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  1. Air con was not removing the mist. It reduced it. Autoglass are coming to see it. What should I be aware of?
  2. Thanks madashatter
  3. Madashatter What is the phone thing?
  4. Is there any way to find VIN for a car without paying? Already purchased 30 pound HPI check proved useless.
  5. Each time I ask a dealer to give me VIN number of a car so I can check the specs... they reply saying do hpi check and it should give it... But hpi check doesn't... What are they on about?
  6. Linas chin up and feel proud. You are bringing more to the system in insurance where average Brit will take 10 years. Slap that to anyone who upsets you :)
  7. I have noticed that my windscreen gets foggy. This never used to happen. A.C. does very little to fix it. Is it possibly caused by the new non Lexus windscreen? How can I fix this as it affects driving at night time.
  8. Linas Change your passport. Witness it go low by dropping a 0. Most people here will think you are joking with your figures as probably that is what they paid for 10 years :)
  9. I think I am on the wrong. Would have edited/removed my post if I could. Still wonder why people overspeed though and not drive by the book.
  10. There are many countries where insurance is not required by law and they are doing just fine. Linas Don't drive like an a@@ and you will not hit that Farrari. Go back to driving school. I think if someone gets into accident that is clearly their fault, they should be spanked, driving rovked forever and jailed in my opinion. Mistakes happen but they are never eye poping big. I am generalizing here of course so I must be wrong and I am exagerating. But point being, if you drive well within speed limit, know the priorities, drive road worthy car, drive according to conditions, drive with full concentration, drive smart and avoid unnecessary travel, take routes that are less busy etc etc you minimize the chances. Now if someone hits you, its their problem not yours. They should fork out cash. If someone who cannot afford to get into accident should not be driving like an a@@ in the first place or have insurance. That is my view and I stand by it. I keep two car distances between the car infront of me at 30mph and the guy in my rear view can do f all. Not caring. Never crossed 70mph. Never crossed 20mph limit. Que behind me? that is their fault for over speeding and causing batches. I pay x3 times the value of my car for insurance... Isn't that a joke? Insurance is biggest scam in the world and people who buy it are either forced or they know they are pish poor at driving and get into accident. Again, my view but I am too annoyed at this. I know a guy who gets insurance on everthing... why? he f ing breaks them so he can claim insurance and get a new item. Drops his laptop intentially etc. What a con. And calls himself a pure proud brit.
  11. Why isn't there a choice for not having insurance? If someone who doesn't want insurace will simply need to fork out cash... What is the problem here?
  12. I have seen oil on plugs of another car. I thought it is rocker cover gasket and replaced it twice with no joy. Still oil on threads. Do this, start the car, carefully undo the oil fill hole with a rag. Does air come out of it?
  13. dougie The body work and paint people are cons unless you find a skillful person. How do you find the right person... I dont know and I am trying to find one. Happy to pay 100 or 200 more than average asking price. I don't haggle with artist.
  14. Linas Isn't the extra speaker a sub woofer and the big difference is ML has a stand alone amp in the back. Amp not only delivers more power but provided better audio quality and powers the sub. So I expect to hear more bass. Standard headunit is underpowered. I would expect standard unit to deliver 10w per speaker and no more.
  15. Shahpor It is not about that he made a mistake. Never said IS220d is bad and can't say that as I never owned one. Well... depends really what OP wants. But what I wanted to say is that Diesel era is nearing end. You know how the older ones will get banned or higher tax in main cities. And owners of used Lexus are the ones who drive it till they break so for them it is a long term investment (i am asuming this of course). Petrol will head the same way eventually due to electric cars but we will not be alive till then.