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  1. Also fuel does not give fast kick downs a good gearbox does that rebecca.
  2. Wow why not just buy a golf etc to do that. Standard filters in most cars are good for 300 bhp in most cases. K & n and the like do not really work until you have proper power 350 bhp upward bigger injectors a turbo a better fuel pump. Yes i have been there all they do is annoy with the crap noise.
  3. You need to drive my car, instant kick down runs for fun and i have used both fuels over a long period. MY car runs better on regular fuel period.And no i am not a tight so and so, if i saw gains in mpg and performance i would use premium. Do any of you use the so called performance filters as well.
  4. I ran a 250 bhp vrs and on v power or what ever never run better if any thing run like a pig. Premium fuels will only enhance cars made to run on them. Big turbo cars supercharged v tec and the like. It requires the engine timing to be changed to gain any gains. And as we all knows Lexus cars are locked ie can not be tuned to gain any more bhp. So how on earth does shell or bp or what ever super fuel, gain this extra horse power you all talk about. Like the guys says this is in your minds that it is better. Save your cash mate and buy something useful. I would bet that none of your cars, make more hp than mine on normal 95 ron fuel. So the tests were false, if it had said gains were visible would that of been a con as well.
  5. The o rings are rubber i assume? If so just buy a kit of different sizes. Can you not purchase this condenser from uk.
  6. As above all people who think premium petrol works watch this.
  7. What is the vehicle and reg you are after.
  8. You are correct in that the original plate is reassigned to the vehicle normski, in my case mine was written off with the private plate attached. I agree you should be able to get a mot history of the original plate if one exists. Are you putting the correct reg number in jack.
  9. That would be correct i had a private plate on a car that was written off . When i put it on to a new vehicle, and sold to purchase the lexus dealer said it was written off. I had to explain it was my previous car.
  10. Just under 60,000 miles runs like a dream . Spark plugs have been done, and seems to be getting stupid mpg under mainly town driving. Heated seats air con on car left to warm up before i finish work in early hours. I average 28 ish most of the time.
  11. My car is run on quality fuel all the time. Does cataclean work yes, i know plenty of people who have failed emission test put this in the tank and pass. Like i say i never put supper market fuel in my cars. I have run on shell super duper and did not rate it at all. Other will say its awesome, so its what you believe in. All fuels have addatives in them detergents and the likes. There is loads of different fuel addative, Normski likes a certain brand and really rates it. Archoil i believe??
  12. Yes cataclean costs about £13.00 3 times a year.
  13. Redex is an old favorite of many. I do not think we get the carbon build up, as much as the americans. Our fuel is a higher grade hence why the usa got full engine rebuilds. 87 to 93 or 95 i believe.
  14. Does your car battery have the inspection hole. Mine is a blue light to show battery at full strength. You will need a torch to check it out.
  15. Does your key fob have any keys attached? Try the fob on its own a mate had a similar thing on a nissan. Here is some more things to check out. Do not rule out your new key fob battery either.