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  1. Lexus has no naming option on the dash :) Sadly the am pretty sure the IS will be going in the next 12-18 months, it all depends on how good a job Jag can make their first EV. Would dearly love to have an EV version of our IS but Toyota/Lexus is still ignoring the whole EV segment so we will be taking our business else where :(
  2. We've named the X Kia, always wanted to name something Kia so why not:).
  3. Just realised its now coming upto a month since picking up Kia. I always think short test drives tells you very little about a car and it's not until you live with a car day in day out you can truly bound with it..... Well all I can say is I must like driving Kia, because despite my commute to work been 5 miles I've somehow managed to rack up nearly 2000 miles in just 4 weeks. I should also point out most of those miles have been done on twisty B roads like these... Non of this Autopilot M-way 'driving' rubbish for me. Forget about the fact Kia is an EV, or a Tesla, it is simply a fantastic car to drive and live with. Every time I sit in the drivers seat it simply brings a massive smile to my face and at the end of the day thats what matters. Bring on the summer and next 2000 miles :)
  4. 100% agree I wasted 3 year of my life doing a 100 mile round trip commute. I put up with it because I knew it was only going to be a few years, but towards the end I was getting really frustrated by it. 6pm every day spent sitting in traffic watching your life waste away.... No thanks, wouldn't be doing that ever again especially now that we got a kid to come home to.
  5. In 2 years and 12k miles I think the pre crash warning has only triggered twice in our pre face lift with safety kit. The blind spot warning is really useful as is adaptive cruise control.
  6. The RX I had for a day was fab, lovely soft leather, really smooth power train, pretty nippy too. If it was an EV I would have seriously considered one. But instead it seemed to have a drink problem :). The NX was really disappointing, looked fab but drove like a Toyota Corrolla. Maybe it was partly because I was given one in basic spec trim, so not even electric seats, what ever the reason I just didn't get on with it.
  7. Go for it, someone has to keep paying fuel duty otherwise the government may try to start taxing electricty :)
  8. ^^ Am still to be convinced on driverless cars. Our X has the full Autopilot 2.0 hardware which apparently will enable self driving once they sort out the software.... But I just cannot see it, I haven't even bothered to activa the standard autopilot. One thing I do know though, my one year old daughter is going to grow up with no concept of the Internal combustion engine. The IS will be replaced by an EV as soon as funds allow and cheaper EVs come to market.
  9. I thank my wife for getting the IS300H as it opened my eyes to life without a combustion engine. The smoothness of the EV only option made me explore full EVs, and now that I've covered over 1000 miles in an EV with no range anxiety our decision on what car to get to replace the IS is nearly made. Since the arrival of the Tesla our IS300H is hardly been used, wife is now fighting with me for the keys of the Tesla and I feel a bit sorry for the Lexus as it's still a fantastic car but totally outclassed by the Tesla.Am just waiting for prices on the Jag iPace to be announced and than will either be putting down a deposit on a Model 3 Tesla or iPace as the replacement for the IS. @rayaans. You mentioned before Lexus was working on a full EV?? Well they better get a move on, I've owned some of the best combustion cars around but the sheer ability of the Model X is astonishing. The Leaf hinted at the potential of EVs, the X is a ture game changer and moves the barometer of what I now expect a car to do up to a point I honestly didn't think was possible. It's a 2.5 ton SUV that I can throw around the local B roads with the same vigor/speed as my old Nissan 350Z on a sunny Sunday morning and than do another 120 miles carrying 5 adults + baby in comfort all without a hint of range anxiety and to the near silent humm of the electric motor.........The scary bit for Lexus, our Tesla is the least capable car they do as it's the slowest and smallest battery version available!!! Oh the fuel costs for the X over 1000 miles has been roughly £30 if I round up all the numbers, in an equivalent SUV with similar performance I doubt that would get me even 150 miles worth of petrol!! Lexus need to offer a competitor to Tesla, and they need one soon. If Tesla can deliver half the ability of our X in the upcoming Model 3 it's really going to shake up the market!!
  10. Glad am not the only one who felt the NX300H is hugely underpowered compared to the IS. The one I had felt no better inside than a Nissan Juke, I can get 50mpg+ easy on our IS yet struggled to get anything over 35mpg on the NX.
  11. £6k+vat for a headunit that looks like it was programmed by a bunch of 10 years using a BBC micro running basic... Flip no wonder the IS costs almost the same to insure as the Model X!!! That's the final nail in the coffin for our IS, no way am I keeping a car that costs so much in parts longterm....
  12. So is it rotine practice for Lexus dealers to canalise their own show room/used car stock for parts rather than just order in new parts?? The words cowboys come to mind :).
  13. £8K to do what exactly, even BMW only quoted me £4K to replace turbos including labour. You have to be living on a different planet if you think £8K is the going rate to replace a infotainment unit on a car, and if it is the going rate accepted by their customers than Lexus must be laughing their way to the bank.
  14. This is absolutely BS, there is no way on this planet a head unit will cost £8K on something like a IS. The huge 17inch touch screen on our Tesla cost £3.5K to replace out of warranty direct from Tesla. What on earth were they doing stripping a car they had sold/selling for parts when they can just order the part from Lexus. You bought a car in good faith, it's under warranty, it's up to the dealer to sort out what ever mess they have created.
  15. Haven't tried but don't think they will be an issue. The rear doors are no longer a novelty for me, I must have open/closed them coming up to 100 times already. Absolutely no issues at all so far, for me they are now 'normal'. What I really love also are the powered front doors!! They open by themselves and close with me putting my foot on the brake. It may sound like overkill but having to manually open/close the drivers door by hand is now a bizzar concept..... Amazing how quickly you get use to things.