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  1. Both me and my wife have 10 plus years protected NCB but think the insurance will rise this year. It was my wife's car i was driving and her insurance is with LV (we are named drivers on each others policy), I can see BOTH of our insurance going up come renewal after this incident if the questions on the renewals goes as follows (I've had the accident and she's had the claim): Come her renewal:Main driver any claims or accidents in last 5 years - YesNamed driver any claims or accidents in last 5 years - YesCome my renewal:Main driver any claims or accidents in last 5 years - YesNamed driver any claims or accidents in last 5 years - YesI just need to make clear it's one incident and they don't think it's two, I'm not sure if it would have made a difference if my wife had hit the deer.The answers would be:Come her renewal :Main driver any claims or accidents in last 5 years - YesNamed driver any claims or accidents in last 5 years - NoCome my renewal:Main driver any claims or accidents in last 5 years - NoNamed driver any claims or accidents in last 5 years - YesTwo less yes, but still an incident on each so i'd expect a hike. It would seem even if you are a named driver, all policies were both parties are included face some penalty.
  2. Thanks Paul, in my case it was just standing there in the middle of the lane, made no attempt to move, don't think they are the sharpest animal! Came round the bend and in front of me, tried braking but too late. Having done some reading, around Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire quite a few Muntjac and they seem to be breeding at a rate. I can remember seeing a couple this year alone.
  3. £3.5 to £5k they say, just been down.Rad and air con unit also damaged. It's actually £450 excess on my insurance cert, they increased it from my previous Astra. No idea what happened to the deer, been back to road this morning and no sign of it. Couldn't have survived at the speed I hit it.
  4. It was a Muntjac deer, stocky looking thing, fairly common around Bedfordshire. I've reported to my insurance company and thy are happy for me to take it anywhere. I was fairly sure my access was £250 but they seemed to have added another £200 due to the type of car, I'll look into that later. Just waiting for local Lexus dealer to call so they can take a look. At first it just looked like a front bumper replacement and grille, but the fog light and parking sensors are pushed back, not sure what other damaged might have been done. Fairly sure I couldn't get a decent job done anywhere for the £450 excess. I'll try to get a loan from them, part from the parking sensor warning it seems perfectly drivable. Thanks PMC, I'll look into that device for my two cars, bit late now for current car but living in a semi rural location with NSL roads makes it a good purchase for such a low cost.
  5. Last night hit a small stocky animal which looked like a deer, about 3ft high, size of a medium dog at 70 mph. Front bumper broken in a few places and grill snapped in a couple of places, damaged to fog light but main lights ok. Car drove perfectly until I stopped and a warning about the parking sensors and something about sonar, get checked by Lexus on the screen. I'll report it to my insurance in the morning, but is it worth call the Lexus helpline as sometimes they can help with loan cars etc. Ideally I'd want it in a Lexus to do the repair, has anyone insisted on this? I've only had the car a few weeks and this happens, ah well, I'm ok that's the important thing. Earlier in the evening I witnessed a hit and run at a roundabout and got the reg number for the lady, was thinking lucky parts of her car didn't hit mine then this happens.
  6. Thanks, not sure if the seal in the windows frame is easily removable. Before I start pulling things apart I'll try to find out if the window glass is adjustable. By the sounds of it the fit between the glass and seal needs to be tighter.
  7. After taping up the windscreen and using the gummi pflege I still had the wind noise. What I found was that by putting a small rag in the far top corner of the passenger windows the noise disappeared. It needs to be held in fair tight against the glass and the door frame. Found the source now finding a fix. Does anyone know if the window is adjustable, i.e. One side can be made to push up further? I did think of putting a windows sealer but don't think that will be a long term fix. Any ideas??
  8. Tyres all replaced, no issue with TPMS. Looks like you can change positions of the wheels on cars with same size wheels all around.
  9. A couple of days ago I swaped my wheels front to rear ( all same size 225/45/17) all seems fine, no errors with TPMS. i assume the tyre sensor is not tied to each corner and the monitoring is still working, would a TPMS reset be required? Worst case I'm having all my tyres replaced tomorrow and I can ask them to move the wheels to their orginal locations. Thanks
  10. Same here, only ever get about 42 mpg, 45 maybe on a run, I think I drive "normally" I don't drive with millage in mind. I also don't understand how some people say the get 30 to 40k on a set of tyres, I'm about half that!
  11. It's the interior cleaning that concerns me, I got just the smallest drop of Auto Glym Plastic and rubber cleaner on the sat nav screen and it left a mark when I tried to remove it, luckily at the bottom of the screen so not that visible. The screens are so delicate that anything marks it. I think I'll going to make a little cut out template to cover the screen when I'm cleaning it. The AutoGlym certainly hide some of marks I had above the glove box near the passenger airbag.
  12. Thanks for the prompt reply, think I'll go with the GY Efficient Performnce as a decent price and hopefully give the Comfortable ride I'm after. i do remember reading that the inside tyre wear was normal but thought I check, Lexus dealer noted on the safety sheet check iand suggested 4w alignment, not sure why they recommend it if that's how it should be. I'll mention the valves to them, once again appreciate the advice.
  13. Thanks Dean, comfort and low road noise priority at the moment, I understand there will be a price to pay for it.
  14. Due to my bad back I'm changing the current Yokohama 225/45/17 on my IS300h Exec to Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance to get a more comfortable ride. They have very soft sidewalls so should make the ride less harsh at the expense of some body roll, I'm happy with that as I don't really use the car anywhere near the limit. Anyone have these fitted? Also, the current rear tyres are wearing on the inside edge, is this normal or does it need a 4 wheel alignment? Kwik fit are the cheapest on the tyres and have a Hunters alignment machine, they charge £45.00 but not for all 4 wheels. Does the IS300h have adjustment on all 4 wheels? Also, do I need to order any special Lexus fittting or XL load ? the current Yoko's seems fairly standard. Sorry for the questions in one thread but all related.
  15. I've got this issue but on the passengers side, suspected it was the replacement windscreen but after cering with masking tape it made no difference. I've got some stuff to try on the seals but don't have much hope of fixing it. I only get it over 70mph.