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  1. Had mine done this week .... no new rattles so far (but plenty before it went in, so couldn't be much worse) I got a IS300 loan car ... nice to drive, not very comfortable, very crampt compared to my IS200d.... seats felt very cheap. As for my car, seems ok .... they gave it a quick wash and vac ... didn't clean the wheels, and some new dirty finger prints on the cream pillars ... I'll have to figure out a way to clean them without damaging the surface. Didn't get any fuel ... actually, much got the car back with less than I left it with ... .although they disabled my dashcam for most of the work (little footage), I could see for the wash and vac the engine was running... good 20mins of fuel burnt for no obvious reason
  2. I found the noise (once it appeared) was totally independant of anything we could control (fans, radio, sat nav etc... ). It tooks us a few month to get Lexus to have as look, and when they did they identified it immedately as a worn fan on the 'multimedia' unit.... luckly it was covered under warranty, but they said it ammounted to ~£3k cost as they were only allowed to replace the entire unit. However, if it was out of warranty, I'd be tempted to strip it down and replace the fauly fasn myself
  3. there is a sprung ball bearing in a track... if the mirror is forced beyond it's normal throw it will move (as opposed to break), but once returned to it;s normal position, you'll hear a load click as the ball bearing re-located into the track again. So long at it retracts and extends as per normal, then all good.
  4. I understood the use of HID requires auto levelling system (to avoid dazzling) and headlight washers, again, to avoid dirty lense diffusing the beam and causing dazzle. (Hence original fit only). My wifes Rx has the HID (factory fit) and they are very impressive.... the stock lights in my IS200d seem pre-historic in comparison.
  5. I had a nightmare with mine, dealer wasn't interested, so I had a look (all pulls appart easily) ... I found a piece of thick felt padding had come away. Insead I bought some sticky felt tape on ebay and worked around the offending area .. not had a problem since. i also put the same tape around the switched in the door, again no problem with those since
  6. agree, worth a look, could be somehting obvious, if not, chances are a part you can get from a breakers yard for not much. removing the door card is pretty straightforward, just need to take it slow .. I have some instructions ... if you want them, let me know and I'll email
  7. if the signage is wrong, then you may have a case, just on technical grounds... worth getting some pics with full coverage from where you parked. Personally, I'd agree with the above, chalk it up as an honest mistake, some you get away with, some you don't.... take the fine and move on (it will eat you up, and odds are you will have to pay more)
  8. As I understand it, they all run statistical models for risk ... and if you have been in an accident (regaless of fault), apparently statistically you are more likely to have another in a short space of time..... it seems in this case that model was proven right! My premium went up becuase of a windscreen replacement (AA insurance) .. they detailed it on my renewal as a no-fault claim... now that will be visiable to all insurers if I chose to move...prevuous insurers never used to detail it.... very annoying, but I see their justification. Agree it is unfair that people who don't bother don't seem to get much grief from the system... that's an issue for our Police and justice system... not really insurance. what we need is a not-for-profit insurance company...
  9. on my old avensis it was a bit flakey, but you could disconnect the rain sensor (behind the mirror), and the wiper would revert to a normal intermttent type. So far on both our Lexus (IS and Rx) not had need to do this... when it starts paying up, I change the blades and all is good.
  10. I get mine from Lexus, and they are all alloy compression ones... not fibre (engine, diff and gearbox).... only cost pence, just get them when i get my filters etc...
  11. I love my IS200d .... best car I've had by a mile (prefer it to my wifes Rx450h). 3 years in, other than normal servicing (do myself), only had front shocks done. The car has creaky plastic & thin paintwork, but that's the same for all IS's ...other than that is it superb, quiet, comfortable. Never had a problem in MOT's and servicing is typical Toyota easy (ignoring the fuel filter). I get 40-50 mpg, depending how fast the motorway lets me go, don't hang around... have to drive in a lower gear than you first think, but soon get used to it.
  12. out of interest what is the procedure for this update .... I couldn't figure it out for mine.... was told mine was dealer only, they stung me £200 for an update, and still doesn't include some of the roads around me!
  13. i thought the premium fuel is more about injectors and valves
  14. you can get ODBII diagnotic tools which record live data .. might be worth using one of those to get an idea when this intermittant problem occurs. Also... is there any black smoke comming out the back?
  15. Sadly it wasn't so clear,... my 2012 IS200d Advance has those indicators, but doesnt come with auto folding mirrors ... I had to fit the PO-40