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  1. F with bike

    They certainly are and climbing in value aswell especially original unmolested ones.
  2. F with bike

    Having those two should ease the pain of not having the F anymore. I’ve had plenty of bikes over the years but I do love my scooters and still have a mint Gilera 180 FXR in the garage and will soon be purchasing a Yamaha T Max 500.
  3. Loving the pic of this Renault Fuego drove a few of these back in the day.A mate of mine had one in the eighties and was always trying to race me in my Granada 3 Litre Ghia but I was never interested as just like Lexus today the Granada was all about cruising in comfort.
  4. I think it’s a great looking car and would love to own one.
  5. Great looking GS300 and i know I'm bias but i like the colour combo.
  6. I sat in one last week at Lexus coventry and you are right they are a very nice piece of kit.
  7. That sounds like a proper Genuine car which really needs to go to a LOC member.
  8. Potential new CT200 owner

    Hi and welcome to the forum,regarding the Gold membership it is a no brainier,a lot of dealers are signed up for it and you will get the cost of the membership fee back after the first service. Ive also saved loads at Halfords on polishes and dash cams etc. Good luck with the CT 200H test drive.
  9. Lexus LF-1

    I think from the side view it is very Land Rover Velar. Now I do like the Velar its actually my favourite looking JLR at the moment but will be better when they put the petrol Hybrid in it.
  10. What a great looking ISF.
  11. Your LC is a very special car and i would do exactly as your doing keeping the Mercedes which is also a very good looking car.
  12. A quick hello from a new member

    Welcome to the forum,and what a great looking LS430 you have.
  13. Lexus Coventry

    Well I picked up the IS this morning after having the airbag recall done and as usual the car had been cleaned but as a thank you for bringing the car in for the work Lexus Coventry also put £25 of petrol in as well. Credit where credits due.
  14. Wanted: LS400

    This might be of interest! https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201712142046147?postcode=cv379xz&advertising-location=at_cars&radius=1501&make=LEXUS&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&model=LS 400&sort=sponsored&page=1
  15. Lexus Coventry

    The 300H seems to suit the IS/RC a lot better than the NX due to weight of course but the MPG was good as well.Its seems to shift a long quite nicely. The LS was just about to go out on a test drive with a gentleman who came in a 61 plate Ls600H LWB which was mint. In the showroom was the premier 4RX with all accessories fitted, plus the RC300H with sunroof fitted,two cars i hope to have on my driveway one day.