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  1. Hi Lockeyboy. Back in 20015 when I bought my 2008 facelift 450h SE I only had one key, couldnt believe how someone could lose such a thing. I went to the local Lexus dealer in Norwich who were very helpful and I purchased a Key and transmitter which came to a total of £237.88 including VAT. That did have a 15% owners club discount on. If its any help the part numbers were L69515-50240-84 - Key cut £33.61 +vat L89904-50C40 - Transmitter £199.60 +vat So without discount it would have been £279.85 Not sure as mines the facelift if that makes much difference but hope that helps you decide or barter. Good luck
  2. Have had a wonderful facelift 2008 GS now for over 2 years and have been really happy with it in all aspects from town driving to motorway cruising, so much in fact that my only thought was that my next car was going to be a 2012 or 2013 GS450h. That was until I saw the Infiniti Q50 and Q70, it seems like a very similar beast but potentially more power however you can get a newer car with less miles on for your money. I realise in the end it will be down to my own testing and choosing but was wondering if anyone here had experience of the two and could share their thoughts? Theres something about the Infiniti to me that doesnt look as well put together as the Lexus but open to any comments or experiences. Thank you.
  3. I have these exact mats in a 08 450h and they fit very well, small a bit to start with but very hard wearing, I was very pleased with them, they are good quality.
  4. Mike, I'm sure you wont be disappointed. I only use the hard coat twice a year, once before winter and once just before summer. Then in the middle I use the wax to keep the shine up if required as it goes on and off so easily with a sponge pad and a little bit of water. Just remember that car must be as clean as possible before application though as they are cleaners. Hope you find it as good as I have. Wayne
  5. I use As a carnuba wax which goes on really easily with water and comes off with only slight rubbing. And then As a hardcote finish, lasts me months. Neither are cleaners though, more "finishers and sealants" so car needs to be clean first. You use very little too so last ages. Hope that helps.
  6. It was a days drive, around 9 hours each way and just over 6 hours up the mountain and back.. not ideal but a great experience on both counts :)
  7. For some reason I have both XL and non XL tyres on my 450h, when I go to somewhere like black circles they dont specify as they show both types. Can anyone please confirm if they should or shouldnt be XL reinforced tyres? or does it not really matter? I'm assuming it does thats why i'm asking. Thanks guys.
  8. All, Just driven from Norwich in Norfolk to For William and back to climb Ben Nevis. Took the 08' 450h and I have to say it behaved flawlessly. Smooth, quiet, no body fatigue in either direction and for me other than a fuel stop and a drink/food stop pretty much straight there and back. Averaged 36.8 both ways and well chuffed. Not a bad word have I to say about the car in either direction. Thank you Lexus.
  9. Really only shampoo and a little bit of a wax with a little cut in it, as I said I dont have anything wheel specific, havent tried anything like fairy liquid as didnt think that would do any good.
  10. Hi guys, Winter is over and have given the girl a good going over, when it came to the wheels though nothing I have (dont have any proper alloy cleaner at the moment) sorted the wheels to a standard that I liked. Can anyone recommend a good cleaner please? I am loathed to use an acid based one like Blitz although it gets good reviews as i'm not aure about the plastic birts in the wheels and they look a little marked as it is. Bought some brushes so I can get in there but just cane seem to get all the marks off. Have an 08 450h. Thanks Wayne
  11. Morning all, Today as it was -3 when I got into the car I thought I would turn on the heated seats. Bear in mind I did check them when I bought the car as took them as working. My question here is that in the 20 mins it took me to get to work even though they were on full (Number 3) they never felt like they got hot and hardly warm. Can anyone tell me if the 450h heated seats on full is a ferociously warm seat or is it still just a subtle heat? Just wondering if they are broken. Both lights come on with the switch but just cant tell whether they are working properly or not. Have lexus warranty but doubt these would be covered and know how expensive heated seat repair can be. Thanks
  12. During the last weeks "Windy" period my damn wheelie bin got blown into the side of the car. Not best pleased. Does anyone know of or has had any experience of a good dent/body man in the norwich or surrounding area please? the dent looks to be just that, it doesnt look as though and paint came off so I dont know if I can use a Paintless dent removal person but a recommendation to me from someone is always better than thumbing the internet looking for what I think is the best. There are plenty around, just want to know if anyone has any experience and could recommend. Thanks.
  13. Clear mats? pray tell where did you find such an object?
  14. Hi guys, Want to get a set of rubber floor mats for winter for my 450h as it has the beige mats and they will just get ruined. I have seen these which are the only site I found to do beige coloured rubber which at least keeps with the theme :) what I want to know is will the 300 mats fit exactly to the 450h? or should I be looking somewhere else. Thanks