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  1. May to September but don't let them put you off. So long as there is a slight breeze you'll be fine.
  2. If it works, will you do mine for me please?
  3. Mine gets a weekly trip into Oban so you may be lucky
  4. Oh no, that's far too cheap!
  5. They do look good in green when clean.
  6. On a similar note, I've got a dead daddy longlegs in one of mine, no idea how it got there
  7. Thanks I've just seen those figs elsewhere as well. The calipers are fine, so the discs are less than 50% worn as the actual figure is 27.2mm. I had pads fitted at the same time and they still have 9mm left on them so it looks like I've been worrying over nothing, thanks for all your help.
  8. I'm not a heavy braker by any means and there's no problem with the calipers. I don't use the car that often and maybe living on the salty west coast has had a detrimental effect.
  9. I replaced the front brake discs 11,000 miles ago with genuine toyota ones and after yesterdays service, the garage has said there is only 1mm left on them before they need replacing as they are at 27mm and the minimum is 26mm. I have no idea how thick they were when new but it looks like they won't be on much longer! Any guesses as to how many miles I can get for 1mm?
  10. Great colour choice, it's the same as mine! There's a set of 5 alloys on eBay with starting bid of £75.00, could be a bargain for you.
  11. Good garage

    So is this forum run as a business venture or is it here to help fellow Lexus owners? I belong to other forums and must admit that some of the rules on this one are of a very big brother mentality when it comes to selling and advertising.
  12. Good garage

    That's a good idea, I'm still looking for a good garage in Scotland.
  13. My battery is 2 years old and is a Numax Premium Silver 68Ah, and this is the first time its gone flat on me
  14. I think I need to drive it more often to stop this reoccurring
  15. The battery is pretty new, I may try leaving the key in the ignition when I know I won't be using the car for a couple of weeks and see if that makes a difference. I know I can do that at home but it is a concern if I left it at say an airport carpark for a couple of weeks and returned home to a flat battery.