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  1. So my IS250 just sailed through its MOT at Lexus Poole yesterday. Got 1 advisory for the wiper blades and planned on changing these soon anyway. Any recommendations for this car? Is it best to go genuine or not?
  2. FREE IS250 Roof Rack

    @niloc just sent you a PM
  3. FREE IS250 Roof Rack

    @niloc a bit of a long shot but don't suppose you still have this?
  4. Love the look of this personally and has the 5.0 V8 from the RC F... no mention on price yet though!
  5. Setting off for a drive to Germany in a couple of weeks. Do I need to buy those plastic beam deflectors for my 2007 IS250? My old Focus ST I used to have had a lever inside the headlights to adjust them. I've also read conflicting reports on the internet as to whether or not they are required for headlights with xenons/projectors which I have on mine?
  6. In case anyone is interested, I also emailed Lexus customer relations (just thought if I had an email from a Lexus email address it would be even more convincing) and got the following response: Dear James, Thank you for your email, regarding your Lexus IS headlights and driving on the continent. I can confirm that as you have HID Xenon lamps all you need to do is turn off the I-AFS. Thank you for contacting Lexus. Kind Regards Sonya Anderson-Davies Lexus Customer Services So for any other members driving in Europe it may be worth emailing customer relations to get an email from their "" email address. I did it here:
  7. Thanks Normski, much appreciated. I shall print the letter off and use that!
  8. Heated windscreen

    Oh I know the one. Doesn't this just turn the blowers on to max demist on the windscreen? I have a similar looking button on my IS250 that does just that.
  9. Heated windscreen

    What does the button look like? I wasn't aware the CT200h came with any form of heated screen? My IS250 has one but it's just bit below the wipers basically that's all. Helps to get it started though I suppose!
  10. In my Lexus tool kit (the one with the screw driver and wheel wrench in the boot) there are two prongs that open it. I've used them/it before to update my disc.
  11. Must be as Eric just mentioned because you have a diesel.
  12. Yes that is my car in the photo. It's a 57 plate SE-L with multimedia. I assumed all had the auto recirculate feature?
  13. Your pic is too small to see but doesn't look like you have it. Here is mine - holes highlighted as red circles. The whole panel with hazard switch/clock etc comes out on mine to reveal the DVD slot. Also, I'm pretty sure I have a software eject button in the map info on the menu. This panel must be removed first of course :
  14. If you have DVD there are two hold in the front of the fascia which you can use tools (prongs) in the Lexus tool kit to remove. Behind this is the DVD slot.
  15. His wasn't ML but the sat nav unit looked the same. Just didn't have the ML logo
  16. A friend of mine had a 59 plate SE-I that was DVD based but had USB in the arm rest
  17. Yes I think you will need the dealer to sort it on the IS250 but at least you can sort it
  18. Thanks Jay, I do my best to look after it! I hate sitting in an unclean interior - probably being a little OCD
  19. That's OK thought I would have seen that!
  20. Need to have a look at this on my nav screen. Pretty sure I haven't seen it. Unless it's only available on the facelift?
  21. I would guess your sensors are switched off then. Let me know if you get them switched on OK... Mine doesn't lock/unlock at all on its own - I have to do it via the button if I want to do that. If I recall correctly though, according to the manual you can have the dealer program this for you to your personal preference so I'd have thought the last owner had that done in your case.
  22. I have the camera and parking sensors and can confirm the sensors beep while the camera is on. You can turn parking sensors on/off using these buttons to access a menu in the instrument cluster: If your parking sensors are on you should see this icon displayed all the time:
  23. I've seen a few of you mentioning you'd like the old "Latest Posts" button back and it turns out there is a way to easily do it yourself. Follow instructions and it only takes 30 seconds First, go to club activity, click my activity streams and create new stream. Then, name it "Latest Posts" or whatever you so wish. Select the options you can see in my screenshot below and click "save as new stream". You have now set up your stream, but to get the button back you need to click the little tick highlighted below. Once you have done this your "Latest Posts" button will appear in place of unread content. To make it look the same as the old one you will also need to toggle "show condensed view" but that's personal preference. Done. Simples