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  1. My IS 250 automatic, has in the past few weeks, had an intermittent lumpy idle problem when starting from cold, my wife even noted it sounded funny when she approached the car as we were leaving the house. Also when coming to a halt just as the car stops the tachometer jumps from about 800 up to 1500 and straight back down again. I have a few ideas that I will investigate when I've done with the painting and decorating. Any pointers would be appreciated.
  2. Lumpy idle when cold......

    Cheers Beamish, I’ve heard moving the butterfly flap is a no no. I’ve got cleaner for the MAF, the carb cleaner is for the throttle body.
  3. Lumpy idle when cold......

    I’ve run the car right down to the dregs several times in a row recently. That people say doesn’t do the car any favours, but I do use branded fuel most of the time. All suggestions still appreciated, just bought some carb cleaner from Toolstation, cheap as chips.
  4. Lumpy idle when cold......

    Recalibrated......some throttle bodies have to go through a calibration procedure to get them to recognise open and close throttle. I wondered if you remove the 250's you have to follow that procedure?
  5. Lumpy idle when cold......

    What’s just the diesel model?
  6. Lumpy idle when cold......

    Don’t have a code reader. The revs surging is getting more noticeable. I’m going to check the induction from the air cleaner to the throttle body sometime next week, weather permitting, gone are the days when I could get under the bonnet any weather. I’m favouring a cleaning of the throttle body to start with. I’ve just watched a video of a man changing the plugs on an IS 250 and clean the throttle body by taking it off. I was under the impression that they had to be recalibrated once disturbed. Anyone know differently, can they be removed, cleaned and replaced without issue?
  7. Lumpy idle when cold......

    Cheers Comedian, another issue I’m aware of, a dose of some toxic chemicals may help, I’ll look into it.
  8. Lumpy idle when cold......

    Cheers Rebecca, it’s something I will address when I get to work on the induction system.
  9. Lumpy idle when cold......

    Newbie, the car soon idles smoothly after a minute or two. The revs jumping is also intermittent and yes it does sometimes do it while driving along. The throttle body is on my list while checking the air intake.
  10. Once the Plaque Friday rubbish is over the offers will be back.
  11. I can assure you Linas when I opine on this forum regarding law it’s correct, I did 30 years as a Police Officer and have several legal qualifications. :)
  12. Help Identifying this Watch?

    I thought that’s what you meant. ;)
  13. Help Identifying this Watch?

    It looks like a Breitling. From their Chronoliner range. Just a guess from the styling.
  14. Parking tickets

    I haven’t had a private car parking ticket for years but a sob story email usually gets it cancelled. “My elderly mother was late from her appointment at *******, she had a dizzy spell while we walked to the car.....I’m sure if you check the cctv you see us in the car park waiting for her to settle.”
  15. That’s not the definition of criminal damage, the word malicious doesn’t come into it. See Criminal Damage Act 1971. As commonly used as the Theft Act 1968, Public Order Act 1986. Bread and butter Policing.
  16. I think it would be a little more than criminal would be a right-off....
  17. Follow him until he stops, put on a ski mask, grab an aluminium bbb (they don’t break) knock seven bells out of his bike, making sure you hit every panel and accessory. Thats Karma.....:)
  18. Post your duggets :D

    That's how I roll.
  19. IS 250 Differential Oil

    Haven’t heard the sawdust tale for a while, Arfur. . My car ownership is always long term. What I will do is try the oil change, see how that goes, then look into the internal’s of the diff’, I haven’t had one apart since the ‘70s. Thanks for your input.
  20. Car passed its MOT the other day, the mechanic notice a noise in the differential when he spun the rear wheels, it’s something I’ve noticed but never done anything about. A change of oil is called for as a starting point. Where do you get LT 75W-85 GL-5 oil from? Halfords stock something similar which is reasonably priced but I can’t find any that meets the exact specifications.
  21. IS 250 Differential Oil

    Right, my next question is: If the change of oil does not quieten the diff, what are the collectives view on using an additive?
  22. Just because the oil in the photo looks dark it doesn’t mean it’s not doing it’s job. I wouldn’t imagine your pristine new oil would stay that nice cherry red for more than a minute inside the box, even with a full flush.
  23. IS 250 Differential Oil

    Just got the OK from Opie Oils, the oil I purchased is a replacement for the Lexus/Toyota stuff. But they had to draw a blank on what LT means.
  24. IS 250 Differential Oil

    Yep, got that, sorry I didn’t notice the link, thanks. According to the manual I have to get under the car, the diff should be labelled as to whether it’s an LSD or not. I would expect a non LSD.
  25. IS 250 Differential Oil

    The man at Opie thinks LT stands for Lifetime, but he’s doing a bit more research.