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  1. question!

    I'm with Adrian flux too. Very competitive compared with other companies and didn't need a tracker fitting!
  2. Scotland Road Trip

    I did indeed! Back in June. Second year in a row I've done it. A lot more tourists this year compared to last. Possibly due to the weaker pound making it more attractive to Europeans? Highly recommended though! Super fun in a group.
  3. USRS RR Racing

    Brilliant news. Thanks for the update.
  4. Reverse lights LED

    Hi Terry, I changed mine recently. I made a post about the reverse lights and others I changed too. These are the bulbs I fitted -
  5. MY changes + things to look out for

    Probably a little cross over on the 2011s too then. I don't have the LEDs on my 11 plate.
  6. MY changes + things to look out for

    Issues, there are very few. Nothing in particular to look for. Quite a few cars have had the waterpump replaced because it begins to weep/leak. But it certainly doesn't affect all cars, and the later models might have had this resolved. Seats tend to prematurely wear and front tyres might look OK but could be very worn on the inside edge so make sure you check on full lock (as I found out recently). Important thing is making sure it's been serviced regularly and is in good condition. These cars can take high mileage, so don't be too put off if you find a good example. There tends to be good knowledge on cars for sale within the forum, so don't be afraid to ask our opinions on anything you're looking at.
  7. MY changes + things to look out for

    You're correct on most of that. 2010 on saw most the changes. LSD, lots of tweaks to suspension to make ride better and can confirm newer head unit streams via bluetooth. It has the later HDD based nav rather than DVD based. They're most easily identified as cars with a blue colour bottom to the steering wheel. There was also the option to have different alloy wheels. 2013 (maybe sooner?) saw introduction of DRLs, at the cost of adaptive headlights (that turn) in addition to the updated dash. Best of luck with the search!
  8. DVSA Recall Check

    Interesting site to check for recalls. Apparently there was a recall issued for earlier IS-Fs for the fuel pressure sensor gasket - Nothing mentioned about the airbags though...
  9. Seals on cars, no matter how well built they are, will degrade over time allowing moisture in. I suggest getting some drying bags to remove excess humidity. Running the aircon should quickly clear any mist on the inside as it's dry air.
  10. Far as I am aware there is no auto fold option available to us. I have no idea why. Although, if you leave the adjuster rocker switch to the left or right, it should dip the mirrors in reverse for better visibility.
  11. Tyres

    Tyres ordered. Went to Costco in the end. They're getting in the Pilot Sport 4 S's I wanted. Fronts about £220 fitted. Rears just under £200. With £60 discount offer on at the moment it came to around £775. Stuck with the standard sizes.
  12. Evening all

    Welcome. Good to see a fellow local owner! I'll keep my eye out for you
  13. Tyres

    I'm about to buy 4 new tyres too. Do people oversize for more grip? What's best place to get the Pilot Sport 4's? Blackcirlces is currently doing them (stock size) at £200 a tyre, plus delivery. I'm thinking of getting them delivered and having my local Lexus dealership fit them.
  14. USRS RR Racing

    Please take photos and document your supercharger install! A "build" thread for it would be great. I'm sure lots of us want to hear your experiences.
  15. USRS RR Racing

    Order placed! (order number 3993). I put the billing / shipping address to home (otherwise my credit card wouldn't work) and it selected international sale. But made clear reference to Peter collecting in the additional comments (at the bottom of the order page). Code worked fine, total of $300. Paid using credit card, so I expect around a 3% fee. So approx £230 (plus Peters UK P&P). Thanks!