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  1. Most high end cars are stolen by plugging a device into the OBD port and cloning a new key same as a main dealer will do if the fobs had been lost. If you are worried just put your fob into an RFID pouch. I don't want to knobble the luxury features of my car on the highly unlikely chance of it being stolen in this way. Ed
  2. No use the car joy pad & use the Google icon in on the Nav Screen. No touching the phone screen. You do have to install & Blue DUN app though.
  3. It uses the Google search function in the nav screen menu. (needs a data connection to work) Type anything into Google & if it finds it it transfers the coordinates and navigates you to it. Basic but useful at times.
  4. Keyless entry is mighty convenient & one of my favourite features on the GS. It is very secure if you keep the fob safe. I tried a biscuit tin & it still worked but inside a metal cafetière it didn't. So if I am worried that is where my fob will be at night. Back in the day thieves would just snap the ignition lock & join the wires. As vehicles have got more sophisticated so have some thieves but more likely professional gangs stealing to order rather than joy riders.
  5. My GS is keyless entry & start and I don't have to press a button to unlock the door or start it. If I walk near the approach lights switch on to.
  6. MOT Today

    I test drove a Hybrid Auris & it was dire no power and ran out of steam on a slight incline. The CHR has I believe the same power plant
  7. Just tried keys in a biscuit tin & the car still opened.
  8. Squeaky Brakes from Moving off

    A new set of good quality pads & grease the guide pins with the correct grease like Mokykote G3407. . The guide pins are the key & they often get greased with copperease which isnt a lubricant. This cured the squeaky brakes on my GS. Ed
  9. RC300h review

    Lexus cars are not aimed at tattooed louts who like to thrash the engine & try to wheelspin & drive at 90mph at every opportunity. That is what he fails to grasp. The RC isn't slow but also isn't a Golf R. If you dont like the bongs then go into the menu & turn them off. Not an engaging reviewer either regardless of his drivel. They do it to get views which earn them money the more clicks the more they earn.
  10. GS 300h rattling at startup

    My GS does as in the video occasionally. Thin oil imho.
  11. GS 300h rattling at startup

    No noise on my GS other than a 1 second rattle on the engine when cold starting. I am fairly certain is normal for a car with hydraulic tappets. Smooth & quiet at all other times. Ed.
  12. GS 300h rattling at startup

    My GS300H does similar on a cold start. Sounds like oil has drained from the top of the engine & takes 2 seconds to be pumped back. Hydraulic tappets?? I hadn't until now though much about it. I will have to mention it to the dealer. Ed
  13. Looks horrid & only just drivable.