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  1. Sluggish acceleration IS300

    Like Richard says, cleaning the MAF is a doddle, two screws and a can of contact cleaner and that's it. Easy enough as well to take off the air intake tract and have a look at the butterfly to check cleanliness and free movement (remember the ignition will need to be on if you want to check the latter). I checked my for the first time a few weeks ago and it was - reassuringly - clean as a whistle. Perhaps invest in a couple of tanks of V-Power if you don't already. Check for air leaks in the intake tract, sloppy clips or splits. After that, you might be looking at plugs, etc. If it's actually a gearbox issue (which sounds like what you're describing), then as Chris suggest disconnect the battery and let it reset and relearn your driving technique. You say the transmission fluid is at level, but do you know how old it is? What sort of colour is it?
  2. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Pure filth!
  3. With you there; I still park my old girl in the clearest bit of car park I can find! It's only recently - when I had no choice - that I picked up my first door ding, which was annoying. There've been a few scratches along the way from jeans studs or bag buckles, but I think generally IS metal and paint is pretty tough.
  4. I've never had a new car, and don't suppose now I ever will; anything I can afford I don't like and anything I like I can't afford! Besides, I think I'd worry too much about a new car, driving it down country lanes or leaving it in a busy car park. But... if one was left one for me on the drive, then an RC-F in that lovely blue would do me just fine.
  5. Speedo 10mph out

    Is that 10mph consistent across all speeds? That's quite odd, suggests the speedo may be sticking as anything tyre or differential related you'd imagine would a percentage out, not a fixed amount. My IS under-reads by about 10% compared to road side displays and satnav.
  6. Lexus RC-F GT3 in International GT Open

    It's the final round of the 2018 International GT Open series this weekend at Barcelona, Spain/Independent Republic of Catalonia. News and live timing is available on the official website while you can stream live qualifying and both races (one of each today, one of each tomorrow) through their YouTube channel. Emil Frey Racing - one of the two teams running the new GT3 specification RC-Fs - are in with a decent shout for overall honours. Qualifying for race one has just finished with a strong showing by both Lexus teams, securing P1 and P4 on the grid for this afternoon's 70 minute race, due to start 1500 UK time. Pole by a scant 21/1000ths from the two Imperiale Racing Lamborghinis but I have a feeling the Lexus is kinder to its tyres and its driver over a race stint. Forza Lexus! (if that's not an unforgivable mixing of motoring cultures)
  7. That's reassuring, thanks. The oil filter on my IS is difficult from above or below, a real pain.
  8. That looks exactly like the one I have, but I have had no end of trouble with that spout, so much so I have considered cutting it short for next time. I must be doing it wrong! I'm 95% likely to get an IS250 next, so I'm curious, is the oil filter easily accessible using normal domestic ramps, etc?
  9. Please help car wont start

    Don't know if you got your headlight washers sorted out Ray, but mine were problematic since the day I bought my IS. They generally didn't work in respond to the button or would start at random. I can't imagine it's correct but they actually remained live when the ignition was off, to the extent when parked I could here them trying to get going and one time overnight drained my washer bottle! In the end my garage admitted defeat (after a few hours of drenching them and the workshop!) and we agreed that with the wording of the MoT test, if we removed the dashboard switch, removed the relay and glued the jets in, a pass could be achieved. It's a case of if it's fitted, it must work; I suppose like taking an illegal spare out before the test. Have I missed them, not a jot. Worth bearing in mind if your fault proves illusive.
  10. Some photo's of SuperGT Rd3

    Nice pictures there, David. Very jealous you got Autopolis! Do you live in Japan or were you just visiting?
  11. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Sorry chap, I believe that's a SsangYong Tivoli, but the effect is much the same!
  12. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Watching with interest, Rob. Love to do something like this but I a) lack the space, b) lack the time, d) lack the budget, d) lack the tools, but perhaps most importantly e) I lack the skills to do it properly!
  13. RC-F at COTA this weekend

    IMSA Weathertech is in Salinas, California this weekend for the penultimate race of 2017. The twisty Laguna Seca track will likely not play to the strengths of the RC-F, but qualifying. did produce an encouraging P5 and P8 after troubled free practice. If I have the times right, live streaming in starts at 21.55 Sunday evening, UK time.
  14. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Amen to that. I subscribe to a couple of UK dash cam channels on YouTube; I feel there's always something to learn, even us old f*rts. Admittedly a lot of the clips say more about the dash cam driver than the other driver, but some are are instructive. And some are mind-boggling!
  15. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    I've had a dashcam for over two years and I've still nothing worthwhile to post! Apart from the daily Audi and VW Golf knobbery (hardly worth reporting), interesting incidents seem to have passed me by. Perhaps I should be grateful! I am however serious considering a backwards facing camera to supplement my Mobius; so many tailgaters...