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  1. Thanks Linas Its sometimes bad to know so much. Had I been an average brit, wouldn't even have a clue and not worry about this issue. I couldn't watch him justify how broken clips didn't matter... All coming to mind was how the hell did I fell for insurance and if there is a way to bring this whole system down to its knees. I am a strong opponent of insurance. I think thieves run it and thieves claim it. Paying 2k for what... then paying excess on top of it. And other folks in this paying 300 and claiming thousands.. A joke and a half and some more. Rant over.
  2. f-ing hell. Wipers are screwed up. It just wipes even when there is no water no nothing. I have always seen, whenever I go for for non oem parts ... I get f ed in a@@@. Couldn't find my wheel spanner else would have smashed the hell out of the wind screen. Yes, I am like this mad.
  3. autoglass Yes. Told the guy. He put it in notes and said someone will come next week to see it again till the exisitng glue dries. But he gave me the idea that nothing much will happen and the next guy will do the same. Suggested I get lexus moulding and call him. Meaning, they will get same low quality moulds again even if they do it again. I kept the old one with me as samples. I think (my heart tells me) get these parts from Lexus. Nothing beats oem.
  4. Went with insurance. And I need advise now. The windscreen fitted ok but the side mouldings did not. They tried fitting it but I think they might have been wrong part. I noticed they broke the blue clips during the process as it was just mot fitting. Then they used silicone to hold it in place.....
  5. re used the old ones...
  6. Original pads don't come with pins. Mine didn't.
  7. Didn't even take a pee break let alone tea :) I am telling you guys... It takes a day and you guys are too good at it and not painting the true picture.
  8. Thanks John. I used Redex and Tesco Premium petrol to get to a pass. With Italian tune. Should I still pour in Cataclean now or wait for next mot? Or just sell the car off? I wouldn't be able to tell if Cataclean worked... will I?
  9. I will need to check again how much I filled in. Might have been less than 7 liters. One of the 2L is used for topping up another car ... so I cannot tell for certian.
  10. Ok first test was performed a week back. Result was Fail, then Pass then Fail. Limit <.5 and failed as it was .5xx Second test was performed yesterday only once. Pass. Limit <.3. And it passed on .29x
  11. I'll need to check mot sheets again for the units. I googled thanks to John's tip and came across dft website. 0.580 CO Emissions [g/km or mg/km under Euro 5/6] And I am sure the second pass test performed said pass results of .29xx and limit of <.3 to pass. So it is on the border. The first test that was a fail had limit of <.5xx and it failed as it was .5xx I will check the sheets and provide exact info
  12. Re used the pads I had replaced few months ago. This is my third time I am doing this job.It is a pain as I would want a solution to this problem and not worry every few months. Every 12 months is ok but nothing before that. Have a life to live as well then maintain cars.
  13. Sorry I meant to say, when cold it is on nail and warm above nail by 1 cm. Can I live with this or do I need to drain it?
  14. its 2006 reg but car is 2005. 2.0 petrol.
  15. Ok it passed mot. I am not understanding the results. I am compaing the first fail test result with second pass resukt.... the limits are different.... One says CO should be less than 5. The other ( passing result) says less then 3. And it passed just at 2.xx so at a margin. What is the usual CO level? And how can I reduce it further?