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  1. Many thanks to all involved
  2. Well done Paul you got further than I did with them. Lexus told me about their exhausts at Goodwood, but when I called they said there were not enough cars / interest to make it worth their while to do it for the ISF.
  3. Does this have any adverse effect on the running of the engine etc & if not any chance of posting a photo of what you did?
  4. Thanks for taking the time do do such a detailed write up - really interesting & useful for those thinking of the move👍🏻
  5. Thats amazing progress to be picking it up on Monday Pete - very impressive. Will definitely keep SRD in mind for any work I want to do away from Lexus. I had them in mind for installing the USRS’s, on your recommendation, If I hadn’t already renewed my warranty for another 2 years. Hence why I didn’t join the recent USRS group buy you very kindly organised. Still keen to do it at some point but H&S exhaust my 1st priority in the new year & no warranty.issues with that. Hadn’t t realised the supercharger was so compact. I was expecting it to be nestled on top of the engine in the more usual configuration - I presume due to lack of space?. This is more like a turbo set up. You will have to explain all the pipe work/cooling when I get the opportunity to see it lol. Excitement must be building for 1st drive on Monday. 😉
  6. Brilliant thread Pete - will be a great resource for anyone wanting to do the same. Very interesting stuff - although I don’t have a clue what I am looking at half the time.😉 Look forward to seeing it when it’s finished some time so you explain what SRD we’re doing. You must be comping at the bit to get it on the road. Hope it continues to go smoothly👍🏻
  7. Bloody Hell - Frighten!! is the right word to those of us who are less mechanically minded. Last time I saw one of my cars looking like that, it was an Audi with a huge bill at the end of it. Surprisingly swift progress - certainly shows they know their stuff & great that they are documenting it so well for you. Keep us posted Pete & be great to start a thread on this.
  8. Congratulations & welcome to the club. Your right it is the sensible choice & with the rare wheels too - very nice.!!
  9. Sorry to hear that Pete, but as Matt said hopefully it’s the only hiccup & at least caught it before any damage was done.
  10. That's an impressive gain for a naturally aspirated setup - you must be pleased. I'm not surprised, it certainly felt significantly more rapid than the standard setup. Look forward to seeing the final setup at some point & hope all goes smoothly at SRD.
  11. Hi Pete, LookIng forward to hearing the results of the dyno test & the same once the supercharger is fitted. Performance was already impressive - should be spectacular with the supercharger fitted. Hope the install all goes smoothly 👍🏻 Christmas has come early 😉
  12. Wow that’s properly dirty!! Don’t think I have ever managed to get my car that that mucky - impressive 😉
  13. Had a few silver cars and as you say they it’s a great colour for hiding dirt etc. White is not quite as good, but very close and better than any other colour I have had. 👍🏻
  14. Wow that’s bloody poor. Hope raising a complaint with Lexus gets a better result 🤞
  15. You are absolutely right more of a motor sport presence would help the brand a lot. I bought a very nice F polo shirt from the owner of an RCF race car running in the European GT series (at Goodwood FoS), which I hadn’t Even realised was part of that series. They could do with some more higher profile racing which is well covered in the uk. Wouldn’t do them any harm to run an F branded car in the British Touring car series for example.