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  1. Steve, Did you get new Top and Bottom Insulators with the Springs or were the originals still in good shape? Been looking for these Animals and can't find any. Possibly cost as much as the Springs if i do?
  2. Another nice example

    Is the later Car a V6 and not a stright six?
  3. That a lovely looking Car and to my eyes very modern in its design (well I'm not keen on the latest Grilles on Lexus). Very envious. Someone said to have a Sunroof would be the icing, but head room i suspect is even lower than an LS400. I have to have an anti-static bag velcro'd to the headliner to stop my little amount of hair rising and creating a spark when I get out of the Car to fill with Petrol. Sunroofs or Moonroofs get very little use in the UK I would think? I rarely open mine and as a Car gets older the drains start to break up, etc, etc. Also, good they ditched those seperated lights on the boot which personally I thought as weird. But Beauty as they say...
  4. Another nice example

    This older one should have appealed to you Colour wise Phil. Pricey and I've not looked at the MOT history. Are they not a bit thirsty in comparison to the LS range? My prevoious S320 straight six was far more thirsty than the two 5litre V8's I owned as I recall.
  5. Another nice example

    It does seem to be becoming a habit drawing attention to Cars for sale. I don't recall it happening on a daily basis when I first joined. Makes me wonder if members are actually satisfied with their vehicles or want for change? Personally I seem to keep looking at C and S class Mercs even though I know that other than seating comfort (not made for small Jap bums) and Cabin head height, the period I'm looking at has the dreaded Rad, Air suspension and Rust issues. Then I come to my senses though this car has cost me a packet and still has issues. Leaking p/s , Caps when weather improves. Rusty drivers side wing - too expensive to get a new replacement so will be a bodge with filler, which probably won't make me happy. Better the devil so hey ho!
  6. Another nice example

    Does that model not have the same issue of rusting flanges which may require attention and could be a time to replace more of the system?
  7. Liked - but then I remembered
  8. Road Trip in Mk4 Ls 400

    How noticeable is it when the Car slips into Overdrive, presumeably by the time you reach that speed? Is it smooth or jerky?. I've not gone up to that speed as I think I have a fault with overdrive which may have something to do with the Capacitors. Just too humid to take out the box in this weather as I don't have a garage I can get the Car into. Well thats my excuse though I've set out a workbench for the job. Four different soldering irons, wipes, cue tips, Isopropyl, bicarb, flux sticks etc.. Its the only noticeable issue I have with the Cars running, so I'm unable to have the occasional "lad" moment on those lovely French roads between Orleon and Limoges at 2.00am in the Morning, when I'd quite like to give it some Welly.
  9. Lexus parts charged me £600 for the cambelt, tensioner/s, waterpump and new bolt two + years ago. Whats more they said they didn't sell a Gasket kit with it. I wouldn't make the same mistake again.
  10. Calling all LS Owners

    Did any Members oblige?
  11. Beats me why trying to sell a Car you'd leave those disgusting Car mats in the Car when taking the photos! Fastidious owners do this?
  12. The AA badge an unnecessary appendage - surely? - and detracts from the beauty of the front of the Car. The number plate prevents viewing the history as not recognised by DVLA One of similar colour on ebay the seller in Ipswich a couple of years ago with about fifty photo's failed to reach £2k and withdrawn.
  13. It was reported on the television the other night that people look at their Mobile phones more than 150 times a day. Must be more than the number of times per day members look at this Lexus site !
  14. What I like about my Mk2 (1993) is the crease in the styling and the low Fog lamps which can be turned on with just the sidelights. I had a Supra Mk 3 which had similar and around that time (or maybe somewhat earlier) it was cool to look a bit like Nightrider ! Bit old for "cool" posturing now, but they are there if I want.