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  1. Probably same as is220d located on air cleaner with 2 screws. Really easy to remove and clean but avoid touching wire. Just spray, cleaned my is220d few times. If weather good next week will clean mine too got spray and will put pictures on forum
  2. Changed on my is220d was super easy and heavy too. I used original Toyota one as price wise wasn't much different. Aftermarket one tend to be big or small for tray. Only got to set auto windows which is easy too
  3. Lexus Birmingham are cheapest and original ones at that price is a bargain
  4. Me personally go for lexus just for sake of £35 as using essential service would cost same as independent garages, buy plugs from lexus Birmingham costing 70-80 and get then fitted by independent garage like linas p said air filter and pollen filter do yourself take you 10 mins to do both.
  5. To be honest don't know how to put link just search on eBay lexus Birmingham everything comes up from lexus Birmingham Kris250 lexus Birmingham doing for £61 front pads delivered
  6. Yeh that why send your reg no and if any 1 interested lexus Birmingham doing complete service kit with 7 litres of 5w30 oil for 106 delivered from 2005-2013
  7. Just search lexus Birmingham will show up,I think best way buy from lexus get fitted by independent garage as their labour is less, I paid rear pads and discs 150 delivered for my is250, it's quite easy just send your reg no and they will tell you price and which ones you need.
  8. Forte petrol additive is better as always use forte diesel in my taxi with 410k on clock pass emissions every time. It's bit more expensive then redex but works better too
  9. Pads and discs quite easy to do on lexus compared to mercs, yrs ago had e320cdi 2002 thought do pads and discs myself and to my surprise to take calipers off you needed special star key to take calipers off so off I went to Halfords and bought 1.managed to do it then, used to do small jobs like that myself but now haven't got time or tools now, when you lend tools you never get them back.
  10. I purchased mine from Germany for 65 delivered via ebay it's 2016-2017 and work fine Oops sorry we forgot to add new road loooool
  11. Sorry I'm lost radar cruise control never used it on mine how does it work?????
  12. I got my letter last July still havnt heard anything yet. I'm sure when they are ready will call everyone
  13. I got rear brake pads and discs from lexus Birmingham via ebay and got garage to fit them. Did get blue print first time and wasn't impressed as made lot of noise as were faulty, did refund and decided to replace with original ones.
  14. If you gonna do local mileage then is220d is not ideal car due to dpf problems, plus loads of other issues like head gasket, 5th injector problem, you can get is250 for same money as bobmc mentioned and it's a better car.
  15. If u take ur old disc out ref no is on it as when u order new 1 should be same