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  1. Here's something similar about mpg with an RX450h.
  2. I have no experience of the 200t engine. I've just been up to Scotland from South Wales. Some of the climbs on the M6 in Cumbria and the A74 in the borders are quite steep. My RX coped with it very well, but the needle was firmly in the Power band. I can't imagine a wimpy 2 litre 4 potter, albeit turbo charged, would have delivered as quiet and serene a journey. Had a CT as a replacement once, not too impressed, but I bet the 200t engine would inject a great deal of spark into that car.
  3. Not sure..........KY is the usual lubricant of choice
  4. Interesting that you're experiencing accurate computer mpg too Malcolm. I didn't actually check, but I always felt my previous two ISs overstated the mpg.
  5. Had my RX since beginning of March and I've recorded mileage and fill-ups on a spreadsheet. Just got back today from a trip to Scotland and back. From Carmarthenshire to Chester, to Blackpool, to Kendal. to Glasgow, to Stirling, to Edinburgh, to Ashington, to York, to Leamington Spa and then home earlier today. The below spreadsheet shows my actual mpg calculations and the photograph shows the computer mpg up to my trip and then during my trip. I read a lot on here about the computer over-stating the mpg......doesn't seem to be the case on my vehicle . Thought you guys might like to know. DATE LITRES LOCATION JOURNEY MILEAGE MILES/TANK MODE MPG TANK COST PPM TANK 04/03/17 Fill Gorslas 55,542 - - 22/03/17 44.46 Gorslas Local 55,840 298 Normal 30.47 £52.42 £0.18 11/04/17 41.83 Gorslas Local 56,116 276 Normal 30.00 £49.73 £0.18 02/05/17 40.38 Gorslas Local 56,380 264 Normal 29.72 £48.02 £0.18 23/05/17 43.96 Gorslas Local 56,684 304 Normal 31.44 £51.38 £0.17 08/06/17 51.51 Gorslas Local 57,057 373 Normal 32.92 £60.21 £0.16 15/06/17 49.21 Penrith Home, Chester, Blackpool, Kendal 57,449 392 Normal 36.21 £57.53 £0.15 18/06/17 48.33 Seaham Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh, Ashington 57,826 377 Normal 35.46 £58.58 £0.16 20/06/17 50.51 Gorslas York, Leamington Spa, Home 58,248 422 Normal 37.98 £58.54 £0.14
  6. Only had my RX for 3 months or so, 4 month itch to come maybe ? When I collected it, I called Mrs Ledzep on the way home and she asked about it...."Like driving an armchair" I said ! I'm still enjoying that experience. My daughter has a Fiesta Mountune ST, it's like a rocket and a seat of the pants drive.....great fun but couldn't live with it for my daily drive. Leaving South Wales tomorrow for a trip up north. Chester, Kendal, Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh, York, Leamington Spa then home. Rather be in my armchair than the ST !
  7. Sense of humour by-pass in these parts.
  8. On The Times that I use newspaper I can see The Sun without smears and The Star(s) too through a Mirror like finish. You're clearly not scrunching it properly
  9. As I said earlier in the thread.......scrunched up newspaper is best at removing smears after you've used the cleaning product. Old fashioned, but just works.
  10. I'd never buy a French car.
  11. Weren't they one of the first engines using aluminium? Was it the block or the head, the latter I suspect ? Caused head gasket issues I guess, hence overheating problems.
  12. I think all modern cars are reliable nowadays except..........some are more reliable than others ! I've had many brand new cars, all company cars......they're only new for the first day or so
  13. I remember Dad having a Singer Chamois. Was the Stiletto a Sunbeam ?
  14. Sounds like you own a liability ! I'll continue to do it my way thanks .
  15. I'd definitely go for one of the private sales, subject to chatting to the owner. The first one, despite being older, is the most appealing to me. I'd go along and suss the owner, I'm a people person.