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  1. The rear doors have worked flawlessly, because the driver can open/close them as you as you stop the car, via the key fob, if you have small children it's so much more convenient. At nursery drop off I stop the car, tell the rear door to open, by the time I have got out of the drivers seat and around to the child seat I'm greeted by this enormous space in which to get my daughter out without having to worry about low roof lines, awakard door openings, and it works well as an umbrella!! The doors than close at a touch of a button....Honestly I don't know how I've managed all this before in a car with normal doors :).. Oh and yes although the doora open in limited space I keep away from other cars
  2. Picked up our Tesla Model X less than 3 days ago, done some 250 miles in it already despite my commute been less than 10 miles :) Let's just say it's rather good, despite it been the slowest and cheapest Model X it's totally redefined what I think a car can/should do!! A 2.5 ton 6 seater 5 meter long SUV that accelerates and handles like my old 350Z even on tiny unclassified roads, gull wing doors that really should't work but do, powered doors, endless windscreen.....It's crazy any car company have managed to build this thing, let alone one thats only been around for a decade!!
  3. All depends on your daily usage patterns. If your commute is around 20-50 miles plugging in daily could dramatically reduce you fuel costs, and your save time by not needing to visit the forecourt as often. Once your use to it plug in in the car takes about 10 seconds extra. My Leaf is now waiting to be collected by the lease company, its done 13780 miles, total amount of electricity used 3100kWh at an average cost of 8p per kWh, so £248. Thats 1.7p per mile in fuel costs - excluding money I've claimed back for the business miles done in the car. At 115p per liter for unleaded, that's equivalent to a real world fuel efficiency of 290mpg in a combustion car to achieve same fuel costs!!! So the extra effort of 10 seconds of your time plugging may just be worth it ;)
  4. Sounds about right for a new factory order, remember these cars have to wait their turn to be built than shipped from Japan. Our IS was ordered in early Dec 2014, earliest date of collection was March 2015.
  5. Car manufacturers will carry continue to push customers to diesels, they've invested too much in R&D to just give up on them. But the writing is on the wall for diesel passenger cars, once this current generation of engines need replacing I cannot see any big manufacturers pumping money into diesels. Its unlikely to affect IS300H residuals but I guess the market will determine that.
  6. Don't worry as @DJPmentioned our Tesla Model X is due very shortly :). But unlike DJP we still will have a Lexus on the drive.
  7. When we were looking we found the same, so ended up ordering new premiere with the pack, I think it was option box not many ticked. Now that we are use to it, I wouldn't order a car without it (especially blind spot monitor), and it's good to see Lexus including all the important bits now for free on all cars.
  8. The turbo in line 6 BMW has developed really is sublime, and pretty much the best it'll get for combustion engines short of electric turbo chargers. I think in the past you have never understood what I was talking about when I moan about 'throttle lag' on the IS300H, try any of the x35/40i cars and your instantly feel the difference, it really is night and day.
  9. M1 than A406 at rush hour on a Friday, traffic, road works, all three lanes pretty much going at the same speed, you can probably guess the average speed . The IS300H can deliver highish mpg figures so its all down to the end user, if your going to smash the right pedal everywhere clearly your get worse mpg readings .
  10. Best to a M-way run I've got is nearly 70 over 100miles. But I should add I drive with a certain style, use to get over 35 mpg out of a 380bhp 3L twinturbo petrol BMW :).
  11. We see 40-45 in winter, 45-50 in summer, mainly short commutes of 10-15 miles.
  12. A FWD car will spin its wheels just as much as a RWD car, you probably didn't feel/hear it over the rattle of the diesel lump:). But in all seriousness don't worry about a little wheelspin in current conditions, the IS300H is like a huggable sloth. Your have to be driving like an absolute tool to loss control on public roads. Just trust the TC system to do its job.... If you want to feel what a unstable RWD car is, try an early S2000 as it transitions into the VTEC zone. I've only driven one once, and that was enough for me, the thing nearly spat me off road whilst travelling in a straight line and all because the road had a tiny bit of dampness and VTEC went yo!
  13. I have to say am not sure why the OP is finding traction issues? Last winter when we had some snow I took our IS300H to try catch some donuts (why else would you buy a RWD car:)). But sadly the IS was setup so well and the TC system such a nanny I never once came close to lossing control of the car. I tried the hold TC button for 10 seconds, brake boosting, even thought about slamming on the foot brake (didn't). My conclusion, our IS300H is beautifully setup, Lexus did a fine job making sure the driver could stay in control of the car in all but the worst road conditions. Its the most stable RWD car I've driven, I should add the car was on summer tyres.
  14. The IS300H is cheap to tax and run but the biggest cost in car ownership is deprecation. Ours has 'cost' us £20 in road tax so far and averaged over 45mpg over 12k miles of mainly urban traffic, good numbers, but deprecation costs so far over 2 years is about £15k at a guess. Even the oldest IS300H still has alot more deprecation to go compared to a IS250. But my wife still loves the car, despite my best efforts to wean her off fossil fuels its still going to be with us for a few more years. Buy the car because you like it and want a change, both perfectly good reasons, and am sure your love the IS300H compared to your current car. Just don't confuse man maths of cheaper running costs with actual economics of saving money.
  15. Our little girl is now 9 months old, found a solution to the baby seat and space issue.... We use the other car which is hatchback with more interior space for 99.5% of family trips. Our next car is a SUV and I dare to say the car after that will be also be a SUV, the saloon format just doesn't work for us anymore.