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  1. No the lambda sensors where un screwed, there is enough length on the wires to avoid disconnection as the join is under the carpets . New lambda sensor mounts are fitted .he said he had all the tools taps , thread cutters etc if there was any problems with the lambda sensors . My Lexus is now silent .
  2. Some more pics for you . Welding was all carried out without removing cats , which is another bonus studs can snap and cause problems
  3. They also come under powerflow exhausts morecambe on Google . Popped into to see him this morning and he will be happy to do them for £200 for everyone else . Took him about 3 hours he said but I would allow 5 to be safe . It's a cheap fix if you have rotted out cat flanges and I know with being in the motor trade that you can only buy that exhaust y piece from Lexus £££s . Also nice that it is now in stainless like the rest of the system .
  4. Of course I was not sure if I could . westgate tyres , Morecambe , you can google them , they have a website .
  5. Had this done today to get rid of my exhaust blowing where the cats join the y piece of the exhaust , both where rotted to nothing .flanges where cut off and stainless pipes welded to cats , then a new y piece made in stainless and slides over the two pipes from cat . Excellent job cost me £200.
  6. Bought my ls400 mk4 lpg last June , thought I would find something that wouldn't work on it with all its electrical gizmos and I was right . The electric arial had stopped working which I fixed with a new insert of eBay 20 quid .everything else worked and I went right through it. I'm an x mechanic and it is without doubt the smoothest car I've been in , quick when it has to be . Lpg means it's cheap to run as well . It's not the type of car I normally go for as my previous was an Alfa gtv v6 , and I own a mk1 and mk2 escort , so for somebody with my tastes shows how versatile the cars are , also my missus loves it from my usual noisy bone shakers , and she gets to spend more time with me now that I'm not under the bonnet of the Alfa all the time . The common bonnet gas struts becoming weak can only be through lack of use . Get one you will enjoy it .
  7. Have a read of the above link , I'm not saying that's a fix but look at the symptons
  8. I have a 98 mk4 and have tried to cure the low idle , cleaning throttle body ect and after much reading also came to the conclusion that the capacitors needed doing in the ecu , my car also won't connect to odb reader tried two , and I get traction control lamp warning occasionaly which resets every time ignition is switched off. These faults are all listed as ecu capacitor symptoms . There was a chap on here doing kits who I contacted and was getting some more and was going to contact me , but I never heard anything . I think if you get the ecu out and obtain the capacitors it could be easy job for a tv repairman ect someone with good soldering skills and knowledge of circuit boards . I've just looked up my old thread on here and it's actualy Steve 2006 who was doing the kits , a moderator who has just posted above me , I've messaged him about the kits and he will probably reply to us on here now . I've lived with the problems but it would be nice to fit the capacitors and see if any of the problems are fixed and report back on here .
  9. After reading on here for a few months finally took the plunge and bought a lexus ls 400 mk4 in black with lpg . Have few issues with low idle and slightly lumpy , cleaned out the throttle body . Engine management light comes on followed closely by esc light warning , and I can't connect to the ecu using two different scanners , one costing thousands . So I think a good place to start could be the ecu capacitors , have you got any left Steve and if so how do I pay you cheers Darren . Drove the car 160 mile home, first time I've ever been up close to one never mind drive ,all I can say is wow . I was a mechanic for twenty years and drove many cars at various dealerships but none come close
  10. Just wondered if anybody on lpg with the tank in the spare wheel well , had found a space saver off another vehicle , toyota ect that would fit a ls400 stud pattern instead of carrying a full size wheel round .
  11. Welcome to the Lexus forums Woods4900 :)

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