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  1. Just reversed mine into the garage and slight pressure on the brake pedal lit the reversing lamp
  2. Changing the photo

    Hi Geoff The site seems to be having a few problems today, but to change the photo I think you click on your profile name and then edit profile. There is a small icon on your photo, click that and it should give you the option to import, upload or locate from a file the required photo then save it. hope this helps Bob
  3. Servicing Costs

    I have recently had mine serviced at 4th year 40k even though it's only done 30k. I was offered a 3 year service plan which was the essential services. I asked if the 60k included spark plugs and was told that it didn't and they would cost extra, anything else not included in the essential plan as opposed to the normal plans will be extra I believe.
  4. 18 Inch alloy corrosion

    My car was fitted with the nishokku wheels when I bought it six months old in 2013. By 2015 the outer surface was flaking off and all four wheels were exchanged by Lexus under warranty. This year I mentioned at the service that they were flaking again, this time they were refurbished by the Lexus body shop to a slightly different colour but one I was happy with. The original nishokku wheels have been discontinued I suspect most had finish problems and at £3000 a set were a very expensive option. As has been said wheels seem to be a weak link for Lexus my previous is250 were quite blistered when I traded it in for my present car.
  5. Looking at the website again the prices on there are for the is200/300 etc not the 300h as they wont be 5 years old yet, but that does include 2 mots. I have been quoted similar price for servicing at the Toyota dealer which is only a mile away rather than the 100 mile round trip to Lexus so I will make my decision next year.
  6. I was quoted £690 for 2 minors and one major, that's 50k 60k and 70k. Didn't take them up on it as it was the same as the website yearly rates, although the prices would be locked in for the service plan. I mentioned at the service that my nisshoku wheels were peeling again, they had already been replaced two years ago and after discussion with Lexus the wheels were refurbished by Lexus Bolton body shop plus the cars mot was carried without cost.
  7. Just had the 4 year 40k done on mine even though I've only done 30k as most of the service was either yearly or 4 yearly. I believe the spark plugs are mileage based rather than time. I was offered a 3 year service plan based on essential care services but the spark plugs were an extra cost as it seems to be quite a job. £150 for 4 spark plugs exchange is bit much.
  8. The nishokku wheels were already fitted to my car when I bought it and I love them, I preferred them to those fitted to the F sport at the time, they are always commented on. I am on my second set however as last year they were replaced by Lexus when the outer coating appeared to be peeling. One year on and the peeling has started again, I will mention it at the up and coming service but don't expect anything from Lexus now the car is out of warranty.
  9. Just received my recall notice, looking to include it with its next major service due next month. Just baulking at the price of the service!
  10. Glad it's sorted, Lexus infotainment is not the most intuitive.
  11. Hi Casa, Mine has the hotspot wifi fitted but I thought the aerials are internal to the unit, don't use it but my dab is fine in good signal areas. Sounds like someone may have fitted an extra dab aerial to the windscreen to try and get better reception. Maybe the existing aerial has been disconnected.
  12. fIRMWARE.........AGAIN!

    Scroll down in general to find software update, software info is underneath it
  13. Try menu, setup, navigation, connected service. Scroll down to change username and password. Think I had to do this when deleting the previous drivers details to allow me to access my portal account. If you have the Nav manual its on p393
  14. Just had a service

    Do we get informed by Lexus about the recall or are we dependant on this forum for the information as I just checked and mine is also subject to it.
  15. DAB aerials

    Hi Pete i bought a dab radio for my wife's old fiat a year or so ago from halfords and bought an fm / dab adaptor with it to use with the existing roof aerial. This worked fine and we were totally satisfied until the station we listen to was removed from the local transmitter and we lost reception. They do need a power supply to the blue wire to work, and I can't seem to see them on halfords web site but they are on Amazon or specialist car audio stores. hope this helps Bob