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  1. IS winter wheels

    ^+1 Wife's IS sat idle for the very brief period of snow we had, the 4WD make surprising easy progress on the white stuff even with 265 sectioned summer tyres....stopping the 2.5ton+ beast was another matter though
  2. Test drives.

    When we were looking our local dealer (Leicester) gave us keys to their loaner for the weekend almost striaght away. No questions asked!!! I'm amazed your having such a hard time getting a test drive, its not like the IS is even selling well. I would have thought they jump at chance of making a sale.
  3. Lexus really need do something to push up car sales. In the US to-date IS sales are down 27% compared to last year, and GS down 50%. BMW is reported to be on the verge of releasing some news on their 'Model 3 rival' soon, as Tesla ramp up their production everyone is who haven't got a competing product to the Model 3 will see their sales fall. Toyota/Lexus really really need to get a move on with their EV program before its too late.
  4. Using current Model S pricing structure is US to UK, $35k car before federal incentives will cost £27k here after the £4.5k EV grant. The EV grant wouldn't last forever but should still be there is 2019/20, so no harm in ordering now. Hopefully the Model 3 will be our 4th car to get benfit from the EV grant:).
  5. Reserved today but 500k+ people ahead of me in line. Model 3 pricing is 50% pricing of current S/X.
  6. Tesla change spec/pricing every 4-6 months. But the starting price will be sub £30k (so cheaper than our IS), 0-60 5.6 seconds (quicker than our IS), and have a significantly better media system. Am weighing up if we should go for the barebones car for <£30k or go all out and get the 'P' version when it's announced for £45k+. Got 2 years to decide.
  7. Put down the deposit on the replacement for our IS300H today.....Sadly it wouldn't be with us till 2019 at the earliest. Rather strange feeling today sitting in the IS, I really cannot fault it and in many ways it opened my eyes to a new world of hybrid/EV motoring. But sentimental values cannot stand in the way of progress.
  8. Next Purchase?

    If this story actually has FACT behind it that would be great. The next generation of batteries are all still lithium ion based. There is nothing wrong with lithium ion tech and with carbon nano tube tech to allow more silicon to be used in the anode storage capacity may double. But going from bench to mass manufacturing takes time. OLED panels were first demonstrated back in the late 1990's, similar time to the first lihtium ion cells, but even now they are still expensive to manfacture. I hope Toyota really are working on an EV, but talk is very cheap, I've been following EV developments for the last 3 year and news of 'revolutionary' battery techs is almost a weekly claim by someone, yet the only people production products you can buy is Panasonic/LG/Samsung - These guys are deadly silent on future battery development because they know better than announce to their competitors their development pathways.
  9. IS Three likes/dislikes

    Likes: Chassis is great, has better body control at speed than many 'sports' cars, could handle a lot more power with ease. Looks good. Don't see many around. Dislikes: Far too many buttons to press/pedals to stamp/levers to pull just to start the thing, and generally far too many buttons everywhere. Infotainment system has a user interface designed from the 1980s. Not fully electric - Make it a full EV and the two points above can be all forgotten.
  10. Surendra

    Our pre-face lift IS300H has adaptive cruise control, it's designed not work below 30mph/stop the car completely as it's not clever enough. You also need to take some care with other cars merging into your lane as it can accelerate/decelerate in appropriately. It also doesn't 'see' motorbikes. If you want an adaptive cruise control system that does all the work for you, including stopping/restarting you need to look else where.
  11. Battery Range

    100% ture but if the OP only has a daily commute of 20 miles, and could charge their plug in hybrid at home, they will see significantly better mpg than any diesel. Electricity is simply so much cheaper than petrol/diesel.
  12. Battery Range

    The 3L hybrid engines aren't exactly economical, about the same as a fuel injected turbo. I struggled to see 30mpg from a loaner 450h RX. Whilst a full EV drivetrain will deliver more torque and achieve far more efficiency. The hybrid tech Toyota developed was good for its time, but the competition have caught up and now moved on. If you want a decent powered hybrid SUV and aren't ready for full EV, the Volvo XC 90 hybrid is simply a better hybrid than the RX.
  13. Battery Range

    Short and truthful answer is NO!! The IS300H is not a plug-in hybrid, the battery/hybrid system is designed compensate for the inherent lack of torque due the Atkinson cycle - Wikipedia used by the combustion unit inorder to improve efficiency. The cars that can do 20-30 miles on a charge using EV power along are plug-in hybrids, so things like the BMW 330e, or even the Prius Prime. No one actually knows the usable electrical energy stored in the very small batteries of the IS300H, I would guess it's around 1-1.5kWh max. The BMW 330e has 5.7kWh usable, and Prime around 6.5kWh usable, with both you could manage nearly 10-20 miles without having to engage the combustion engine provided you charge up the battery at home every night. In those situations your be looking at mpg figures close 3 digits. Currently Lexus don't offer any plug-in hybrids, and there are non on the horizon.
  14. Surely that is the point of this post, the 2.0T in the IS makes a better noise than the 300H, has plenty more mechanical parts, and is faster....Yet it's been a total sales flop compared to the IS300H - which it self is hardly a roaring sales success. @Linas.P has summed up with whole thread, 5 pages worth of 'discussion' about a powertrain the car buying public clearly has no interest it. It really doesn't matter what people on this forum think/want, it's sales to the general public who will decide what companies do.
  15. Driven by the NX, and I can pretty much guarantee most NX buyer couldn't careless about engine noise/0-60 times etc. Lexus/Toyota had been pushing sales on the hybrid front, but unless they really start to take proper EVs seriously they are in danger of losing one of their biggest USPs and made to look very very outdated. Volvo cars all electric by 2019 Customer demand is clearly heading in one direction, and it's not fuel cell cars or turbos, it's fully integrated plugin electrification. The Prius plug-in hybrid is sales is really picking up pace whilst the non plug-in version is slowly dying. If Lexus made an electric IS, I'll order one tomorrow - almost regardless of cost, but as it stands our IS will be gone by next year am pretty sure, the only thing stopping my wife from commdering the Tesla as her own is the size/width, but with the iPace coming next year that will be the end of our brief Lexus ownership - Though ironically it's the EV part of the IS300H drivetrain that made me look at proper EVs in the first place!!