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  1. If you are at a loose-end, a single Toyota Gazoo Racing Lexus with an all Japanese crew will be competing today in the Qualifying Race for 24h VLN2017. It's a big and varied field, so you might be lucky to spot the Lexus, but live streaming is available here: Elsewhere it is the first round of the Blancpain Endurance Series today. Sadly no Lexus involvement as yet - although Lexus racers Emil Frey are competing with two venerable XK8s - but it is a magnificent 52 car grid in the beautiful royal park at Monza for three hours. Worth a look, coverage on-line is through (including live timing) or through NISMO TV channel on YouTube.
  2. The more I search Autotrader, the more I realise that my current IS300 will be the car I miss most when it finally goes. I love everything about it, except perhaps its appetite for unleaded! But when I try to find something to replace it, there is nothing that ticks all the boxes. So, being bought-and-paid-for, the fuel bill is - on reflection - a minor negative. I'd buy another, without hesitation. Apart from that, I miss my old FIAT Coupé 20v Turbo; a fast, fabulous but infuriatingly fickle and flawed motor...
  3. Do you mean the light on the centre dial showing external or recirculated air? That stays on even if the fan is off. Some air will be forced through the vents when driving; I think to stop that all you can do is put it on recirc.
  4. Strange no EML showing; even if it's not something being monitored you'd have thought the cat might complain and light it up. Got to suspect coil packs, plugs or MAF initially. Might be worth doing the simplest thing first; is the filler cap sealing properly? It should his when you go to fill after running down the tank. Then, any effect if you disconnect the battery for 30 minutes?
  5. I'm sure I've read the guidelines by the ACPO are for a leeway of 10% plus 2mph for speeding offences (stress, guidelines). So 35 in a 30 is the practical limit if they aren't to be pulling-over 90% of drivers. I assume the IS200's speedo is calibrated much the same as the IS300's and I can say from experience coming into villages with those "Your speed" signs that an indicated 35mph they show 30mph, so you'd have to be pretty careless to get done, or unfortunate if they've set the speed trap is right at the entrance to the zone after a derestricted stretch. Helps of course with 30s to be in the right gear; in my 300 fourth or third make it less likely I'll creep over, even with down hill bits. 50s are trickier, but again being in fourth helps me. In some counties you have to be more aware than others as they have a habit on A-roads of sticking in little bits of 40, 50 and derestricted until you get punch drunk with signage and can get caught out.
  6. This weekend, Lexus will be challenging on two fronts in the first round of the 2017 Super GT series in Japan. There'll be plenty of the new LC500s competing in the premier 'silhoutte' GT500 category against the NS-Xs and GT-Rs, while the new GT3 spec RC-F will be competing in the 'production' GT300 category. If you haven't seen any Super GT, it is definitely worth a look. The Japanese have some great circuits with frequently unpredictable weather and the fanatical, partisan crowds are quite something to see. The GT500s are - from what I remember - all based on the same chassis and are closely related to those run in the similar DTM. However, where the two series differ in terms of car spec is while the DTM run normally aspirated V8s, Super GT use turbo-charged four pots, and are very quick. The GT300 category not only allows international GT3 spec motors like the AMG and Ferrari 488s, but also some domestic specials; you'll soon spot the very fast Prius. Other highlights are the Police parade lap at the start, the twin grid start and the HSE nightmare of spectator buses running round the track with cars at full chat! And this season, Nismo TV will be streaming races live on their YouTube channel which means some early mornings. The official Super GT website is here.
  7. It seems like ages since the first race at Daytona, but this weekend it is the second round of the IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Championship. After going in at the deep end with 24 Hours at round 1, it should be a breeze for the GTD spec Lexus with only 12 hours to complete at Sebring! Not really of course; aside from the regular hazards of endurance racing, the Sebring track is notoriously harsh and they'll need to ride like an LS400 if they aren't to be shaken to bits. Plus of course, the ambient temperature will be higher than they were at Daytona but it won't necessarily be any drier! American team 3GT Racing will again be running two Lexus RC-F GT3, hopefully boosted by a change in their Balance Of Perfomance figures. So while they must carry 10kg more ballast they will gain 2mm on their intake restrictors and they will refuel quicker thanks to a 2mm larger filler restrictor. In addition, their fuel capacity has been increased by 2 litres, which doesn't sound much but could mean an extra lap on track just when you need it. You can read a testing report here (with some nice shots of the RC-F): For Twitterers, 3GT Racing is here: Race start is at 10:40 a.m. on Saturday local time. Streaming coverage should be available at: Elsewhere, exciting news that Emil Frey (they of the XK8 GT3 cars) and Farnbacher Racing (already experienced with the RC-F elsewhere) will each be entering an RC-F each into the GT Open Series in Europe. GT Open is a lower-key but still international GT series; I've watched quite a bit of it in the past but it always feels one step down from the Blancpain Series, just a little bit disappointing. However, it is a start for Lexus on the European tour and the effort should benefit from the associated Farnbacher work in the VLN (big domestically but not known much outside Germany) and from the two-heads-are-better-than-one of two experienced teams. The GT Open article is here:
  8. Took a bit of time to get used to! Seems to follow the style of other manufacturers now which rather than logging in, must use cookies to identity your favourites and searches. I do like the Sunroof option being right at the front though; compared to entering a text search in the Autotrader website that is wonderful. Unfortunately it just highlights how difficult is is to get a sunroof now.
  9. I found the cure eventually - after wasting a set of front discs and one lot of on-car disc skimming - was new calipers and carriers and another skim. Touch wood, 21,000 miles later and no wobble.
  10. I'm assuming the 200 has a dipstick like the 300; on mine it's up against the bulkhead on the nearside (so to the right of the engine as you look at it). Orange T-shaped top with a clip retaining it. There is a PDF workshop manual somewhere on this forum I'm sure.
  11. Funny, from what I've heard locally, Pompey is dying on its a*se but it's interesting by contrast you think it's better now than it was. I often visit places I knew as a kid 'up north' and I find it incredibly depressing how run down some look, and yet other places seem to be booming more than they ever were. Places seem to be increasingly polarised, the UK over. Anyway, you are lucky to be in Somerset; I love Exmoor, it's about the closest 'wild' I can get to. A lovely 2.5hr jaunt down the A303 and I am there. Do you recognise the location in the attached picture? On a day off work just over two years ago and enjoyed a day on the roads of Somerset, Devon and Wiltshire. One of my regular quarterly 'road trip' days in the old Lexus. Meanwhile, I will do my best to keep the Lexus Motorsport section up to date, even if it only for the two of us!
  12. I haven't seen that. I don't see much of it apart from what some enterprising people put on the internet, not having Sky or anything. I was going to buy a season pass for the UK streaming last season until I remember all the races would be on at some ungodly hour of the morning! But they do go to some great old school circuits. And boy, it can rain in Australia, can't it? Something you might be interested in - Nismo have done sterling service in past seasons streaming Blancpain races etc, but they were hinting at the tailend of last season they might be streaming the Japanese Super GT races this year. We have to wait until April for that to start, and iirc Lexus will be running the new LC500 in GT500 category and the RC-F in GT300 category. No, not in Pompey, I'm in north Hampshire, for my sins!
  13. Sadly Paul, a lot of the race was under full course yellows because of the weather but worth catching what you can. I just read a bit about the difficult time the 14 car had, including this incident in the night that effectively ended any chance of a decent finish. But a finish is a finish; better luck hopefully next at the Sebring 12 hours, the third weekend in March.
  14. Well done 3GT Racing, still one car running at the end, despite everything! Pruett's accident was unfortunate, but isn't that just the trials-and-tribulations of 24 hours racing? There were some quite appalling conditions at times. But lap times looked good throughout, just need to tame that rear end of both cars it seems. 581 laps on car 14 was good mileage, but a bit vexing that Honda completed 634 with their equally débutante NSX... Onwards and upwards Lexus!
  15. I loved the old BTCC in the nineties as well, Paul. But I got a bit tired of the bumper car antics that seem to develop later on. Really got into sportscars about a decade ago; just love the variety and size of the grid, the fact cars have multiple drivers, the strategy and ups-and-downs of longer races plus the 'Balance Of Performance' that stops any one car dominating. All this and the cars are ones you can relate too as well. Watch out next weekend for the Bathurst 12 hours, which is another fantastic race. I shall be mostly supporting the GT-R in that one! It's good to see Lexus dipping it's toes in the GT3 arena. Early days, but getting both home would be a great start as on pace they will struggle against very well-developed and well-backed machines like the Audi and the AMG. With encouragement for a full programme, there's no reason why the car can't be quick; I mean whoever thought that the Bentley Continental would be a such a potent GT3 car? But M-Sport made it just that (and the B-of-P helps of course). I still though can't fathom why Jaguar for example aren't pushing the F-Type in GT racing. I meant to post this link for anyone not getting the race through cable or satellite: imsatv and this one, Weathertech