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  1. Few wee mods

    I think that may be because the Celsior doesn't have indicator lights on the wing? So, not essential to the '93 Car and if I recall the indicators being a two part set, which lock together, it probably makes a strip light impossible without cutting into the lock sections.
  2. It was inappropriate to mention a comment made to me and I've reported the thread and asked for it to be removed.  I apologise if it has caused you offence.

    We live in a world where if the "ethical" Co-op can adopt as its figurehead a Chef renouned for his offensive language, where does the barrier lie?


    1. Chris Skelton

      Chris Skelton

      Apology back too. No offence this end, just, as you point out, the language of the world has got a bit....unhinged? these days of instant tweets etc.. Trumpisation?

      Treat others as you'd like to be treated? A declining concept it seems.


    2. runsgrateasanut


      Thanks Chris.  I don't condone the word he used but as it wasn't to a person but an object then I mentioned it only because the previous owner of the Suzuki bought it for his Son who said "no way would he been seen in it". Thats young adults. When I was a youth I was happy to drive my mothers Standard Super Ten which was not the most desirable of Cars but it went like a rocket. I think the youth of today ignore PC and if I'm honest I think that freedom of Speech has been lost through so many "causes".  Bad language is now endemic in the young and hopefully without wishing to give further offence I cannot understand the trend to body paint and piercings.  Better get off my Soap box, but before I go, with the exception of the comment on the Lady Di event, I agree whole heartedly with the late George Macdonald Fraser. 



      Stuart (who is your elder by five months)

  3. Few wee mods

    Personally, I've never seen a rear Window lit up like that. Lexus (and W140's) had a bit of a reputation at one time as being favoured by certain "undesirable" members of the community. I wouldn't want to try going through Customs with such a bold statement. The unusual always attracts attention. Bit like Blackened out Windows. but maybe I'm wrong?
  4. Few wee mods

    Very nice - that rear widnow at night would I imagine attract the attention of the fuzz down here in essex. I've been searching for orange strip LED's to replace the front indicator lights as I only have a single forward facing bulb and could route to the side. Don't know if it can be done or anything out there?
  5. I've been there Mark. Spent two thou to get this lovely looking car into good shape. Still have two rear springs and two OEM Rear Upper Control Arms gathering dust which so far I haven't had to fit. Rust on the Drivers wing is annoying and the leak from the Power Steering I think I have cured. Capacitors on the list to be done shortly. Don't recall any similar items (with the exception of rust) needing raplacement on the various Mercs I've had, so it does make you think that maybe a W220 will not be any more expensive. Inrteresting that your wife hated driving the Lexus. On foreign roads its one of the joys to me.
  6. So I'm not the only one looking in that direction. S430, S500 or S350 V6 . There are some good (and bad) examples around. OK the Suspension is a possible issue but I've been happy with W123, W126, W140's especially the V8's.A bit more roomy. Only thing that puts me off is that everything around is Silver which is not a colour - imo. Can't drive two cars and possibly/probably the illness will pass? ps Burnt Silver or Beige (like my Lexus I like)
  7. Thats what I'm thinking that the Back and the Sqaub (cushion) can be relocated on to the Drivers Seat Frame. Perhaps. The Seats don't have any left or right pattern to them so it would be nice to have a better cushion and save me having to use bolster cushions etc, as I don't find the seat particularly comfortable. After 25 years they do collapse to a degree usually to the extent that you unknowingly "feel" support parts which jar the nerves in the BTM and cause leg twitching on long journeys- well thats my experience!.
  8. Wondering if it should be straightforward to replace a Driver Seat with a Passenger seat on the early Lexus LS400. Invariably passenger seats are less worn. Are Electrics confined to the Plastic / Frame. Anyone changed theirs?
  9. Just out of interest does any one have an opinion on the commonly marketed Sprin gs for Lexii. We'll call them "Keep Your Barge" afloat, so I don't fall fool of my own thread as regards libel. Yet to change rears, though I have a pair sitting idly bye. Reference to quality by Steve being reason for asking? Anyone had a bad experience with them?
  10. Being a Claimant and taking Court action to recover a debt or pursue rightful redress has become increasingly more difficult and now far too expensive to engage a Solicitor. As for "Counsel" referred to by Bluesman well you'll need a fortune win or lose, if your Solicitor tells you that you have to go there! Consider this, the number of fast food outlets in London. Run by ? To succeed in an action against such a business which changes hands every other year, your own paperwork will have to conform to Court rules or you are on the back foot straight away. Then you will have to give more grace to the party that owes you money or against which you have a grievance. You will have to show a trail of contact to try to settle the matter without Court action as a pre-requisite to taking action. A seven day letter will not suffice. Get your facts wrong at the outset and you are lost or just wasting your time and money. You could also have to pay costs. Why not Companies included, you ask. Good question as invariably they can be £2 paid up share businesses. Many formed to avoid debts when the heat is on, but they exist and are lawful. Its a quagmire not fitted for the inexperienced.
  11. The term "Plaintiff "has not been used since the 1999 Court reforms and the Court has just introduced new measures which are extremely onerous on making any claim in the County Court against Sole Proprietors and Partnerships. It will reduce the volume of claims which no doubt the Government will hold up as suggesting better business practice is taking place , whereas in reality those having rightful claims will just write off the debt rather than going to Court.
  12. Serial Dodgy Lexus Sellers

    Chris, I think you mean Libel. I personally will not be making any such contribution. Let each judge what they read and caveat emptor applies where someone is unhappy with a purchase, but is not denied certain rights of redress. This forum is about Car maintenace not a watchdog of sellers
  13. PS. Lots say that the gas leaks out via the hoses-some say 15% p.a. . This reply on a site in 2011 is interesting Quote It's actually the oil they inject with the gas - the gas doesn't lube. And 2 years is shocking, we have a car sat on the drive that hasn't been re-gassed ever in it's life and it still icy cold - it's a 1998 renault but it's air con is used every couple of weeks for preventative reasons Unquote
  14. Thats interesting Mark. I'm loathe to have the air con re-gassed as its been working perfectly since purchase (April 2014)and there are so many Cowboys out there that could possibly damage it. Perhaps if the Drier needed replacing it would have to be serviced but if the system is leak free where is the need for a top up, is my question? I have no knowledge specifically of this subject other than having had cars which did not have working air-con. Mercedes, Supra, etc..
  15. Just an observation, looks like the Car has had LPG in the past or does that model not have a spare wheel securing post in the boot? Personally, if someone says that they have had the Air Con re-gassed I'd pass on the vehicle. There is only one reason why air con needs re-gassing. OK a re-gas means you may get a months ice cold air which will hide a problem from a would be purchaser, but after that ???