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  1. I hope its a GS. I'm just not in the market to pay 5 series money for a tarted up Camry. Id rather have a 5 series.
  2. There is a video on you tube of a GS300h fsport doing a 0-62 sprint, it clocks it in 8.3 seconds
  3. no worries, glad it sorted itself out. Main problem Ive had is on various long trips Ive let my daughters and Mrs connect so they can play music from their phones. if you dont delete, when I start my car sometimes it connects to one of those when next to house, then disconnects as you drive off, but doesnt subsequently connect my phone automatically.
  4. are you carrying another blutooth device - ipad, watch etc. Sometimes if my Ipad has bluetooth switched on it connects to that instead. maybe your picking up a device from inside the house?
  5. yep its a total kerfuffle to do and the handbook isn't much help in locating it
  6. ISF 214 registered, 5 SORN. If you want a truly rare Lexus you have to own an LFA (3 registered) or RX 200T s (2 registered)
  7. I dont think this has been an issue in the UK due to fuel difference. However, using Shell V power one ever few fill ups is not a bad idea for its cleaning properties
  8. 17 were registered in the UK, 2 are currently SORN. For comparison, 54 GSF's have been registered, there are 34 registered La Ferraris and 18 registered Aston Martin Lagondas, so a very rare beast indeed. Aston martin DB5 is positively common in comparison with over 200 registered!
  9. well it was just a guess. Im still baffled by this one. I've emailed lexus to ask about the symbol.
  10. When in a map , select "menu" then "route" and you will be given the choice of stopping route trace.or starting if its already off.
  11. Can find this out so heres a guess : you can set areas to avoid - this may indicate the route to that destination passes through one of these areas?
  12. They are route trace markings - cookie crumbs to re-trace your route. You can switch it off in the menus..
  13. The NX was noisy on mway period. Maybe tyre size/make made it bad. My old CRV wasnt that noisy on mway. Shame as it was so refined in urban driving. Overall i likes it though. Definatly a hybrid for me next time.
  14. Yes it was a new GS. I mentioned replaced by ES rumour and he confirmed it was a new GS. At least at the moment...