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  1. I went back to Lexus wipers. Made a huge positive difference.
  2. Have you tried the alarm when disarming the motion detection? ( the button near the front, inside light )
  3. Is a drop in voltage setting it off?
  4. Not had it, but I tend to attack squeaks with silicone spray ( when I find the source ). [ Are you sure it's not the parcel shelf? Sometimes they squeak. ]
  5. Yes, maybe start from the bottom up. have you tried blowing through the holes, in case they are blocked?
  6. I'd take it to JEM. That's where I used to take my import Soarer.
  7. Did you buy from a dealer or privately? ( Is it something they could sort out ? )
  8. When I was looking, I read almost the entire set of RX threads. It was SO useful. You'll get answers to questions you never even knew you had!
  9. Exhaust heat shield corrosion

    I don't think that's true? My warranty came from one Lexus dealer, and I have used it with a completely different Lexus dealer.
  10. On my 300 the quality is fine. On my wife's 350 it's better. BUT... Just having a camera is good enough for me. I'd hate to reverse without one. And to be honest, it's for H&S, so any reasonable quality is good. I find in the winter - salty roads and muck - a quick thumb wipe every other day is really helpful.
  11. Could a Lexus dealer help?
  12. Every so often it give the rear lens a wipe - it's amazing how dirty it can get ...