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  1. oil soaked spark plugs is200 help

    thankyou for that buddy, i will give it a try but i have a feeling ill be giving it to the garage to do as im kind of nervous about taking the rocker apart lol also ive emailed that seller and he sent me a snapshot of the oe toyota part numbers for these spark plug seals which is 11193-70010, ive searched that on ebay and loads more came up for lexus is200 so it should be the correct part for my lexus is200 :)
  2. oil soaked spark plugs is200 help

    if there is a diy guide for this or a video i could follow it as i do have some mechanical experience, but without that i feel i might mess it up lol. so this is the correct part, its in bulgaria so need to make sure this is the one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-TOYOTA-SPARK-PLUG-TUBE-SEAL-SETX6-LEXUS-IS200-IS250-GS300-RX300-RX400-/112445361069?hash=item1a2e440bad:g:5oAAAOSwN6JY9bDp thanks
  3. oil soaked spark plugs is200 help

    yeay, so basically what your saying is oil is leaking from the top, and the link you put up thats what i need to add to the lexus to stop leaking? also how hard or easy is it to it those seals, could i do it myself or is it a garage job?
  4. oil soaked spark plugs is200 help

    the car has been parked up on the drive for around a month now as im driving something else atm, but to answer your questions 1) all the spark plug is covered in oil from top to bottom (see pic although i must say its about 3 or 4 plugs out of the 6) 2) I didnt replace the seals you have put in link, i replaced rocker cover gasket which goes around the side of the head? does this mean i need to replace the seals which you have shown in link too? 3)I havent seen any nasty smoke coming out except when i changed the spark plugs and it smoked like hell for like 40 mins or so. 4)no sign of oil in coolant 5) The motor uses some more oil then usual, normally top up half a litre every 4 to 6 weeks. hope this helps
  5. oil soaked spark plugs is200 help

    can anyone give me any ideas?
  6. oil soaked spark plugs is200 help

    hi john the whole plug has oil around it. so from the top to the bottom gap end
  7. Hi my is200 se 1999 on lpg has had oil on spark plugs with misfire on 2 and 4 cylinders for a while, was told its the rocker cover gasket seal so had that replaced last week but the misfire came back and today i changed the two coil packs on 2 and 4 but the spark plugs were still soaked so most likeley thats were the misfire is, what else needs replacing for the oil to stop leaking all over spark plugs? thanks guys
  8. oil in spark plugs, rocker cover gasket?

    thankyou for your help bro, i have a garage i trust but i need to wait few more weeks because my second car is being fixed atm, once thats on the road i can put this baby in the garage. appreciate all the help lads, will update you if theres any more problems or solutions. :)
  9. oil in spark plugs, rocker cover gasket?

    so break it down for me, on the is200 engine, what would or might need replacing to stop oil from leaking onto spark plugs? stem seals spark plug gaskets or rocker cover gasket?
  10. oil in spark plugs, rocker cover gasket?

    hello sir ive changed spark plugs already brother, i put in brand new bosch super plus 4, still covered in oil so i believe oil is leaking on to them.
  11. oil in spark plugs, rocker cover gasket?

    thanks for your replies bro, so basically who can do a leak down test? im assuming as i mostly run it on lpg it is most likeley the valve seals / stems. its smoking all the time now, on petrol, on gas, on idle on driving.
  12. oil in spark plugs, rocker cover gasket?

    the car has been on lpg for around 6 years but recently ive noticed it does smoke alot more then usual on petrol and on lpg, lpg is normal to smoke as its lpg but on petrol ive noticed it smokes quite abit too. so how would i break it down to find the problem?
  13. oil in spark plugs, rocker cover gasket?

    nobody can help on this?
  14. Hi ive been having multiple misfire on cylinders 2 , 3 ,4 and 5, every time i clear code it re appears, seems to appear really fast on COLD DAYS? my spark plugs have oil on the top when i take it out which means oil is leaking into them? so am i correct in saying i need to replace rocker cover gasket to stop the oil from seeping into the spark plugs? and would the oil on spark plug cause misfire right? thanks
  15. is200 misfire codes confusion

    hi pal, I had a brand new battery installed less then a year ago so battery is sharp, ive checked the earth wiring and everything looks good, whats next?