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  1. My 2008 IS has the original battery and still performs perfectly well.
  2. Could someone tell me about coolant replacement time, is it 10 years, or 100,000 miles, or which ever occurs first. thanks
  3. Mine is going in on Monday
  4. just saw this pop up on my Facebook page, any opinions on this? Has anyone actually got one?
  5. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the patent on the is250 exhaust runs out in 2017, anyone else heard this?
  6. I also use Lexus Bristol and was told in April that they would contact me when parts became available, still waiting.
  7. Spare key

    I had to buy a 2nd key about two years ago, £280 for the key and £50 to program,
  8. Just so people can compare, I bought a genuine Lexus replacement from main dealer, £280 for key £50 for programming to car, ouch £330
  9. Can anyone recommend a really good air conditioner cleaner, I have used comma Aircc before and didn't find it very good, smell came back after a very short time.
  10. I am looking to replace one or may be both of my headlights and have been looking for sometime, can't find anywhere yet, so good luck, if you do happen to find some could you post please
  11. Thanks for all the input, ( peachy, did you steal my gag? ) I think some are misinterpreting my problem, the fogging is condensation, before I bought the car it must have had a minor bump at the nearside front as the wing has been resprayed, at the time it appeared the headlight was not affected but it must have a crack somewhere allowing a very small amount of water in causing condensation. agree with others about the price though.