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  1. How about this fine example just posted last night? I've known people have the S-Type R's from new, and do have a soft spot for them, despite some reliability issues he encountered. In a straight line with your mods, I'm not sure there would be much difference. The IS-F does have a better gearbox, so that could well give it a good advantage. Around corners and general handling, it would be like night and day. I suggest taking one for a test drive if you havn't already. XFR is going to be similar to the IS-F, but I would rate Lexus reliability higher than the Jag. I know a few people who have had various issues with the standard XF. I did a tour around scotland with one in a group of cars (some over 20 years old) and it was the only one to break down!
  2. I remember ipod integration working better for me, so picked up a cheap second hand one from ebay. Could be an option if you encounter issues. Saying that, I very rarely use it these days. Always use my phone and bluetooth streaming.
  3. IsF LT09DWO

    That steering wheel looks quite nice actually (any links James?), I thought it was going to be a halfords special! Seems to have a Wald style diffuser on the back too. I agree the wheels look quite nice in black. Would help with a bit of tyre shine, highlights the tyres as being grubby otherwise!
  4. Our engines are tuned by Yamaha and hand built and to very high tolerances, with quality materials (like titanium valves). I doubt much could be done to improve power. More info on our engines from the US forum. Someone please tell me I'm wrong, but think we already have as good as you get!
  5. That's correct. Fortunately for me my driving position means the light is obscured by the wheel rim unless I lean over to look at it on purpose.
  6. I have nothing against the 'fake tips' either. Theyre called exhaust collectors in the automotive world. The reason behind having them is manufactuers can have the finishers sitting much closer to the rear bumper trim. This allows for a much better optical and percieved quality. Normal exhaust tips need lots of clearance for vibration and heat. Meaning you have to have an extra large gap to the bumper. Something after market exhausts with tips don't consider. They're a pain for collecting stones and muck though!
  7. I'll see if I can get a silver RC-F to appear at some of our meets in the future. Should seal the deal for you Paul
  8. I got the USRSs to prevent inner tyre wear, so time will tell if they have been successful. Handling was a bonus, and I definitely prefer the new feel. It's made things sharper and more responsive, with the trade off of slightly harder ride. The light will still flicker once programmed. But only briefly when you press the accelerator. This is to show it's working i think. I understand it doing it on the maps where it's actively changing the throttle curve. But on the passive modes (like Red) it doesn't flicker, so not sure why standard white mode would. Maybe need to read the manual again.
  9. What mode have you been using? I'm tempted to just leave it on red all the time! White is suppose to be normal, but it feels so sluggish now and flickers as if the controller is still doing something.
  10. Totally agree with you Peter. Good article on the whole, but slightly amateurish in places. I think they refer to it as an LS-F at one point.
  11. Fitted my USRS bushes, an Apexi throttle controller and got some personalised plates. Got more presents than me
  12. Some people don't like excessive radio waves around unborn children... I think?? These pouches block signals from anything like phones, tablets, keys, contacless cards too.
  13. Already keep my key in a "faraday pouch". Theyre so cheap, its not worth the risk. This is the exact one I ordered I got it for £1.99 though, so might be better offers now.
  14. New ISF review

    I spotted the sticker too. Checking his YouTube channel it appears he still has his F. He put some tutorials up a few weeks ago. It's still rose gold wrapped, and has a few extra's this one doesn't have. If anyone wants to check out his videos - Some useful stuff early on, not so much recently.
  15. Modern Classics IS-F Feature

    The car is a member on here, @Mark G. Any scans available for us to read? If that's allowable??
  16. USRS reviews

    I'm trying different pressures based on how they're wearing. Started off with 36psi all round as per manual. Ran that for 3000 miles. Then I bumped fronts a few psi as they were wearing more on the outside and inside compared with middle. Think I will leave it at that for the time being. If the middle starts to wear more on the front now I've got the USRS, I will lower the pressures again. Rears show most wear on inner, graduating to least on the outer. So not sure what to do about that. Best guess is they're wearing to the camber and will wear more evenly from now on.
  17. USRS reviews

    USRS fitted today! Pretty darn easy job to do. Would recommend a ramp and a spare pair of hands though. First impressions are good. Front end is noticeably firmer. Similar to running slightly higher tyre pressures. Seems I can feel the road surface a lot better as a result. Quite difficult to describe, but it makes the whole front end just seem tighter. Car drives perfectly relaxed still. Very pleased. Will be monitoring tyre wear hoping for an improvement to the inner edge!
  18. Good spot. On closer inspection the rear ones are too.
  19. The Vehicle Smart app looks very good. Seems to combine information from a few sources. I've added cars of my past so I can see if they're still around and being enjoyed!
  20. Bigrat PM'd with one you might not have on your database
  21. Glad I missed it then! What was your personal favourite? H&S?
  22. There was a used Borla exhaust on ebay last week. Was interested but beaten to it by someone... Maybe someone on here? Really tempted by something but I just don't know what.
  23. Same as Peter, I keep my a/c on all the time. If you've dropped a load water in the car, try leaving a tray of cat litter in there. It should draw the moisture out.