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  1. Yes herd good things about that Normski when i run out i may purchase some.
  2. Wow that is bad nearest to me harrogate. I use Gliptons its a 2 part kit has a lovely smell as well.
  3. Did they post to you or was that collect.
  4. All they are quoting for is rear exhaust not a complete system. Going by the cost have the insurance given the go ahead. Because the car is not worth much more so it still could be written off yet. And seeing pictures is different to having the car in the air. How many cars have you seen in pictures, look different in the real world. Then the car will also be on the register as a cat d so worth less again at selling time.
  5. When i have had a regas it blows around 4 deg on coldest setting. What you must remember in the summer its warmer out. so the air con naturally feels colder when set on cold. Any transition from hot to cold air will not be instant, as you say X amount of seconds is not unreasonable.
  6. Seems like a lot of guess work going on there. If the dealer or whoever were paying maybe they would be a bit more thorough.
  7. Rotten egg smell is normally associated with the cats. Buy some cataclean pour it in the tank and give it a good run.
  8. This is a different middle section saves over £100.00
  9. This is the middle section.
  10. I have seen the middle section before, but do not know if it was this company.
  11. Just buy this.
  12. 232364338211 try theses
  13. Then just fit an orange bulb and its sorted.
  14. I would just use the car as is if police did stop you, it is awaiting an insurance quote pending repair.
  15. The tips just hammer on or off Have you taken the car anywhere as of yet. You should mention any queries you have, with whoever does the work and demand new parts. That will be where it will be determined whether it will be repaired or written off. X amount of cost will determine what insurance company says.