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  1. The car is virtually bullet proof, I agree. However, it's the things that catch you by surprise ! I had a front headlamp assembly changed because the original had decided to condensate and corrode the reflector. £700+ ! Don't forget the peace of mind from the premier AA package included too. One thing's for sure, a thousand quid buys you bugger all at a Lexus dealership
  2. I've had two calipers replaced on extended warranty.
  3. Here you go : I had it on a couple of IS250s and the claims exceeded the premiums each time, only just though. I've taken it out on my RX too. Good luck in your search, they're lovely motors.
  4. Timing Belt

    If I were thinking of buying the vehicle, I'd want the timing belt changed too. Good luck.
  5. Looks nice and shiny !! Wrong time of the year really, but I had many a winter day with the roof heater and heated seats on. It's a very good design, there is little wind ingress to the cabin when the roof is down. You'll be watching the weather forecast for a dry day now Philip......ENJOY
  6. You'll enjoy every please !!
  7. I'm sure you'll really enjoy the experience Philip. I miss my IS250C, but am delighted with my RX. Just different, that's all !
  8. Fine looking vehicle, well done. Still miss mine
  9. I owned one for eighteen months or so. No loud knocking noise from the roof on mine, that sounds like a problem. You get rattles from the roof cradle stowed in the boot, but easily solved with little rubber door wedges shoved in to stop the rattle. It's a very comfortable grand tourer, too heavy to give blistering performance. However, a spirited drive is possible, particularly when using the gear shift paddles. All of my mileage was done in SW Wales on hilly, bendy A roads.....I had some fun. I only changed it for my RX because of back trouble for which I needed an easier accessible vehicle. Buy an IS250C, you'll have some fun, especially when the weather is good.....still miss mine.
  10. Audio Upgrade

    Just enjoy the tunes in the car and seek quality music listening at home.
  11. That's what I do too.
  12. I've shared my experiences and information. Happy motoring .
  13. Servicing Costs

    Sounds like a hunch to me.