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  1. Goodbye IS-F

    I’ve heard of chips with turbot.....
  2. As mentioned earlier, I got fuel, valet, coffee, biscuits, pastries, loan car and a newspaper when I had airbag done.
  3. I knew the new airbags were different, but Jesus.....
  4. I was grateful for the valet of the car, and the fuel but they've phoned me about four times since I've had it done, really getting to be a nuisance.
  5. Yep........ And advised me to top up the fuel used in the courtesy car.....that didn't happen. :)
  6. I mentioned the dash rattles and the reported damage to dashboards to the customer services advisor when I handed over my keys, telling him, rather cheekily, that I would like the car back in the same state its in now. He said they only need to take the glovebox out to get to the passenger airbag. I don't know what he wanted to say to me, something like, "Well take the car back home you ungrateful oink".....
  7. If you rev the engine while its ticking over at 1200 rpm the revs will drop.
  8. You asked what has the callipers to do with the airbag, we told you about the health check. We’re not saying you have to have any work done that they point out, I also do all my own work on my cars, it’s just nice that they do this. Anyone who doesn’t know about cars, and doesn’t do work on their cars, can then decide if they want Lexus or another garage of their choice to do the work. It’s a free service, win, win.
  9. They do a health check on your car and provide a check list of work needing doing. Most dealers I've dealt with over the years who've done warranty work provide this service/theft.
  10. All done today at Lexus Bradford. Four hours exactly from drop off to call saying it was ready. Washed and cleaned inside, then some oink with muddy boots drives it to the front of the garage for me to pick up....:lol: Thanks to Charles for the quick and easy handover and pickup, a few gallons of petrol for inconvenience and video of the car being checked over, all passes. Had a 67 plate CT200h, in red, for the day, glad to hand it back and get in my IS.
  11. I find parody, satire and real life are one and the same. In my world anyway.
  12. Scotland Road Trip

    I just did it at the beginning of September, no midges, only bad weather was going over Applecross, couldn’t see more than a few yards in front of you. Everywhere else was brilliant including the B&Bs we stayed at. 6 nights, 1300 miles, hardly any traffic, mostly Dutch as mentioned above. i could have turned around and done it again.
  13. You know John that there’d be people on here who would pay that. Because “It’s Lexus”
  14. That^^^^ My 2011 is250 has indicators on the mirror, no folding mirrors
  15. I bought a kit from A DAS 6 V2 along with pads, cutting compound and polish. £114. I’ll, as you say, start gently and see how it goes. May experiment on the wife’s car first.
  16. Some thug has run into my car while visiting Lincoln the other week, on the very slim chance the **** is reading this I wish you pain. An attempt to T cut the scratches out failed, they disappear when wet so I believe only the top clear coat is marked. So I bought, as per title, a DA kit that comes with a white pad, orange pad, Meguiars Ultra Finish polish 205 and Meguiars Ultra Cut Compound 105. I've always fancied a go at detailing. I'm fine with all the products, but due to the alleged soft Lexus paint I was wondering if the cutting compound is too aggressive?
  17. Airbag recall

    Letter Saturday as I mentioned, phoned this morning, Monday, and the girl said someone would call me back. Within half an hour the service dept at Lexus Bradford had called and a courtesy car and appointment made for 11th October. 5 hour job. So far so good, I didn't ask about the loaner, wait for the surprise.
  18. Artic ration pack and satellite phone. High altitude fluorescent ballon so you can be spotted by the nimrod fleet looking for you.
  19. Airbag recall

    Are we being pedantic? It's a figure of speech. And the last line in my post was a cliche. So really not much of my post was my original work. ;)
  20. Airbag recall

    Also received my letter Saturday. I'm really reticent about taking it in after listening to the horror stories regarding damage to the dash. I suppose I'll have to bite the bullet.
  21. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Can't comment, I did exactly that many years ago pulling out of a layby, into a neighbours car. My defence was to blame the rugrats in the back for distracting me. It wasn't true, and I fessed up to being careless.
  22. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    I find most dashcam incidents are too trivial to post, someone cuts you up, doesn't go on green because they're having a shave or putting on makeup. It happens. I very rarely react to the offenders.
  23. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Yep, that's him, he drives a Nissan Leaf.
  24. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    There is one that comes up on my youtube feed, a Yorkshire lad, who posts similar stuff. I find most of his rants, and he is a little foul mouthed, are unnecessary. A little forethought while driving i.e. anticipating what other drivers and pedestrians may do is all thats needed. One incident occurred while he was driving in a busy Morrisons car park. I could see as he entered an old lady was going to cross into his path with her trolley, but he either didn't see her or didn't want to see her. He slammed on the brakes for the dramatic effect.