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  1. I don't drive sufficiently aggressively to consider an X5. I don't have the time to take the RR back for repairs frequently (nor the cash). I really enjoy my 3RX, we went up to Scotland in was like driving an armchair !! My only criticism is that it revs hard to cope with hills. I'll be replacing in a couple of years with a 4RX. My average so far since March is 33mpg (calculated, not computer).
  2. I deactivate mine when a heavy frost is forecast. I was caught out a few times when I had an IS250 SE-L.
  3. My 3RX Luxury has the moving lines on the reversing camera, but no paddles. Hope this helps.
  4. Same on my RX too. I use a squeegee to clear the glass before setting off.
  5. Lovely car. Pleased you have a solution.
  6. Ah....a man after my own heart ! I did the same on a reel to reel, a humble Ferguson though, not a Revox. I adored Fluff, not his pick of the pops, but his Rock Show on Saturday afternoons IIRC. Shame you sold the Linn, do you still have your records ? I'm very much an analogue man as most of my home listening is from good old vinyl records...old ones ! As smooth as my RX is, I don't think I'll fit my Gyrodec
  7. My first Lexus

    Click on the "Forums" drop down at the top left. Then scroll down to the NX section. How user friendly is that ?
  8. I've come across you before're just very rude !!!!
  9. I have found my last six vehicles via eBay. Four from independent dealers and two from private advertisers. Maybe I've been lucky, but all the cars have been good ones. I research the feedback of the seller and talking to them is usually the most revealing. Obviously, check out the vehicle details mot history. Just have caution at the forefront of your mind.....but this applies wherever you buy from....Lexus dealer, Independent dealer, privateer on eBay or Autotrader. From your previous dialogue Geoff, looks like you're going to become a privateer on one of those sites....would you warn people against buying from you ? There are rogues of course, but I'm sure you'll smell a rat if confronted by one. Good luck.....get an RX, you'll love it !!
  10. A Couple of 2017 CT200h Sport Questions

    I'm not familiar with the CT (other than a one day loaner), but I am familiar with the CVT gears. I liken it to the chain on a bicycle's derailleur gears going up and down to the different ratios.....BUT, imagine the gear cogs as a smooth cone with a rubber band rather than a chain. Some of the older members here may remember the Daf Variomatic cars of the late sixties and seventies. They literally had a rubber band going up and down a cone to provide the drive ratio. I don't drive in a particular manner to maximise fuel economy. I drive according to conditions and the progress I wish to make. We all drive relatively expensive vehicles that are very economical anyway.....I really don't see fuel economy as a major consideration to driving style....just drive in the manner you wish. One or two mpg extra or less is quite insignificant to the overall driving experience of Lexus vehicles. IMO of course .
  11. I've read that posting from you before Geoff. Maybe it was on my phone, but it's really odd that it's not listed here ??? I've definitely read it, because I remember thinking to myself "He's not said anything about how he got on with the RX". Did you have a drive of one Geoff ? Can't help you with your IS valuation I'm sorry.
  12. I agree with all that has been said. Initially, the RX appears a very large vehicle, and it is ! But, Rayaans has correctly pointed out that it is only a few centimetres (length and width) larger than an IS. Once inside, driving from that high commanding position, you feel at one with the vehicle. The extra visibility afforded by its height make it an easier vehicle to drive than the IS in my opinion. Mrs Ledzep agrees too, she wouldn't go back to a saloon car now. Just takes a little time to get used to the RX.....about five seconds
  13. It's lovely here, far nicer than that London and Glamorgan for that matter.
  14. Here you go Geoff. Mine since I got the car. Mostly rural driving around here. 30mph to 50mph on my 5 miles commute to work (no traffic jams). Fortnightly 40 miles round trip to Asda on the motorway. I was impressed with the Scotland trip averaging close on 37mpg. I tend to drive on the speed limit with gentle acceleration. Not averse to booting it occasionally to don't half go !!!! rxmpg.xlsx
  15. Totally agree, I get lots of comments about mine when it's gleaming. Really catches the light with the metallic flake in the paint.