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  1. IS-F v Tesla

    The Tesla lost because it had the wrong batteries, I would have used Ever Ready Gold Seal..
  2. Change to RCF

    That guy is so cool 😎......
  3. Lexus main dealer warranty

    I have even seen that Lexus have put warranty on cars which haven't got full service history. I'm sure you'll be fine unless the car has a shady past and/or missed services.
  4. Lexus main dealer warranty

    Yes, I've done this. Lexus will want a pre warranty inspection in most cases.
  5. Tyres???

    I usually decide by the rating, no doubt the Bridgestones are good but often b or c rated wet grip. My car feels much more assured on the Conti's, compared to the vredsteins the car came with....
  6. Tyres???

    Maidenhead area... I'll email you some pics on here.
  7. Tyres???

    I have a spare set of tyres, the larger sizes popular on here, vredstein on back, hankook on front, need them out the way. You can have them for a snip or just two of them etc...
  8. One of the best reviews 😂

    Yeah that didn't sound stock...
  9. upgrade to ISF CD/RADIO

    Off the top of my head, goes to the dvd screen but doesn't do anything...
  10. The first couple on minutes of this review is comedy gold. I was expecting a comparison to M3 etc but not to a Beluga Whale 🐳 and a fish 🐠.
  11. Detail and ceramic coating today.

    Looking forward to seeing the final results and the durability of the ceramic coat. I had my car detailed last year and the guy didn't rate the durability of these products but I had it on my last car and was quite pleased.
  12. Detail and ceramic coating today.

    To be fair, it should stay looking pretty good, his garage is really clean.... 👍
  13. upgrade to ISF CD/RADIO

    Snap, very happy with mine... 👍
  14. Airbag recall

    Haha absolutely, the guy who took the booking said... "don't worry, there's no rush on this recall". I answered "I think you'll find it's caused deaths, so I think it should be"...... 🤔 🤔
  15. Airbag recall

    I've had a letter but Lexus Reading can't fit me in until December. I'll still have to keep driving wearing a welding mask until then......