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  1. Work Ive had done in the past has been excellent. I made a real mess scrathing\gouging the rear corner of my Winsor Blue IS250. When they finished fixing it was flawless
  2. Mine is an early 2013 premium system and reads out texts and I think emails too. I just paired my phone and dint set anything on either phone or car. I have a Sony Android handset. As your a 2014 car i would think yours should do it. One obvious question - have you recieved messages that the car hasnt acknowledged - ie you know it definatly isnt working? For example I usually have my data off, so its very rare my phone picks up emails whilst Im in the car...
  3. To answer your first question 1. To give you something to think about in traffic jams 2. TIP -I can tell my lights are set to auto as they switch on without me doing anything. I visually check by looking out of the windscreen when its dark. 3. So you dont deactivate it accidentaly? 4. Hold button? 5. A hud would bug me so dont have it 6. Wow how bored were you? And actually you need to stay in more then you wont worry about your switches! The one thing about the GS that niggles me is, when you get in the car and need to reverse, the camera comes on but your view is obscured by messages dropping down from the top of the screen telling you the phone\portable player have connected. My favourite button is the slfow button.
  4. I only use voice for making phone calls. I find the auto wipers ok but not perfect, buts thats the same with every car I've had. The auto lights are much better and I never find I need to use the lights manually.
  5. My GS 250 has done 14k miles on its current set of tyres, and tyre wear is very gradual. Still 4 mm + left on mine all round. The video from the dealer is a nice touch, I first had one last year.
  6. You dont seem more on the road because the 250 was only on sale for a short period before the 300h came on the scene. Plus back then diesel was king in this segment. Also, Lexus dont sell to fleets, and IMHO most people cant see beyond a German badge.
  7. I have a 250 Luxury, Id agree with everything PaulGS250 said, however, i don't do a lot of motorway miles and I get 29-30 mpg using Shell Vpower. I do drive in a fairly calm manor as the GS is no sports car, but as a comfortable cruiser it is exceptional. In sport mode the induction noise is amplified and it sounds great when you do put your foot down. The interior is excellent quality and cleans up well.
  8. 2 weeks ago I had a new battery fitted. Now, my "Since refuelling" MPG for the 2 full tanks I've used since is 30.9 mpg, and has gone into the low 31's for a few days. I was getting a steady high 28 - low 29 mpg for each tank full in the previous months. I suspect removing the battery has reset the ecu and gearbox control unit, meaning the car has learned how I drive and adapted better from scratch (I bought the car with 18 k miles on it). Does this sound right? I seem to remember the auto box adapts to driving style (or at least it did i the IS250)
  9. Im not sure. If you unlock the car and do absolutly nothing they self lock again after a short period. But your opening the door. maybe the self locking is normal if you dont switch on the ignition. Other than that, id stop shutting my keys in the car after the first incident...
  10. Mine does I think its standard. I press the sensor on the door handle twice and there are 2 differnt locking noises. Having a quick glance at the manual I cant see it described, but the GS definatly double locks. On mine just pres the lock button on the key or door handle twice,,
  11. A big part of these numbers is the fact that Lexus don't sell to fleets. Hire companies snap up many bog spec small diesel versions of those cars.Keeps the GS a more select choice for the more discerning motorist. A Lexus has more quality touches. For example, all the leather in your car is leather. In a Merc its all fake and in an Audi only the bits of the seat are real, the rest is fake
  12. I think it is, mine is a 13 plate Luxury and I dont have this either. To the OP, welcome to the forum and GS. I moved across from the previous model IS. The GS has all the same qualities but turned up to 11. The longer wheel base and wider track just make it such a wonderfully comfortable, refined and settled car to drive.
  13. Good review, glad you loving the car I drive a 250 Luxury ML. 4 1/2 years old, 30 k miles. Had a look this week at potentially swapping. Ended up being offered £10k off a C class estate on a PCP deal. But, didn't take long to realise, I just don't want to drive anything else.