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  1. Ha, do you seriously expect it not to swallow your CD and never give it back?
  2. Time to fill the tank and have a blast over the Pennines and back one evening, I think!
  3. Good that you get a year's warranty; watch those front calipers, slide pins and and carriers like a hawk! Any hint a side is getting sticky, get them to sort them. Those and corrosion of the sills have been my only problems. I did read an advert on Autotrader the other night that said: "THIS WILL BE A FUTURE CLASSIC!". Hmm, think classic is pushing it, but in twenty year's time, who knows? If you don't ever drive it, it might be a long term investment! Remember to get some string-back gloves for the full Partridge...
  4. Welcome! I assume this is the one I have in my favourites on the Used Lexus website - which doesn't have any pictures yet! If so 53k is hardly broken in. Funnily enough, my old girl was a Lexus Sheffield car as well. Let us know how you get on.
  5. Glad you got the pump sorted, sounds like a reasonable price when I convert to UK pounds! And now you have new fluid in the box, at least you know that is good for another few years, with or without fifth. Happy motoring, T!
  6. If you do go to the trouble of taking the bezel off worth also cleaning all the contacts and the lens, mine were in a right state. Be careful tightening the little nuts afterwards, they're not a very robust; I had one shear off under hardly any strain.
  7. This weekend (05/06 August) the IMSA Weathertech series is at Road America in Wisconsin. As usual, streaming will be at IMSA TV.Team news from 3GT Racing is at their Twitter feed here. Motortrend meanwhile have a mid-season update video here.
  8. Super GT is back this weekend, this time at Fuji for Round 5. If you haven't seen the last few laps fromthe last race, they are worth a watch here: Sugo! Hopefully Nismo Tv will be streaming again at YouTube, although it has not been a stellar season for Nissan so far. Lexus will need to make hay while they can... UPDATE: Stream here at 0715 Sunday morning (UK time)
  9. My pleasure Tina, just wish I could be more helpful and given you a definitive answer! Hopefully a fluid change will all that it needs; I know they won't change up to fifth if they are too cold so may be they are viscosity sensitive. Fingers crossed, Lexus (in the UK anyway) are not the cheapest dealers to go and see. Let us know how you get on. Yours is looking good there. Here's a picture I took just yesterday while I was away in North Wales:
  10. I think round town it will change up to fourth even fifth and changing up will happen lower than 2500 on light throttle. It's goof your fluid is the right level, but what colour is it? If it is a very deep red or burnt brown it could well be time to get it changed, Not something you'd do every year but after six years is a definite-maybe. It could just be the fluid is knackered; I'm not expert so I don't know if it could be a factor. First off you might want to try disconnecting the battery for at least an hour so the ECU resets. You'll lose your radio stations and your clock, but can be worth doing. I've just had a front wheel bearing done on mine; quite a slow build up of noise which I put down to tyres running down their tread. So much quieter now!
  11. If it sounds like its from the back I'd suspect fuel pump, which is suspended in the tank under the back seat, which explains why you struggled to locate it when sitting the car! I'd say your revs indicate that fifth isn't engaging. Looks like you are on the overun in that first picture; with some throttle I'd expect that goes to 3300rpm or so, which is fourth for me. Can you count the gears as you pull away?
  12. Well, you said you've had it years and it hasn't gone bang so far, so I'm sure a trip tomorrow will be OK (but I'm not guaranteeing it!). If all it is doing is not changing up to fifth then it's just costing you gas. I would though check the fluid level as soon as you can. When you say the whirring is under the cab, I'm not sure where you mean?
  13. Hi Tina, welcome to LOC! Might be worth a look at this post which seems to list every single code an IS can ping. A quick scan shows there are codes for fuel pump and transmission, but really without the code it could be anything. Well worth investing in a cheap OBDC reader of your own if you haven't so far. My reoccurring P430 code comes back about 50-100 miles of driving, but if you have something different might not come back in six weeks, or ever! I think your revs are off, almost like overdrive (fifth) isn't engaging. On the motorway freeway (!) I my IS sits at 2500rpm at an indicated 70mph. Fourth would be about 3300rpm I think. Have you checked the transmission fluid level, and what condition it is in? As for the whirring noise, could it be the cruise control motor gone bad?
  14. I've only used aftermarket cabin filters on my Gen1 IS. I think I'd choke on spending £40 on such a tiny filter! May be it's bigger on the IS250? I tend to replace it every six months and take it out and brush it off in-between times. Four wasps last time! Can't say I've ever noticed restricted flow (I suspect the opposite would be the case) with Crosslands etc. Windscreen doesn't seem to get too grubby. I wonder if the genuine Lexus filters may catch more of the finer stuff? No filter will ever capture the tiny diesel particulates I suppose, but that's what the recirculate button is for when you see the TDI badge in front!
  15. I'm trawling Autotrader every single day! LOC and Honest John are the only other two I regularly go to; other than that I'll seek out video reviews on YouTube from people like CarBuyer, CarKeys, some of the Australian ones, Autogefuhl and some of those lengthy walkrounds by Saabkyle04 etc. Never buying new, most mainstream motoring media doesn't interest me. But Evo videos are always worth a watch on occasions - purely for escapism - and like you say, Harry and Chris are the only two reviewers you need (plus perhaps Harry Catchpole and Mat Watson). I can just can't read Autoexpress, Autocar or WhatCar? Other than that, you'll find me reading motorsport websites or something like automobile-catalog.