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  1. It's going to be an interesting one to sort out. I'm no corporate lawyer..... but if anyone shows any interest in buying any part of the business (whole, Japanese or US subsidiary) they'll structure it to leave this liability behind with the previous business. If the current Takata business was big enough / profitable enough to carry all this it wouldn't be going bankrupt. The recall Is such an overwhelming size and cost. Takata have also not done themselves any favours by initially trying to cover up the issue. As mentioned by Linas.P our line of liability goes back through the retailer ( used or new) and ultimately to Lexus U.K./EU. If we have a defective part in the car then it's their responsibility to solve it....... Lexus have issued a U.K. Recall notice so it's sitting squarely at their door. Even the synical view that many might have know Takata would not survive does not help the problem disappear as it's safety related. Sent from my iPad using Lexus OC
  2. You could always use WD-40 silicone lubricant.... :) As previously mentioned you'll find lots of passion for and against. I was always taught that any petroleum based liquid product was more solvent and therefore not rubber friendly as it had a drying effect and accelerated it degrading. But modern bushes are polyurethane and much more resilient to all substances. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  3. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  4. +1 3M kit for moderate to severe clouding. I did a review for this product on the forum a few months ago. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  5. Welcome... I spelt safely wrong and highlighted it....😬 Good to hear on the phone point before you go any further on time or legal investment. My wife was a witness in a very minor RTA that went all the way to sitting in front of a judge with two barristers because neither side would yield and one parties personal damages added up to a significant sum ( psychological claim, whiplash, blah,blah) .....anyway cut a long story short the opposing barrister destroyed them on social media content alone showing before during and afterwards the incident he was posting all kinds of BS. We could have left after my wife's very straight forward testimony......but it was fascinating to watch......and restored some faith in that maybe not all personal injury claims are just signed off. Do you think it's a combination of the water & pothole that has hooked him.....spun him out...and then flipped as bounced off the other verge? From the photos.....and this could be light trickery....... it looks like there is quite a camber on the road?......where I'm going with this....if this part of the road is narrow and has had previous repairs should they have introduced drainage..... even as just a simple soak away? Sent from my iPad using Lexus OC
  6. And you can have a hinged item printed of course if needed on 3D ..... weird but true! Sent from my iPad using Lexus OC
  7. Does anyone feel that any specific brand feel, perform differently.....manufactured post 2008 to present? I have a friend ( motor trade) that is convinced MB & Audi have squeezed on quality.....BMW stayed the same.....Jag up...VW down. Conspiracy clap trap or real? I'm wondering even with Lexus if my next model choice (post 2010 model) will still be as bullet proof? Sent from my iPad using Lexus OC
  8. Maybe without being too sycophantic.......if this was another mass market car manufacturers forum the question might be a tad more blurred. It's an equation as previously mentioned......but would we be so certain with a fiat / ford / Vauxhall etc. ? I've done 55k ( total now 92k) in my IS.....and it's cost me a rear calliper above normal service items.......what's not to like? Sent from my iPad using Lexus OC
  9. This might help.....even if just for structure of claim or areas to concentrate on. Sent from my iPad using Lexus OC
  10. Glad your boy is ok as could have been so much worse in many ways. Couple of things....and please just take this in the spirit of helping...... I apologise in advance if any are not relevant. -If you can "SAFLEY" get any dimensions/ photo graphs using a school type ruler in photographs it can help evidence your claim. - The photograph of the verge shows the discolouration in the vegetation on the verge which shows the water/ silt throw so your son is not alone in being on that part of the road..... it depends how big the water collection could have been. - is there any other road condition..... faint white line/ another pot hole / poor lighting / signage that puts the car more into that side of the road on the corner? - Ask the local police if that road is a particular black spot.... they're not obliged to help..... but you never know. - Have a frank chat with him and ensure there are no received or made mobile phone calls or social media comments / likes / anything similar at the time...... also anything post the crash....even a bit of bravado about speed or risky driving. - while perception & statistically thing are against him as young and male..... if he has clean licence, good insurance history and any maintenance bills for the car......ensure to mention these when relevant as evidence he's not a boy racer. Hope helps.....& good luck. If it doesn't go your way.......just be thankful he's fit & well. Sent from my iPad using Lexus OC
  11. @Mikeyv - LOL Sent from my iPad using Lexus OC
  12. I think in the last three posts the case for used is pretty well set out. -Buy quality. -Buy the lowest mileage/serviced to budget. -Buy when depreciation has sucked up VAT and forecourt drive off price. -Maintain properly either privately or dealer/warranty to best possible standard. - it's an individual decision how far you are prepared to stretch the equation. No lightening bolts really. Interesting to hear the reasons for new purchasing..... emotive and practical. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  13. As a private cash buyer I've graduated to older low mileage higher spec petrol cars as preference. The price of new cars is tremendous nowadays and I believe some of that absolute increase is because no-one buys new cars any more; so the headline retail figure is not really the's the monthly figure / balloon payment / guaranteed future value that folks concentrate on..... it's a different mindset to can I afford that £10/20/30k car? VAT is a whopper in the depreciation also and the new 'new car' additional payments. The wife like a new car only and changes it every couple of years and has recently signed up for BMW Mini scheme after always being a cash buyer.....she likes the thought of not taking as much of the depreciation burden with her own hard earnt cash ....but finds not actually owning it outright a bit I said I think it's a mind set. For me I think the value is in older better marques which have already taken the price hit......there's plenty of them about I own it. I'm not anti finance in any way..... quite the opposite I'm a clever finance fan if you can get somebody else's money to work for you even with poor savings rates.....then do it if you can afford it. I'm low mileage and change about every 5 that's an influencing factor. My local Lexus dealer sent me an email the other month on "0%" finance on any CT model........something is not seen before with Lexus. Sent from my iPad using Lexus OC
  14. Biometric???.....I think I read apple and Samsung are ready to take this to the next level... 3D facial recognition....finger prints going on to the screen. Sounds fanciful..... but I guess so did gps once upon a time. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  15. I had a Saab 99 back in the day......reverse gear transmission lock. If the electronics are going to be vulnerable to clone/hack/ interference .....maybe physical deterrents will have to make comeback? Maybe we'll all be whipping a plug out ever time we park up!....LOL Sent from my iPad using Lexus OC