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  1. New rx400h owner. Mpg not good. Cold weather? Posted November 12, 2016 I seem to remember a way to reset Hybrid Battery Learning from a post by Assa1974 that I copied but have not yet tried. May be worth a try Here it is :- "It's a little bit of a faff TBH. If you do a google search you should find plenty of advice and I'd suggest you do that even if just to verify what I've posted below. This is a procedure I picked up myself doing just that. I can't promise what results you will get but it seemed to give me an immediate improvement even if it was only a couple of MPG on a long drive. 1) Make sure the vehicle is fully warmed up. Do the procedure immediately following a long drive that runs the engine (highway speeds are best - not long gliding stealth runs at low speeds with the engine off). This will insure the coolant temp is at FULL operating temperature - it is not necessary to actually measure the coolant temperature if you warm up the engine sufficiently and don't let the engine shut down too long and cool off before doing the procedure. 2) With the vehicle stopped and in drive, press firmly on the brake to keep the vehicle from moving and then step on the accelerator while watching the power meter (to the left of the speedometer). Press down on the accelerator to keep the needle between 1/2 and 3/4 up the scale. You will find that the engine management system will automatically limit the engine load no matter how far you press down on the pedal so the amount you press is not critical as long as it is either 1/2 scale or to the engine's self-limiting load value. Keep the engine loaded for a full 30 seconds but not longer than 40 seconds (this procedure brings the hybrid battery up to a maximum state of charge - if you watch the battery symbol, you will see it tick up to a "full" display). 3) Shut off the engine and place it in park 4) Wait 5 seconds. 5) Turn the ignition key back on to display "ready" 6) make sure the A/C and heater system controls are set to off 7) Lightly step on the accelerator pedal until the engine starts -then immediately take your foot off the accelerator and let the engine run until it stops by itself. This completes the procedure."
  2. My 2009 has a warning sticker to keep fingers away
  3. update they have rechecked the wheel alignment and the balance of all four wheels, nothing found. I have taken their "technician" for a test run but with the poor road surface and short distance available nothing showed up other than general bumping due to said road surface. Richard glad you are all sorted.
  4. Richard the symptoms are as you say, bum and calves and stomach. Tyres have less than 500 miles on and rims were in clean inner condition when fitted.
  5. Not thought about that one Peter thanks I will see if they have checked that during the 2 days that they've had the car so far this week.
  6. Peter that was my initial thoughts and the reason for the initial complaint but I now think there's something else going on. They have on each occasion though failed to find anything until I took their tech out on a demonstration run!!! It is now so slight that I am having difficulty in persuading them that it is there because as explained the road quality is not there but when on a good road I cannot travel at a good constant 70 as it makes you feel sick. it is vibrating the floor/seat whole vehicle but doesn't show in the steering wheel. I do the journey to the Durham area on the A1 regularly but not always in my vehicle so know its not the road condition as it does not occur in the other vehicle at the same speeds as measured on my sat nav and phone app. I just need to prove it to them yet again.
  7. This is all following new front discs,due to wear (severe wheel wobble at speed after) followed some weeks later by a technician demonstration run and front wheel balance followed by 4 new tyres and tracking at same time. Its now down to a slight but as I said very uncomfortable vibration when on a good road. I suspect it's been there for a while but masked by other factors. I suspect prop / drive shaft issue. I mostly travel on speed restricted roads so its not always immediately apparent. My ultimate option is to try a different dealer but think that the current dealer should have spotted the wobble after discs fitted so am pursuing that line at the moment.
  8. Hello all I have a slight but very annoying constant vibration at 70 Mph and above (registered on over reading speedo) that my dealer seems unable to find or suggests does not exist . Any suggestions on how to demonstrate to technician it does exist, when we have no apparent roads good enough. I travel on Motorways on which it does show but locally they all have average/variable speeds and I am not prepared to risk points on my licence just to assist a non believer. I know I am not making it easy for them but there must be a way. Thanks in advance Paul
  9. There's an IS250c at Evans Halshaws at Mansfield NOTTS and they do a move me nearer service, however i'd personally go GS.
  10. My 450h took me by surprise on my first drive (test drive) as I was not expecting the change in braking force when it changed to brakes from regen at a low speed, but got used to the effect very quickly.
  11. I believe it to be the same system that was on my 2010 Avensis and from memory the dealer has to have a special piece of kit that authorises the software and licence and loads via a cable from this equipment to the hard drive using the USB port. I was shown it at the time I updated mine. It is indeed so that it cannot be cloned and sold on. It was almost certainly a waste of money in my opinion.
  12. Hi My 2009 model can be set by the owner. Can't remember how but I did mine following instructions in the handbook (somewhere). Also linked the key fob to adjust the seats on unlocking. Just remembered you have to hold the lock button down to use function. similarly unlock and drop when approaching to let the hot air out before entering.
  13. Mikael I had something similar on my 98 camry sport. Drove me mad that such a nice car would make such a noise. No apparent movement in ARB drop link and couldn't find it for three years, till it failed an MOT on drop link (only very slight movement surprised it failed). Changed link to pass MOT and noise dissapeared. Tried everything before that even several visits to dealer who failed to find it
  14. Geoff I have used Nottingham for service MOT and Warranty work and always found them to be spot on. Used Lincoln once for 60,000 miles service because it needed minor adjustments and was the nearest Lister dealership, from whom I purchased the car (Coventry branch) and was still under their warranty. At that time Listers did not give discount to LOC members but do now. This lack of discount prompted me to use Nottingham when their discount covered the fuel cost when i required a headlight bulb replaced.Lincoln did keep me informed as to progress during the service to advise when to collect the car. Not tried Leicester or Derby (yet)
  15. The door unlock settings can be set by owner to open just drivers door, i think both fronts or all doors. It is in the weighty tomb of a handbook .I only found out recently myself when it was accidentally changed so would only unlock drivers door. As has been previously mentioned the speed can take you by surprise. Enjoy.