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  1. Very true, shall we all break something this weekend, ready for some fresh topics on Monday 😁
  2. Glad it's looking like a quick fix but must have been concerning at the time. 😌
  3. Dramatic photo's, Matt caught some good angles of your car. 👍
  4. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, he shouldn't quit his day job to follow a careers in car journalism, that's for sure.
  5. Disappointing Lexus turn out (4) but not too bad for a school night. Fantastic venue... @peter174 @Chetz
  6. Excellent pics @Rusty Crobar 👍
  7. That ain't too shabby, great exhaust note.... 👍
  8. Plenty of walk around videos on the Web, all pretty obvious stuff. All I would say is that this guy provides alot of content for the Facebook ISF/F page. Personally, I respect his findings having covered 40,000 miles and 19 track days in an ISF.
  9. What a nightmare, your mate must be sick as a parrot. Thank ***** for the warranty. I had bad experiences fault finding on an Audi S3 and A4 a few years back, never again.
  10. Yeah seems about right to me, was tempted by an upgrade but think I'd rather wait to see what happens with GSF prices. Nice car though... The same car in black or grey would no doubt be £5k less @Mark G 😁 😁
  11. Interesting viewing....five part video long term owner review (Road and track)
  12. Great pics but all those exhaust fumes must have effected the fellow drivers perception of the best colour 😉
  13. A friend of a friend will be selling his 2010 ISF, ultrasonic blue, cream leather with only 30,000 miles, FLSH, recent 6 year service. Has the upgraded LSD. He's going to ask £26,000. Seems quite good value for the money? P.s. Admin, I am a Gold Member, payment taken 13th March for my second years subscription. In case this post if perceived to be selling.
  14. Might be worth getting a micrometer to test the thickness. Pads can go 20,000 + and discs can go ALOT further it seems, it's all down to your driving style. Worth a read...shows the huge different in lifespan of discs/brakes
  15. On the US forums it suggests that the 'rotors' (discs) can last 20-25,000 miles or more. Interesting picture here which is from the service manual (relates to the rears).