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  1. Well i have owned both and the RX450H is far superior imho.
  2. We have done 20,000 miles since purchasing our 3RX and it has been a great family car which takes us everywhere in comfort and style.Its also a very practical car especially with trips to cornwall or even loading up for the dump.
  3. Test drives.

    We have just returned from Lexus coventry as the better half wanted to test drive a Ct200h and they immediately offered a 24 test drive.We declined and she just had a normal test drive but everyone was very helpful as usual.
  4. Tyres???

    Its only my personal opinion but i always look what tyres are fitted to any car i'm thinking of purchasing and think it can often say a lot about how the car has been looked after. I think a premium car deserves a premium tyre.
  5. New member, new to Lexus.

    Welcome to the forum and i'm pleased your enjoying your new purchase.
  6. New member saying hello

    Welcome to the forum.
  7. Hi Robert regarding the mud especially on the rear doors,we noticed this early on when we had our NX and it is a well known problem now.I was constantly cleaning them and trying to prevent any build up. Thankfully not an issue on the RX,but i would of thought they would have corrected this by now as we had our NX in 2014 but obviously they haven't.
  8. We did think about a used Tesla but recently the used prices have started to rise so i'll happily stick with hybrid for now.
  9. Excellent IS250 SE-L for sale! £3,995

    Congrats on the new Purchase, i'm sure you will enjoy it. Nice colour combo,not that i'm biased.
  10. I've always used Autotrader to sell my cars and have always sold them within the 2 weeks they were advertised.
  11. Was wandering if anybody previously owned or knows anything about this 430. NM55KXL. Cheers.
  12. Well decided to give that one a miss as its on budget tyres and cam belt has apparently been done but with no invoice to prove this,add to the fact the rear shocks are on an advisory and its looking very expensive.
  13. Hi Geoff,yes the big service is 60K i've just had it recently done at Lexus coventry and its the most expensive one because the plugs are changed,So if you are buying one at this mileage just make sure that the 60K service has been done.But as usual full service history with Lexus no exceptions imho. I would't worry about ebay the same cars are usually advertised everywhere possible.
  14. Having owned both in my opinion the RX is an all round better car especially for power and space.
  15. It actually a lot harder to find the right GS450H than you think,most of the better specced ones are all 2006-early 2007 after that sunroofs,cooled seats,adaptive cruise all became optional. And every time i find one that matches my colour combination you find the full history advertised actually isn't and there's no Hybrid health check certificate and the last service was 2 years ago. Plus i've never had a V8 and wouldn't mind one. The better half wants the IS 250c which are just as elusive so it just depends what turns up first.
  16. Yes it does seem to be a nice one,but the usual advisory on the rear shocks and i'm not sure if the cam belt has been changed as yet I asked them if i were to get the shocks and service plus cambelt done at Lexus would they reduce the price by a thousand but they said that they would do it,but not the cambelt and only one shock.
  17. You haven't mentioned beautiful Minnack theatre and porthcurno beach always a must see. Also had one of the best pasties in mousehole. We always stay at Praa sands which is another great beach.
  18. Thats a great looking Avantime,pictured at lovely Sennen beach which we know well.
  19. As the guys have said above they are great cars and for that budget you should get yourself a nice facelift model with most of the toys,we have the Advance model with the sunroof,adaptive lights and sport front bumper. Good luck with your search.
  20. Is250c

    My better half as decided she wants an Is250c in either silver,blue or grey with the lighter interior.Has to be the SE-L spec as well. There are none about on AT or Ebay that match at the moment,but if anyone knows of one or has one for sale please message us. Thank you.
  21. Yes Moses Gate cars seem to have a lot of lexus low mileage cars for sale,i spoke to them the other day about one of there GS430's for sale which only has 48,000 miles and one owner,they also have 2 very low mileage SC430 at £12,900 each. They don't seem to update their website for cars sold very often though as a couple i've enquired about in the past have long sold.
  22. Have you seen this 450h . New&onesearchad=New&model=GS 450H&year-from=2011&sort=sponsored&advertising-location=at_cars&make=LEXUS&postcode=cv379xz&radius=1500&page
  23. I Spotted this one as well yesterday it looks like a very fair price.