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  1. Life is far too short to waste driving around in a car that doesn't put a smile on your face. I agree with your assessment of the IS/NX300H interms of fun. Lucky I hardly have to drive ours expect to move it around the driveway. I keep on pushing my wife to chop it in (its her car), hopefully when she test drives the iPace sometime next year we can wave goodbye to it. Nothing wrong with the car, but it's like driving around whilst watching paint dry.
  2. Never driven a GSF/RCF but if you want bargain performance go and have a look at any the turbocharged 6 cylinder BMWs or the Golf R. Your get ALOT more bang for your money than with the GCF/RCF.
  3. Your not going to have enough equity to swap into a RCF ot GSF without putting in another load of deposit. The NX is not that much more expensive than the IS, that's why the dealer can potentially swap you into one. Whats your final payment on the IS? To work out just how much equity you have simply go to WBAC (or similar), and see how much they till give you compared to your final payment.
  4. Virtually all batteries run more efficiently in 15-20 degree than 5-10 degrees. So the recent warmer weather will mean the battery charges/discharges more efficiently so the car will run longer in EV mode.
  5. The totally 'free' home charger offer ended about 3 years ago, I don't think you even needed an EV to get a charger installed than :) As for charging from the house, all you actually need to charge any Tesla is a 32amp commando socket, the actual socket is about £10 but your have get an electrician in to wire it up to the mains, still not a massive job. Biggest difference in mindset for EVs is moving away from the idea of filling up your car every week, running around till the fuel is gone before filling up again. Instead it's more a case of charge up the car to the amount you need/want to use for the day the night before. Battery life is kept longer by keeping the charge status between 20-80%, so unless you absolutely need maximum range that day you have nothing to gain from charging the car to 100% overnight. Infact in the last 3K miles/8 weeks of owning a Tesla I've only fully charged the battery twice!! I left the house this morning with 65% full battery, when I get home tonight it'll be about 25-30%, and i'll charge it back up to 60-70% overnight.
  6. I worked out our previous Honda Civic diesel cost 25p per mile to run for 90,000 miles - INCLUDING FUEL I wouldn't swap our Model X for any other car on this planet, nice things in life cost money it's as simple as that :)
  7. Pretty sure our cars arrived on the same boat from across the pound, and it looks like we are doing pretty similar mileage :) I wouldn't under play the fuel saying though, I pay 8p per kWh for over night charging, which equates to roughly £80 in 'fuel' costs to do 3000 miles in a 2.5 ton SUV that will accelerate to 60mph just as quick as my old Nissan 350Z coupe :).
  8. The battery is expensive because itll be a 'deep cycle' version to cope with additional demand from having to keep aux running when the combustion engine is off. Tesla had alot of issues early on when they used a standard 12V battery which were been depleted after 12 months, they have since moved to a similar 12V battery as in the Lexus/Toyota hybrids.
  9. Reading this thread brings back some frustration memories and even when I did get it work, the 'connected services' really was a bit lame. I don't bother connecting the Lexus these days. This is what I can access using our other car, no need for phone data access to be shared with car, it all just works, even my webmail access :). Syncs to my calendar so I can see up coming events the first time I get in the car every morning, and even do split screen to display two Apps at same time. I can even track the car when its been driven via my phone, can also lock/unlock, start/stop climate control/charging, put it into 'valet mode', turn lights on/off all from the phone, so just a tad more advanced than what the IS can do :) Lexus has ALOT of catching up to do on the infotainment front.
  10. Lexus has no naming option on the dash :) Sadly the am pretty sure the IS will be going in the next 12-18 months, it all depends on how good a job Jag can make their first EV. Would dearly love to have an EV version of our IS but Toyota/Lexus is still ignoring the whole EV segment so we will be taking our business else where :(
  11. We've named the X Kia, always wanted to name something Kia so why not:).
  12. Just realised its now coming upto a month since picking up Kia. I always think short test drives tells you very little about a car and it's not until you live with a car day in day out you can truly bound with it..... Well all I can say is I must like driving Kia, because despite my commute to work been 5 miles I've somehow managed to rack up nearly 2000 miles in just 4 weeks. I should also point out most of those miles have been done on twisty B roads like these... Non of this Autopilot M-way 'driving' rubbish for me. Forget about the fact Kia is an EV, or a Tesla, it is simply a fantastic car to drive and live with. Every time I sit in the drivers seat it simply brings a massive smile to my face and at the end of the day thats what matters. Bring on the summer and next 2000 miles :)
  13. 100% agree I wasted 3 year of my life doing a 100 mile round trip commute. I put up with it because I knew it was only going to be a few years, but towards the end I was getting really frustrated by it. 6pm every day spent sitting in traffic watching your life waste away.... No thanks, wouldn't be doing that ever again especially now that we got a kid to come home to.
  14. In 2 years and 12k miles I think the pre crash warning has only triggered twice in our pre face lift with safety kit. The blind spot warning is really useful as is adaptive cruise control.
  15. The RX I had for a day was fab, lovely soft leather, really smooth power train, pretty nippy too. If it was an EV I would have seriously considered one. But instead it seemed to have a drink problem :). The NX was really disappointing, looked fab but drove like a Toyota Corrolla. Maybe it was partly because I was given one in basic spec trim, so not even electric seats, what ever the reason I just didn't get on with it.