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  1. Looks lovely, great colour combination. I wouldn't worry about the mileage, but check for a full service history. The description is a hotch potch of inaccuracies so I'd check everything out fully. It refers to fabric upholstery and manually operated driver's seat.....the car clearly has leather and the driver seat has memory function so must be electric. P.S. I haven't a clue whether the price is right or not.
  2. Welcome Alan. My first one was a 2008 IS250 SE-L just like yours. On my third Lexus now.
  3. Yeah, very considerate. Unfortunately, your neighbouring parkers will still bash the hell out of yours though. Happens to us all unfortunately.
  4. Welcome Saul. I'd take the family along to try the cars out for size first. The IS250 isn't blessed with a lot of room in the back, so if your children are approaching teenage years you may need the GS. Whether you go hybrid or not will be up to you, do your research relative to the use you put the car to. t's good that you "quite like the idea of an auto"
  5. I found the Gliptone cleaner a bit "gloopy" for the perforated leather and didn't clean too well either.. Others on here have recommended Dodo Juice and I have to say it does a lovely job. After the Dodo treatment, my leather looked very grey and flat but the Gliptone conditioner brought it back to the shiny black that it should be. I think the aroma may be a bit Marmite, but I like it.
  6. My mirrors fold when I lock the car. It's a 2013 Luxury and has an "Auto" button next to the mirror switch on the door. I believe this is what puts the mirrors in to "Auto" function. Maybe not all the models have this function ?
  7. What a well organised garage you have ! The car's not bad either
  8. I'd be careful, I've heard of electrodes dropping off cheap Chinese plugs. I wouldn't just read about boot space, I'd go and have a look.
  9. Gaynor's been doing that for a number of years. She lists all her cars with the same enthusiasm. To be fair, she does have some nice motors,,,,,but she don't half go on a bit
  10. Your "adhesive tape" is not up to standard Noo bie ! I've just changed plates on my old IS250C and it was a bugger to release the plates, couldn't imagine a rattle starting there ! These pads have such an aggressive adhesive, just used some to kit out my new (to me) vehicle.....far superior to drilling and screwing the plates on. When you use adhesive pads, be sure to cover the screw holes on the boot lid, can be a source of water ingress into the boot well.
  11. Phew !!! I'm out of breath
  12. Last one I tried was vintage 2009. As I say........"I'll have to have a look". Had a squint at the manual earlier, mud is clearer !!
  13. I use the work pool car often and use Sygic on my phone for satnav, it's excellent. On the odd occasion I need satnav driving my own car, I use Sygic too. Having said that, not tried it on my RX yet......maybe it takes postcode entries, I'll have to have a look.