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  1. Happy Birthday Jonesy200!

  2. Tappet Type Noise Any Ideas?

    yeah im not to sure what to do any ideas on how to check/adjust them? appreciate your help/advice.
  3. Tappet Type Noise Any Ideas?

    yeah i lighned the dots up then had to rotate the cam gears to tdc
  4. Tappet Type Noise Any Ideas?

    im assuming so i sent it off to motorcast who done the rebuild so im assuming they would have done the valve clearances?
  5. Tappet Type Noise Any Ideas?

    it sound more rear of the engine uno like the vid link i put on its driving me nuts lol
  6. Tappet Type Noise Any Ideas?

    I know exactly what your talking about the inlet side cam gear is springy and springs out of alignment if the retaining bolt isnt put in but i did the retaining bolt and only took it out when the cam was inplace with the exhaust cam uno.
  7. Tappet Type Noise Any Ideas?

    i locked the cam gears with a bolt before i removed the cams and removed the bolt when i reinstalled them the cam gears seem to line up fine but could it be the valve clearances or??
  8. Tappet Type Noise Any Ideas?

    Will it harm it driving it as it is for now?
  9. Tappet Type Noise Any Ideas?

    do you have a how to on that lol? sounds like you could be right in other words valve clearance needs sorting yeah?
  10. Tappety Engine After Rebuild?

    maybe but it is getting slightly louder maybe will before it gets better lol?
  11. Tappety Engine After Rebuild?

    It sounds exactly same as the is200 in the link below.
  12. Tappety Engine After Rebuild?

    If you check this thread out theres a youtube video on it with the exact same problem as mine but noone seems to have a definitive answer.
  13. Tappety Engine After Rebuild?

    new valves and seals skim and pressure test full rebuild basically. it coming from the exhaust side where the manifolds are. You cant hear it driving along. the tappety sound goes with the revs if you know wha i mean if you rev it to say 4000rpm you cant really hear it but below that you can uno?
  14. Tappet Type Noise Any Ideas?

    Sorry to bring back an old thread but did anyone find the root cause of this tappety sound? I like some others have just had a head rebuild and new gasket and its quite tappety coming from the exhaust manifold side top of the engine??
  15. Hi guys me again. So Iv managed to get hold of some new coils and happy days it starts and drives lovely temps ok and no smoke. But its quite tappety Iv read on here of the same issues with others but no definitive answers. I did an oil and filter change. I have driven only a mile or so and still same. Is it a case of giving it a good run then maybe dropping the oil again and do another change??