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  1. Exactly - insurers are always happy to take your money then as a standard procedure try to find a reason not to pay. What happen to paying for and receiving a good service for your money!! - blimey I’m showing my age 😉
  2. Spoke to Lexus Woodford & also Lexus extended warranty re putting the H&S cat back system on as part of the group buy. Spoke to Lexus Woodford who were very helpful & didn’t think this would be a problem as warranty doesn’t cover exhaust anyway as a failure would usually be in the wear & tear category, but suggested I check with warranty. Warranty’s response was the unequivocal insurance response that it would invalidate the warranty as per the terms & conditions re no modifications.. Discussed fact that the exhaust is not covered anyway and that Lexus dealers were selling cars with non OEM exhausts complete with warranties, to which I got no response. Called Woodford back to find out how the claims procedure works and they were clearly surprised by warranty’s response.. Claims apparently are usually inspected over some £900 or when a component could have failed due to wear & tear. The dealer usually fights the claim on your behalf, as they want the work, but you can complain which apparently can have more impact. Woodford deal with most of the various warranty companies & in their experience the Lexus warranty is very good at paying . There view was that as the exhaust is not covered anyway they felt it would be very unlikely to be an issue & they would fight the issue. The only time they were aware of an issue resulting in the warranty not paying telated to suspension problems on a car that had been lowered. My concern with all this is that any ambiguity around insurance leaves it open to someone’s interpretation and there is little point in paying for the warranty if it doesn’t payout when you need it. I called today mainly to make sure I had cover all the bases before sorting the exhaust - not sure where I stand now TBO.
  3. I consdered one before the F.and having done some research I decided against. What concerned me most was hearing about people who had owned one & liked it so much they bought a second to then have nothing but trouble & would never own one again. If the quality control/any issues do not improve with time the reliability will likely never improve. Shame because they are a cracking car..
  4. Realy surprised by that as I have my ISF with them on an agreed value policy & I believe @Big Rat had his ISF with them on a similar basis before he sold it. Shame because I found them very helpful. Only got this type of policy myself for the 1st time last year, so I’m afraid I can’t help with an alternative as options seemed pretty limited when I looked then. Would be interested to know what alternatives you find though👍🏻
  5. Sounds good we can watch Pete disappear at warp factor 9 😉
  6. Hi Charlie welcome to the F forum & looks like a good one, in a very nice colour - not that i’m biased of course😉 As others have said you will love it & I look forward to seeing some pictures 👍🏻
  7. Have you been waking Bluewater up again?😉
  8. Very nice 👍🏻 You must be enjoying the difference!!
  9. @Big Rat thanks Paul. I’m keen to attend this, dates permitting, at either location 👍🏻
  10. That’s handy to known so many thanks for posting the info👍🏻
  11. Happy birthday Paul - hope you have a great birthday enjoying the new present 😉👍🏻
  12. Hi Paul, very nice & I hope kit gives you as much enjoyment as your ISF.👍🏻
  13. Got bumped..

    Sorry to hear that , but should be straight forward & wouldn’t be at all surprised if her insurance company offers to repair it so you won’t have to fork out your excess. Had that when I was hit from behind a while back. But as others have said I would insist Lexus do the repairs unless you know a body shop you trust. Even if you decide to go through your own insurance company there shouldn’t be any issue with you getting your excess back from such a clear cut accident. Hope it all gets sorted as painlessly as possible👍🏻
  14. Glad to hear that Pete. I’m not surprised about traction issues at the top end TBO given the bhp you now have. The power to weight ratio must put it in the same territory as some serious cars. As a rough calc you must be running around the 380bhp/t mark . It was quick before the SC, must be ballistic now - it’s going to be a exciting summer!! 👍🏻
  15. Really liked it when I first saw at Goodwood, in the red with tan interior, and liked the fact it looked more like a concept, but I seem to like it less with time. Of course a drive could change that pretty quickly I suspect!!. It’s funny because I actually now prefer the RCF which is a reversal from when I first saw th LC.
  16. @Peter P18 Hi Pete, how life going with the beast. I trust all is running well👍🏻
  17. Had a black Golf VR6 back in the day so know what you mean, but it did look absolutely stunning when all shiny & clean.
  18. That’s conversation would go exactly the same way in our house. 😂 Even my children know their place in the pecking order, which apparently is below the F according to them!! 😉
  19. Afraid so, really can’t see me parting with it at all. First car I have ever considered keeping for the long term.. I usually change after 3yrs, but now coming up to 4yrs already. Seriously considered a mint 2011 Gen 2 997 C2S in black with the aero pack & only 13k on the clock from Porsche last year. But when it came down to it I couldn’t part with the F - I would have lost money that I would have made that decision a few years back!!
  20. Wow, I’m actually stunned - that is appalling.. I knew they had issues with the GT3 engines initially, which was embarrassing enough, but to have.that many repeated failures to the point where they won’t actually warranty them for the purpose they were supposed to be designed for is beyond a joke. Doesn’t exactly encourage you to want own a 911 when you hear this kind of stuff and I thought the 997 Gen 1 bore scoring issue was bad enough!!
  21. In the video I’ve seen of a 2008 ISF v M3 & C63 at Silverstone it came second to the M3 by about 1.5 seconds on a 2 min lap and both the German cars had LSDs. Suspect a comparison of the ISF with the LSD would make the M3s advantage virtually disappear. Back in my youth I test drove a Golf GTi 16v which on paper was superior to the standard 8v GTi. I then drove a friends 8v GTi & it was so much more torquey lower down - I much preferred it to the 16v.. I’m no expert, but perhaps Lexus dilberatley chose a higher capacity / lower bhp to ensure a more usuable balance of torque than some of the more highly tuned engines.
  22. That’s the sort of detail that makes me very happy to have a Lexus
  23. Couldn't agree more re the bias - don't recall ever reading an article complaining about the German manufacturers doing it!!. We clearly need a bigger box for us all to stand on . Thanks for posting the photo as I haven't actually ever seen them from that angle (surprise surprise being the mechanical genius that I am ). They do indeed look far more substantial than I had imagined, which also helps explain the not insignificant price of a replacement!!