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  1. My Michelin Tour HP's are lasting well.
  2. I've looked at various options, but in the end decided it was more hassle than it was worth. Theft was a worry for me. Maybe some cheaper tablets instead - or CD's or books?!
  3. ... and lots of spare screen wash. ( And sprouts ).
  4. Would you recommend the 'better' reversing light bulbs? Any issues? I'm certainly tempted!
  5. Found these: https://www.camskill.co.uk/m146b0s8055p0/All_Season_-_Four_Season_-_All_Weather_-_SUV_4x4_Tyres_-_18_inch_R18_inch_-_235_55_18_235_55R18 Any recommendations from anyone?
  6. But DO try a pen knife tip first...
  7. How is it powered? Looks interesting.
  8. Did they offer you a warranty? Maybe best to ask them ...?
  9. Univivi U06R WideAngle 6pcs LED Array Lights IR Illuminator for Security Cameras
  10. To unscrew the tiny screws... I use my Swiss Army Knife penknife blade. Just the tip does the job.
  11. Has anyone here recently fitted all-season tyres to their RX? My wife's RX350 needs new tyres, and all season might be the way to go?
  12. I have cameras off Amazon AND extra infra red lighting, which makes quite a difference.
  13. Used that too. Covers the warranty owner, not the car, such that if you are travelling in another car, it's still covered - I think. At least it did, for my wife.
  14. When I took it out, it was for 3 years. It expires in May 2018 so is still active and in use.