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  1. I have the current GS (13 plate), but the 250 so I cant comment on the hybrid aspect. But I can say having owned the GS for 6 months now its a deeply satisfying car to own\drive\live with. Mine is the luxury spec with Mark Levinson sound and 12" screen. Its comfortable, roomy, feels very planted on the road, interior quality is excellent.
  2. I did the same and walked away with the GS. its a great car
  3. I drive a GS and Im 44. I bought by IS at 41, A fellow GS owner at work is similar age to me, A CT owner is mid 30's...
  4. Too right - my first though as well. £10k to make a 2007 car with only 41k miles "Safe"?? I know Lexus charge a lot but there is a 5 year plus scheme for cheaper rates\parts.
  5. I remember when this forum was all fields.....and you could get your Lexus serviced and get some chips on the way home, see a film at the local picture house and still have change from 5d shilling tupence. Tell young people today and they dont believe you.....
  6. Same here. But the better MPG I've seen in the GS- which curiously I didnt in my IS250 - is a definate bonus
  7. Last Tuesday I needed to fill up again. Did so with a tank of Vpower. Almost straight way mty MPG has gone back to high 29-low 30 from the mid 26 - low 27 of the Supermarket unleaded. I can tell the car has a little more pep also. Guess she likes the good stuff.
  8. This is the change I did. Even happier with the GS than I was with the IS. Only downside, so i thought, would be MPG, but I get the same from the GS.
  9. pretty sure most of this didnt change significantly in Chorley in my GS between Monday and Wednesday
  10. True it is early days but seeing my MPG drop by 2.5-3 straight away and still not showing much improvement over a few days - when I'm driving same route in the same way - still a bit suprising.
  11. yes I agree, except I'm not using vpower for performance, I use mostly for the cleaning detergent s the 250 engine has had carbon build up issues reported in the past. However, having switched to normal unleaded, due to circumstance at the time I needed to fill up, I've suffered the drop in MPG that I wasn't expecting. Modern cars are designed to run on either, but my understanding is as you've stated ;The more powerful the engine the bigger difference high octane fuel makes. With the GS I haven't noticed any perceivable difference in performance.
  12. Ive had my GS250 for a few months now and covered 5000 miles. I've only ever filled up with Shell Vpower. I usually have the "after refill" MPG in the 28-29 range by the time I've used a full tank. This is with motorway driving accounting for 10% or so of the mileage. A few days ago I filed up with a tank of tesco standard unleaded and straight away struggled to get the after refill mpg into the 26's mpg and just managed 27.1 mpg after 15 miles of relaxed motorway driving (65-70 mph). I'll see how it goes but so far the extra expense of Vpower pays for itself with better mpg. Ive never seen such difference between vpower and standard unleaded before including on my IS250.
  13. Hi, I also have a GS so cant comment on RX> In fact just noticed this is posted in the GS forum not RX or NX. Anyway, what I can comment on is: 2. Ive had 2 different models on Lexus approved used, both 100% spot on totlally fault free One had not had a last service they said it had when i checked the handbook at the test drive. The serviced it (£400) before I picked it up and apologised for the mistake 3. Quite a few Japanese makes\models subject to an airbag recall due to a faulty part used by a 3rd party supplier. You can check a specific vehicle here: 4. If buying approved used haggle over the APR if you taking finance. I got mine dropped from 5.5 to 2.9 just by asking.