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  1. I'm hear to help 🐀. This little beauty will enable Mrs Rat to get as close to the sea as she likes 👍, at a fraction of the cost. Thoughts on the photos @Flytvr? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/canal-boat-narrowboat-BARGAIN/173027951753?hash=item2849450489:g:6eUAAOSwzppaLUFu&_trkparms=gclientid%3DxZrROtmDrfAJJ--lG-cahqHVkH1rqBQp1y1sXVldW5C3fqw6TtQQm-p2Yi1p8Tlm&_trksid=p2489528.m4335.l8656
  2. Watch your speed if you do....
  3. Thoughts on Grand Tour 2 so far?

    Having watched episode 2 tonight, it's a good show, the celebrity section just takes out a slot which would be much h better used for for another car review/news, which would make the show even better.
  4. Thoughts on Grand Tour 2 so far?

    Good start, only seen the first episode. The jury is still out as the first series was very patchy. Agree that the celebrity section is pants.
  5. The ISF was derived from the IS250/220 etc, but there must be a considerable amount of parts which were uprated to deal with the extra power, performance etc. You might get lucky and find a part that could be pinched from an IS but there are alot of parts which can't.
  6. Yep, I have a 2008, providing I purchase before 1st March 2018 I can get another 2 years of warranty.
  7. He's just finished this one, give him a break....
  8. Yep, I slap on some winter tyres and make it more useable all-year round.
  9. Cheap IS-F

    Yeah, when I took mine out I was offered a monthly opinion.
  10. Cheap IS-F

    I live in Buckinghamshire, it's known as the palm County. Very mild compared to the weather you are having.... 🤔
  11. Cheap IS-F

    What does your mate do now, sit on the floor? 😂
  12. Cheap IS-F

    No they certainly don't pay out for seats....😉
  13. Cheap IS-F

    It's such a good deal on the warranty, IMO it's just not worth running without it and ruining the ownership experience due to a rare issue (bad luck). For example a broken motor on the electric seat will cost you £2600, plus the cost of transferring the leather cover onto the new seat. The AA package alone must be worth close to £300 over the 2 years.
  14. Best you'll get from me 😉
  15. To keep it on topic, here is @Flytvr