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  1. And shocks of course as they always seem to pop up on advisories and are expensive. I take it your talking about Moses gate in Bolton as the specialist,keep in mind that they often advertise cars that have sold ages ago which you only find out once you enquire. Good luck with the search.There were some nice GS300 LE's(limited Editions) for sale recently which have great colour combinations.
  2. Hi Philip apart from the window issue are you enjoying your first week or so with the Is?
  3. All options ticked then as well as the SE-L spec. If you decide to cover the boot floor i bought a universal rubber mat from halfords which you can cut down to the exact size you need and can get the 15% member discount too.Lexus do a genuine black carpet cover but do not do a rubber one.I then put a genuine cargo net on top of that.
  4. Congrats on the new purchase Philip,it would be interesting to know how many of us on this forum have a 250c at present.
  5. Which to choose

    I seemed to have been doing that with my cars forever rayaans but we all know there's always one isn't there who will always decide to park right next to you ever how many spaces there are.
  6. Always thought the tape deck thing was weird,they didn't remove it until after 10 plate model.You would have had to have the SE-L to have the cooled seats and the sunroof became an option after 2006. I suppose it shows how good the LS400 is.
  7. Well after a long time searching for either a GS430 or the better halfs choice of a IS250c we finally part exchanged are SLK yesterday for a lovely 2011 special edition 250c,which will be a nice companion for the RX45OH.Spent six hours today getting it up to to scratch cleaning wise. Here's a few pics.
  8. newbie saying hi

    Great looking RC and colour combo.
  9. MOT Today

    Interesting you looked at the Toyota CH-R hybrid as a second car to your NX or possible RX one day, we done the same When at Lexus Coventry recently.Remember that the Lexus UX should be out in the next year or so which i believe will be based on the CH-R. The CH-R does seem popular as i'v seen quite a few about especially here in Stratford.
  10. Hi Phillip we have recently bought an Is250c Limited Edition and they are very comfortable cruisers and great with the roof down.There are rattles from the boot parcel shelf area when the roof is up but i am working on these,it doesn't bother the better half who's car it is but i'm a bit more fussy. Make sure you go for the SE-L top spec with memory seats as well as cooled seats.The back seats are fine for the occasional use they will get and do have more room than the sc430. We had an Audi A4 cab Auto a few years back and really enjoyed it,probably one of the best looking four seater cabs about really.Did you not like the A5 or like us did you just want an hard top rather than a rag top? Couple of pics.
  11. GS450h - dead hybrid battery?

    Regarding the shocks,this is very common on the GS every one i checked history on always had advisories for misting or weeping shocks.They can only really be replaced by Lexus and they do have fixed pricing for them,i think the fronts are also more expensive than the rears.Some i have seen have had the advisory for three years or so which says that they couldn't have been that bad.
  12. Done some of my first driving in an Austin 1100, always fancied the vanden plas,but liked the 1300GT better or the quite rare MG model.
  13. DASH CAM

    Good little deal on the Nextbase 312GW at halfords as from today£99 but includes card an other accessories,you must ask for the limited edition box or they will give you the basic cam without the extra's.I just bought one and with the gold member discount is a little bargain.
  14. Newish isf owner

    Hi Wayne and welcome to the forum,great looking ISF you have.
  15. Well thanks to Paul and the wing mirror indicator repair Link,i managed to do the job yesterday,the only thing i would add is in my case anyway i had to give the glass unit quite a tug to release from the housing and it did take a few attempts as i was worried about breaking the glass.Once that was off though all instructions were clear,Also took the opportunity to give it all a good clean.
  16. Hello

    Welcome and congrats on your new purchase.
  17. Wanted: GS450h

    Tell us more with some pics!
  18. Mine worked also once pairing the phone which is an I-phone 5s.
  19. Great looking ISF enjoy your new purchase and welcome to the forum.
  20. I haven’t seen one either rayaans,I think as you suggest I would have to get one made bespoke. I have seen a boot liner but it was carpet rather than rubber.I suppose I could buy a large universal one and cut to size but I do prefer original products.
  21. Linas is correct I believe it is Cadoxton slate. Does anyone know if they do an original rubber boot liner for the Is250c.? also a bumper protector, because I can’t find them anywhere.
  22. newbie saying hi

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy your new RC.