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  1. Regarding fuel if you have room in your tank they will put up to £25 pounds worth in when I was speaking to the technician from Teeside. yes I think the person who is doing the dash work must be tall as my seat was all right back. did you get the dark red CT?
  2. Hi all, Since it's Friday i thought lets have some fun, so who has the most miles on there Lexus IS200D? I am currently on 94k on a 08 Plate.
  3. How has everything been since using the new disc? Mine has been no problem at all.
  4. Does it work fine when you receive a call?
  5. Windows misting up

    Hi all, winter is fast approaching what do people do to there cars to stop the windows misting up as soon as you get in the car?
  6. Got my car back was waiting outside looking nice and clean and was hoovered. really good service from Teeside can’t fault them at all.
  7. Car went in today at Teeside and it’s still in I get back tomorrow at 11. They have advised me of the health check and all was good on that front, £25 pounds of diesel and I will see tomorrow if it’s has a valet. Hire car is a CT200h I actually like it but would not swap it for my IS220d
  8. Would leave what you have in and keep the new one for a spare
  9. How is everything now all good? It’s a massive saving the money I saved I can by loads of clips to keep my engine bay covers on! Bloody clips pop off so easy
  10. Ah man feel really bad it’s been a pain in the bum for you. honestly it was so easy and I didn’t have any problems at all even to now all is working fine.
  11. Have you contacted the site? i didn’t have any issues at all.
  12. Wonder if they found a better way of doing the job. I suppose once they have done a good few they will find a better way and advise all Lexus garages to do it that way to save time and get more cars done. Hope they still washed your car and gave fuel?
  13. Engine cover clips

    So these lock in as they look like what I already have and they do nothing at all. Why on earth do Lexus use really poor clips when the rest of the car is put together so well
  14. Engine cover clips

    Cheers for the link from the link which ones did you pick as there are a fair few?