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  1. Seen that Bluetooth dongle on eBay for 5 .used to use lead to connect to my auxiliary port but unfortunately my son broke jack in my phone port so couldn't listen to music but this is brilliant idea will order 1
  2. Recently watched a test on different kind of fuels shell v power came top, BP ultimate came out useless for money you pay and asda was worst.i always use shell or esso.
  3. Dropped mine yesterday for service and airbag recall at lexus Woodford, gave me ct200h 67 plate did ask for is300h but was told that v only supply ct model maybe next time try lexus Sidcup. took it to Oxford yesterday absolutely useless underpowered car only good if you use sports mode in hybrid mode it's gutless, suspension is rubbish as jump like a kangaroo . you can feel every bump. It's a granny car and if u want to save cost then it's OK but I never buy 1 and only good thing is got Bluetooth for phone and can listen to music via Bluetooth. Boy was i glad picked my is250. Service was quite good wash @ vacuum it too but no fuel. Was offered tea biscuits plus also had kit kat there All good no problems found Rear tyres put budget but Avon are not budget or are they.???????
  4. I received same email but unfortunately my car is Sept registered offer only cars March to 2006-feb 09. Still a steal.
  5. Looks like lexus aren't only cars with faulty air bags. 400k Mercedes also air bag recalls, will see how long it will take to fix unlike lexus took ages
  6. I had is220d for 2yrs was nice to drive but only had front calipers replaced cleaned egr myself dpf blocked had it cleaned,gearbox replaced under warranty but dmf was noisy just got used to it had no problem with head gasket or 5th injector maybe I was lucky loool Sold it with 93k on clock. Had is250 for nearly 2 yrs now much better than is220d, wouldn't really buy any diesel now as don't do enough miles. Before you buy do your research depends how many miles you do????
  7. I bought my update for 50-60 I think beginning of yr didn't disconnect battery just placed it updated firmware automatically no problem with it works fine. I bought mine off ebay came from Germany
  8. Got mine booked for 23 Oct with courtesy car and getting essential service done same time at lexus Woodford. It's been 2yrs since last major service done by lexus Plymouth when bought vehicle
  9. Just received my letter this morning to book in nearest lexus. Yippee
  10. Checked on Toyota website doesn't mention which recalls maybe it was sorted as it's 59. If it had recall would of received letter or previous owner received it had it done as guy used to work for lexus Plymouth. When go for service will enquire about it
  11. Had my letter last yr still nothing we all in same boat as you are aware company that made airbags went bust. They got to find another supplier. You should get fuel gasket done in mean time. Luckily my is250 not recalled for fuel gasket.
  12. So if company that makes air bags have gone bust then who will replace recalls?????
  13. Absolutely correct dpf is p2002 Dpf blocked need cleaning by force regeneration and also will clean egr too Perhaps give car surgeon a call in Birmingham will collect and delivery car back as had my is220d done through them. Could try putting wynes dpf cleaner in tank and taking it on motorway in 4th gear for 30 mins if it's not bad then should clear it Good luck mate
  14. I used this t cut head light restoration kit on my is220d was shocked how clean lights came out. Well recommended kit
  15. On my is220d dpf blocked on m25 went into limp mode lights came on had my dpf cleaned by car surgeon in Birmingham cost 350ish pick up and drop off second time happened I used wynes dpf cleaner and was cleared. 1)Try adding wynes dpf cleaner and take it on motorway for about 20 mins in 4 th gear, if it clears it disconnect battery and lights should go off 2) clean egr should take 1 hr of ur time good video on utube step by step on cleaning egr