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  1. Agree with what everyone has said, get what you pay for I believe. Not many about, some are really nasty unloved examples with little or no service history (missed services, no recalls done, budget tires fitted). If these ever get the notice they deserve, prices will only go up. As we have been saying, the IS-F was the first true performance model from Lexus, pre-dating the legendary LF-A, and more recently the RC-F and GS-F. If you want a good one, you’ll need a good amount of money. If you don’t mind a gamble given the strong reliability record (just remember this is only true if the car in question is serviced properly, allowed time to warm up before being driven hard etc), cheap examples are out there. Some higher mileage cars are also fine, just get them checked over thoroughly and make sure there’s at least one service per year or every 10k miles. Best of luck.
  2. F recall

    Should have stuck with the IS-F..... Don't make these new F cars like they used to! Lol.
  3. Post your Pics

    Must be cold in this weather though? Looks great, may be tempted when I’m done with the bigger more pressing jobs like finding some traction! Lol.
  4. Fox isF exhaust

    Looking to modify already?! Nice! . Don't go getting carried away now, not like they do a supercharger kit for the RC-F yet........ Be nice if more IS-F products come down in price, risk is companies move on and stop producing parts for us old timers!
  5. Excellent stuff Etienne. Sounds like it's probably the cooler leak discussed over on the US forum, or something less serious than a head gasket failure at the very least! Look forward to hearing further once you hear back from Lexus. Fingers crossed it's nothing too serious or costly.
  6. Hey Etienne, Can you check inside oil cap please? Need to see if there are any signs of a mayonnaise type gunk in there. If so, looking like a blown head gasket, which would be extremely odd and rare. Personally liking the US suggestion about the gearbox cooler in the radiator failing, still not ideal, but has to be better than a head gasket failure?
  7. Yes, having spent many hours reading up on various threads around turbo setups and superchargers. Fact is I have a huge amount of confidence in RR-Racing. They don’t do things by halves, so the testing, development and trialling is second to none. No it’s not cheap, but if you want to preserve the reliability and not risk damaging your car, that’s the price you pay. Thanks, as did I. Even know the turbo guy in the States isn’t making what I am. Thank you, couldn’t agree more. Sure, you can buy turbo kits off eBay, but they tend to go horribly wrong. Just as I won’t fit inferior parts to other areas of my car (OEM or better), I wouldn’t risk grenading my engine with a relatively untested turbo kit. There are several of us now running the supercharger kits, not aware of any significant issues? Had one guy who made a minor mistake with the install (fact some folks have managed to DIY this is testament to Rafi and Simon for making such a comprehensive kit), but generally these are very well thought out and executed.
  8. I’d sum it up like this, no one has successfully fitted and run a turbo setup that has been as reliable or generated as much horsepower as the RR-Racing supercharger kits. Simples! Drop the microphone!
  9. I’d like to attend this, just need plenty of notice to make it happen! Got to get the missus on board, kennel the dogs etc..... Look forward to getting some more details in due course Ratty.
  10. Tom's isf replica

    Sorry to see this Wayne. Always a gamble when shipping larger more delicate parts across the pond. Main reason I tend to bring things back with me on planes (although this would be a stretch given the size once you add the packaging etc). You may be able to get it repaired though? Is it just that one area that was damaged? The top part where it looks to have gone through the clearcoat won't show when it's installed, so the bit on the face may be repairable...... Saying that, are you planning to keep it or send it back?? Shame when you've had to wait a while and this happens!
  11. Post your Pics

    Should be fine, had no issues when I had my badge less carbon grill. Issue was with the US badged version. Black box with radar sits behind the grill, not attached.
  12. Congrats! Let the modifications begin! Nice supercharger kit maybe? Got to do something to compensate for the extra weight! Lol. I’d consider doing something similar at some point, makes the most sense given the current offerings in F form. Enjoy mate!
  13. Indeed, bored of all the salt, gritters and slippery surfaces! Dry weather will be very welcome!
  14. I’d steer clear, looks like she’s mold ridden! I do like a good wrap, but cost and maintenance in this Country put me off. Do think there are some nice options to help make the car stand out though..... Think I’ll stay on the fence with this one!
  15. Happy birthday Paul, hope you have a wonderful day mate.
  16. Post your Pics

    Agreed. SRD did a great job cutting and re-fitting the engine covers for me. Pretty sure it was a first to keep them? All the photos from the States showed them bare with all the pipes and hoses everywhere, much prefer this.
  17. Post your Pics

    That’s a pity. Could be a Motec ECU in my future, so hopefully they may have some ideas on what we can do to tame the beast!
  18. Post your Pics

    All good thanks mate, just waiting on some drier/warmer weather so I can really enjoy the extra power. Been ultra reliable, hard to know it’s there unless you nail it (doesn’t sound any different during normal driving, only hear the BOV’s on and off). The pickup is insane though! No lag, and just keeps pulling.... actually lost traction at the top end the other day (so wheels scrabbled at launch, then foot down and lift again as wheels spun at top end! Lol). The proper LSD, better coilovers and wider wheels and tires will sort it all out though I reckon. If not, may look at Racelogic traction control which we used to great effect on the Supra’s.
  19. Post your Pics

    Here’s a few of mine.
  20. For reference, only non service related part I’ve had to replace was a knackered auxiliary pulley. Around £250 including fitting. That’s it.
  21. Please don’t get confused regarding the coolant leak issue, don’t believe U.K. models suffer from this, nor the sticky interior trim or any other minor niggles/issues raised across the pond. Mine has been running fine with 640hp thanks to the addition of an RR-Racing supercharger kit, but not had coolant leaks etc. Lexus have checked it for me, nothing. Pound for pound the most reliable car I’ve owned. Sorry to see you go, but hope the car finds a loving new home, it deserves it.
  22. Come on Steve, Rich isn't a miracle worker!
  23. No idea.... If it does already exist, then it should be rolled out for all cars (not just the most expensive ones).
  24. Hey Rich, Thing is a tracker won't stop the car though.... Yes you can track them (although most thieves know how to disable them, or get them in a container or somewhere off the grid quickly), but that won't stop them ramming other cars, or worse, killing an innocent party that happens to be crossing a road etc. My method actually renders the car useless to the thief/thieves. They can then be arrested if the Police have responded or can spare the manpower, or they have to abandon the car and go on foot.