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  1. It's always going to be cheaper to supply your own parts and get someone to fit, but £570 all round for discs and pads is not bad for a main dealer, certainly not a rip off as far as main dealer pricing. how much would the parts alone be from Lexus, genuine parts?
  2. I assume you supplied the parts? Don't get a lot for £100 these days, I'd assume genuine Lexus parts( warranted) plus labour can't be much less than the op's £570.
  3. But is £570 a bad price? You are talking about disks and pads all around, I think that a fairly decent price, that's about the same as Vauxhall etc.
  4. Dislike 1. Heated seats could be hotter 2. Nav screen coating - way too easy to damage 3. Service cost and frequency Like 1. Build quality 2. Comfort 3. Styling
  5. What dealer was that then? They offered 10% if not more on a service pack but not individual service, I was told its directed by Lexus to useful to know if they can give discounts.
  6. It's fixed as I phoned around and all quoted the same £445, I ended up going to Milton Keynes. I agree, I think it's a lot, the 10k service intervals also too short, I'll end up doing 18k this year, more than normal so will be almost two services in a year, most other manufacturers would only require one which be way cheaper. Only downside of ownership though, everything else is good.
  7. Average of 46mpg for both I've had, no idea how you get close to 60mpg, surly that can't be an average.
  8. 10 year old POS but nothing can touch it!! Linas.P and Peachy
  9. Linda.p- Let's get real, the only reason anyone would consider the is250 over a is200t is price, it's miles cheaper, all the rest are excuses to make you feel better. The new IS is a better car all round, if the criteria for a car was to FEEL fast we'd all be in go-carts. Things move one, the is250'is just old now, nothing wrong with that but it's delusional to say it's underpowered by any measure apart from what's in your head!
  10. This is not quite true, a Lexus dealer can carry out the last service, sprinkle some magic dust and it becomes an "Approved Used car" Important bit below: "Vehicles with an incomplete or non Lexus centre service history can only qualify as an approved Pre-owned Lexus once the retailing Lexus centre completes the most recent major service. The centre must then update the service record book to provide to you."
  11. Doesn't the warranty only cover for 10 years, if it's 07 then must be close to that. What auction was it, just out of interest as they seem quite good if they are picking up the costs, I assume it must have had the AA approved cover on it.
  12. Depending on the millage I'd say about £18k for a 15 plate. £26k for a 4 year old BMW, I'd keep the Lexus.
  13. Fair enough, but you're also only one repair bill from the scrapyard!! 😁
  14. Problem is you might be dead or unfit to drive after you've finished putting all this money into your pension!! However, I'm no fan of PCP but there is a middle ground, I picked up a new contract hire (PCH) IS300h Exec in 2015 for £185 + vat (plus 6 upfront payments), 2 year deal which in total cost me £6600 or £3300 per year, less than the car depreciated in the two years. Why pay all that interest and balloon payments when you can just return the car and get a new one. I'll admit that was a good deal but you can still get one for about £270 + vat now, got to be better than a £700 PCP and that's for a brand new one. Look out for the Lexus offers when they need to shift numbers.
  15. WBAC are actually spot on with IS values, I got £16250 from them, much less from Evan Halshaw, but eventually they matched and gave them a little. This was more than the Lexus px of £15500, I ended up selling privately for £16500. This was for a 23 month old exec with low mileage and full history. Expect just over half from main dealer at 2 years, forget what you see them advertised for, they've been there for ages.