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  1. I better start working on some decent hard skin. seriously I could not drive bare foot or in flip flops.
  2. It is a thought. Technically it would only need to be my left foot shoeless. It is worryingly that a little squeak is my only major moan (if you ignore the inability of the CD player to display track details)
  3. Surface Squeak I think. It seems to happen when I move my foot. It happens with both my leather sole shoes and my walking shoes so I don’t think it is my shoes. Maybe be some silicone cleaner will fix it.
  4. I've got my first squeak in my 2014 GS ... the damn foot rest. It only squeaks when it is cold and stops after about 20 minutes when the car gets warm. Anyone got any ideas how to cure it or should I just move to a warmer climate?
  5. I expect is it to match the German brands with the 'gentleman' agreement VAG, BMW and Mercedes have to limit top speeds on the Autobahn.
  6. The GS is often listed in those online American articles of cars which will easily do 200K miles. Buy a Lexus extended warranty and drive it for a few stressless years.
  7. Currently still running the OEM Dunlops which came on the car and have a set of Dunlop winters for the colder months. Car has done 56k miles and still have 3.5mm on the summers. I've found the GS isn't very heavy on tyres. I guess my old MB E350CDI ate tyres due to all the torque bring at the lower end.
  8. For me, the V6 in the 450h is about refinement rather than sporty performance . My previous car was a Mercedes W212 E350CDI. I get about the same fuel economy in my GS as I did in the E-Class. When you are doing over 20k miles a year, you do think about the economy. I do apprectiate the performance of the GS but rarely need to utilise it in my normal driving.
  9. Also annoying is if you make a phone call, it will automatically revert back to the map when you hang up. I love my lexus except for the sat nav.
  10. With the good weather, I'm getting an indicated 46MPG a tank in my 450h :-)
  11. My record in my 450h is 52mpg on the run from Bolton to Blackpool. My tip is stick to the speed limit, use premium unleaded and drive defensively.
  12. My final encounter with MB was a moan about the negative equity in my E350cdi while stood next to a car with a banner which mentioned a £2k dealer contribution on 2nd hand cars which the salesman didnt mention. I stood there thinking I left an open goal for them to get my repeat business. One thing I like about Lexus is the 36 month limit on PCPs which gives them a better estimate on the future value. At them moment, the balloon figure on my 14 plate in 18 months time with 80k on the clock will be £9k. Unless I find a serious alternative to the 450h, this will be the first PCP that I actually buy at the end of the term. It is just a shame Lexus servicing is a little in the high side and they make you pay for map updates in the first few years of ownership. For a car which spends most of the time on the motorway a 10k mile interval on the servicing is a little excessive.
  13. I've just read the review of the new BMW 530e on Auto Express ( and noticed in the actual real world test the reporter managed 37mpg which is less than I achieve in my GS450h. So although the Lexus technology is slightly behind the innovation curve, for those who need do longer journeys, the GS is still the best alternative to a diesel.
  14. The dealer experience was one of the reasons I bought a Lexus. MB I found arrogant and rude with a trade in value for my E-class which could only be called an insult. BMW ignored me when I walked around the dealer and although Jaguar was an ok experience, I didn't fit in the XE. MB even said to me that the only important thing is the car and the dealer experience important When buying a car which was close to £50k new, how I'm treated by the dealer is very important to me. The only one which came close was Infinity but the cars just didn't do it for me and they didn't do things like service plans. Lexus made me feel like a customer. I liked the way I was offered coffee before any business was discussed. I also like the way they are more honest on the future value on their PCPs.... something the Germans are not.
  15. Silly question, you have your seats set to Auto?