coated stainless steel tips that are actually connected to the exhaust. You would get stainless steel ones with the system unless you want them to get yours coated at an additional cost (it's outsourced to another firm, not done by H&S themselves)..... Hope this helps.
  18. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Indeed David, should surprise a fair few things with the new power provided I can get it to the road that is! Lol. May be looking at a square setup in the wheel department next year, I'm running slightly wider tires at the moment, but time will tell if it's going to be enough.......
  19. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Absolutely. Really impressed with Lee and his team though, the finish and attention to detail/care shown throughout this build have been excellent.
  20. IsF exhaust filth

    True, but that's what a secret squirrel bank account is for Big Rat! Just make sure you watch them away from Mrs. Rat! Lol. The headers have made a big improvement in my mind to the soundtrack, but with the added supercharger sounds, should be epic! Most have seen/heard this I assume?
  21. IsF exhaust filth

    Surely everyone has found my YouTube video's by now? I really enjoy that last video, the short tunnel sounds epic! Keep in mind this was JUST the H&S system, so no PPE headers, and no supercharger! Lol. Will be getting some new video's up as soon as I can.
  22. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    So today was about getting the car fully back together and ready for it’s test drive/run in tomorrow. Here’s how it all looks with everything back on, and the badges etc all fixed in place.
  23. IsF exhaust filth

    Dude, my H&S sounds better than this?! Why would I change it?!?!
  24. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Very, as I said, SRD are great. Would recommend them to anyone.