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  1. Thanks but thats not the issue, it's when the last connected device is out of range it should automatically connect to another paired device but it doesn't reliably, seems to do it when it wants to.
  2. Really odd, seems to have started working again. I actually tuned off the Bluetooth on one of the handsets and the other connected no problem. I'm thinking that maybe the car is still connecting to one phone in the house and when it gets out of range the car doesn't hunt for another connection.
  3. Thanks for the reply and info. It seems the Iphones are supported (not even Lexus Infotainment can be that poor!) but not all features are available which is fair enough. It's odd that it works that way, as it's happened in both IS's that I've had I thought it must be the phone and was about to wipe and reinstall. If others are saying its the same then I'll have to live with it. I thought I worked initially but seems to have stopped.
  4. Anyone else have an issue with auto connecting with paired devices. My wife and I both use the car - if my wife last used the car it will not connect when I'm in the car alone and the wife's phone is well out of range. I've had the same issue with two IS300h both 2015 Exec models. Both phones are IPhone (5 & 6) with the latest updates My Vauxhall works flawlessly, it remembers the last connection, if that's not present it locks on to one that is, with the IS I have to go in and reconnect manually.. any idea?
  5. Thanks Bob, I managed to fix it. I think it was set to an dab ensemble which was out of range ( car from other part of the country), I've forgotten how complex Lexus had made it. There is a aerial near the rear view mirror, I thought it was for the Hotspot but you could be right that it may be to improve the DAB, this car certainly seems to get stations the other couldn't. I won't be using the Hotspot either as I'll have to pay for an additional Sim, plus all the family has Apple so could just set my phone as a hotspot.
  6. I'm struggling with the Dab Radio on my recent IS 300h Executive 2015, I know it's not the easiest to setup and I've done it on previous cars, this one just doesn't scan anything, it jus says no signal, I've tried refreshing several time but no luck. This car has a Lexus wireless Hotspot installed, it must have been a dealer fit, I'm thinking the DAB has been disabled due to this. ~the wireless box is a little unit in the front arm rest and there seems to be an Ariel installed on the screen next to the mirror. Anyone got one installed or have experience of these? I'd much rather have the DAB than the Wireless.
  7. I've got the same issue, getting a dealer to look at it today, mine is still under warranty so hopefully will get replaced. Is it a big job to replace the screen? If the dash has to be taken apart I hope they put it back together again free of rattles, I'm thinking it might be better to keep the original and remove the anti glare coating.
  8. Thanks Ed, that's good to know a set of new brake pads resolved the issue, at just over 20k miles I wouldn't think mine need changing but will do if it solves the issues. I've got a brakes guy taking the wheels off to have a look for free (someone I know), Lexus dealer will charge 1 hour labour to do the same, I have feeling they are wanting me to accept that it's normal and if I don't agree then full inspection and a bill to be told the same. This car replaced one on contract hire, exactly same car apart from colour and that was silent.
  9. Thanks for the replies, I have the car booked to our local dealer but might not bother and give it a while, they were already talking about making a charge if no component has failed and it simply needed cleaning or a object removed. The car has been standing outside for just under a month so could be rust build up as suggested. I did ask them to look at the Sat Nav as it's a mess, rest of the car is unmarked, it seems the reflective coating is coming off, might still take a trip for that, reading various threads it seems they can be replaced under warranty.
  10. Thanks Malcolm, I thought that might be the case, however it is odd that my previous car was near silent, certainly could hear it applying the brakes, exactly same year (built within 3 weeks of each other) same model, tyres etc. I've checked through the service records and no mention of brakes needing changing, so must be safe just one of those things I'll have to live with. I'm hoping when it needs new discs and pads that the problem may go away. What would be a reasonable millage for brake replacement on these, 40k sound reasonable?
  11. Picked up a 2015 IS300h Executive yesterday, not from a dealer but has FSH and still in warranty, purchased direct from Toyota Finance. When at very low speeds I get a grinding noise. I had the identical car on PCH which was returned a few weeks ago and that never had it. Brakes seem fine otherwise. The car only has 23k miles on it, surly the brakes and discs can't need replacing already, it recently had its second service from a dealer and they said no notes about it needing brakes. He suggested a free Lexus visual safety check which I could do unless others tell me its normal. Also, car has protection pack on it and has rubber mats, anyone selling any decent ones or would like to swap? Been quoted £108 for Lexus ones which seem steep, I'll buy them if I have to. Coming back to Lexus after a very short break ( two weeks) and a rather brief fling with a Skoda Superb! Thanks
  12. Thanks for the reply. I went for the Skoda Superb, couldn't justify the almost £100 per month extra for a replacement IS, plus had the IS for two year so try something else. Missing on the Skoda is keyless start, heated seats and xenon, to compensate it's a size bigger and rear legroom and boot is massive, met paint included, ACC, apple CarPlay, mirror link, dsg, decent sat nav, and a third cheaper. If the deals get better on the Lexus then I'll try them again, doo really like the brand infotainment systems needs improving though. Leasing certainly works for me, paid £6,5k for the IS, fairly sure if I'd purchase it I'd be looking at a £10k loss after two years.
  13. Anyone know of any decent lease (Contract hire) deals on a IS300h Executive? Ive currently got one and paid £185 + vat ( plus 6 months upfront) 8k miles, would like to replace it with the same model but price near £260 + vat per month for the same deal now, full leather also not included in the executive model anymore. Speaking to the dealer it looks like Lexus got the residuales wrong in 2015 hence the low prices. At £185 + vat the Lexus was a great car, not sure at £260 + vat now as other cars looking better value. I've just moved house so want to keep the payments down, only car which comes close is a Skoda Superb 2.0 DSG Tech which has most of the extra's as the Lexus but comes in at £175 + vat pm but 10k miles and much cheaper excess miles, also get Met paint thrown in and has adaptive CC. I know some will look down at the Skoda but seeing one in flesh it seems a decent car, rear legroom is massive, much more than the Lexus which my kids will enjoy. Anyone had any experience with Skoda?
  14. Thanks, what detailing spray do you use? I'll give it a go
  15. Thanks, it's got a leather grain look to it, any idea what can be used to remove light scratching from it?