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  1. I am looking to replace one or may be both of my headlights and have been looking for sometime, can't find anywhere yet, so good luck, if you do happen to find some could you post please
  2. Thanks for all the input, ( peachy, did you steal my gag? ) I think some are misinterpreting my problem, the fogging is condensation, before I bought the car it must have had a minor bump at the nearside front as the wing has been resprayed, at the time it appeared the headlight was not affected but it must have a crack somewhere allowing a very small amount of water in causing condensation. agree with others about the price though.
  3. I am looking to replace my near side headlight (2008 is250) has anyone on here replaced headlights and where did you buy? have looked on the bay and have saw some used ones for about £200, don't really want to go down that route though just in case after fitting a used one i might end up with the same problem ( fogging) so would only want to fit a new one.
  4. Noise reduction ,,,,plenty of noise reduction material fitted under the bonnet Heat retention,,,,, why would you retain heat? The radiator and thermostat will control the heat Air flow? Explain If there are any potential problems developing I will see them long before you with the covers on.
  5. All my covers have been removed, nobody has given a valid reason as to why they should be there in the first place other than cosmetic purposes. On the plus side I can inspect the engine bay for anything untoward i.e. leaks and take appropriate action. leave them off, engine looks much "prettier" anyway.
  6. Thanks for that Johnatg, and there's me thinking oil was just something you put in your engine to stop it seizing. i always say the subject of oil is the most discussed topic on every forum and there never seems to be a definitive answer
  7. I have recently bought some cheap Castrol edge 5w 30 oil and the spec is acea3, I know the recommendation for the is250 is for acea A5 so my question is, would it be ok to use the acea3 oil?
  8. That is an outrageous price for what it is, £187 for what is basically a piece of shaped plastic, at least ***** Turpin wore a mask.
  9. 4 new calipers, must have cost a Kings ransom
  10. you must be really in love with this car,,,,i would have given up long ago
  11. I assume they think you will be using 95ron and not 99ron
  12. They spend thousands on research and analysis so must be true otherwise they would be in a lot of trouble. what like VW
  13. On the Redex site it does say that the first usage can be a double shot, that's 250ml