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  1. What do you guys think of website Tayna betteries ? I am getting Excide 030 75A 630CA for 77 pounds.
  2. Need advise. This is the first time in my life I have come accross a parking fine. Got a courtesy car from lexus. CT200h (horrible car btw). The place I parked it, last year it was free parking. This year some areas were free not all for reasons I do not know. There was no sings to indicate that. There were double yellow lines where I parked but they were 100% covered by leaves. I left the car there and walked away as I did nkt see the yellow lines. Came back to find parking ticket. It was abvious someone moved the leaves and under the Ct200 wheels. I was getting late but I took picture. I tried to argue with council but they rejected my argument. Seems unfair to me. What do you guys say? Seems nasty to be honest.
  3. I smoked a Ford ST. Looked fairly new. A few times. Gave me a salute afterwards. Boy racer don't know how to shift. Granny shiftin not double clutching like you should.
  4. Exide is on eurocarparts. Optima on Amazon
  5. Looking at this car. It had a private plate now another plate. There is no MOT history online. The private plate reflects another new car. The new plate doesn't show up. How can I dig anything out? Thanks
  6. I will check mine once I get a chance. One thing I remember for sure is that it is not SLA battery. One can top it off if required. Pretty sure it came with it, strangely.
  7. Thanks John. Bosch seems to be 70Ah and 630CCA. Slightly lower spec than Exide which is 75Ah and 650CCA. So might not consider it. Will check what is the spec of exisiting Exide Battery that came with Lexus from Factory.
  8. And what do you guys think of Optima battery? 50Ah but impressive 850CCA? Or the battery is better than the car?
  9. What about Excide 030 or 031 (post reversed). 4 year. 75Ah and 650 CCA... Does that work for is250?
  10. How did you find this other reg?
  11. Linas I see... Yes, I can never know what seller withholds therefore info at hand helps. I guess need to bite the bullet and take his word... Shame DVLA won't provide details over the phone.
  12. I think I have the original plate number but no details come up.
  13. How can I confirm heated front screen is functional? Thanks.
  14. So not on the sides? Or on the rain sensing area?
  15. I have noticed that my windscreen gets foggy. This never used to happen. A.C. does very little to fix it. Is it possibly caused by the new non Lexus windscreen? How can I fix this as it affects driving at night time.
  16. Paid 60 pounds to Lexus for it so I hope they have done their checks as suggested by rayaans and Linas... I will see the report they send me if it says anything.
  17. Hi Linas Got AC service done from Lexus. I think I still get the mist. Will confirm it tonight. I asked Lexus if they do windscreen change and they said they use companies similar to autoglass.... so there is no original lexus glass? I am worried about quality of glass.
  18. John It is something worth buying for a car with not such a high end audio. It is 5 pounds so I will give it a go for the 5.1 chan Mazda has. If I could somehow send you a DVD for a comparison if you have ML audio.
  19. Aux are 2 channel. Is thst still ok when we have 7.1 chan through dvd?
  20. Air con was not removing the mist. It reduced it. Autoglass are coming to see it. What should I be aware of?