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  1. Welcome Dee, hope you enjoy your time here. Looking over an RC-F the last time I was at a Lexus dealer and it was stunning, but I think they look even better in motion. It'll be great to see your photos. Interesting you've been a BMW boy, what made you go for the Lexus? If you read the (largely dreadful) UK motoring press you would have rejected it for lacking low-down torque and being overweight!
  2. For the price of them, I'd say get one. I've a basic Autel one for about six or seven years and it's help identify a code on my IS and my previous car. Admittedly all I get is the code so some internet research is required, but still a lot cheaper than taking it near a main dealer. It also of course it means I can turn the EML off. But then if you have "zero mechanical knowledge", I guess you won't want to get the spanners out! In which case, you'll likely be taking to a mechanic who'll have to diagnose it anyway, so perhaps there's no advantage. I must admit I keep mine in the car so that should the EML come on while I'm away for work at least I get an idea if I should carry on driving or park it for recovery. Another benefit is I know some people connect them to cars they are thinking of buying to see if there are any stored codes. Never doen that myself; I image most traders would clear them anyway...
  3. And of course remember to check MoT history before you go to view.
  4. Seconding what the others have said, but I'd add as few previous owners as possible. If it has had ten keepers, walk away! At the age and mileage you are looking at, I think you'd be wise to budget for some big service items (belt, radiator, calipers, may be exhaust); your £1500 capital cost could very soon become £2000. I'd also cheekily suggest at only 5k pa, you look at IS300 as well (I'm prejudiced, I know) although the very few listed on Autotrader are being hawked at ridiculous prices. Perhasp you should make me an offer I can't refuse...
  5. First off, mods I'm sorry for so many new posts; I'll stick to one for each series from now on. Anyway, for a number of pathetic reasons, I have completely forgotten the International GT Open series this year. Suffice to say, I've missed both of the two-race meetings so far - Estoril and Spa-Francorchamps - the first of which marked the RC-F's debut in a European international series (if you know what I mean). When I watched GT Open last year, it was a pretty small grid lacking variety but it was a nice surprise to see that in 2017 it is much improved. The grid will be 28 cars this weekend; no match for the Blancpain GT Endurance series, but pretty healthy none the less. And with the notable exception of the Audi R8s, most of the current GT3 cars are present. The field is immeasurably improved of course (!) by the presence of the 2017 débutante RC-Fs, one each for Farnbacher Racing and Emil Frey Racing, two very experienced teams. If like me you need to catch-up on the season so far, you can watch full coverage at the GT Open YouTube channel. But if you only watch one, watch Race 2 from Spa; anyone who has watched racing from that magnificent track will know how the Ardennes weather can enliven a race in the blink of an eye. I'll steer clear of letting slip any spoliers! If you can't wait to find how the Lexus did, the official site is here. So to this weekend and the series has its third race of the year at Paul Ricard. Now, I'm assuming they will be using the same circuit layout as the Blancpain series have used in the past it should suit the strengths of the Lexus, as it has the similar front engined Bentley and Nissans before. If that's not the old Murray Walker curse, I don't know what is! Live streaming should be on the YouTube channel. Good luck, Lexus!
  6. Remarkable last hour of the race, even if the only Lexus involvement was as a lapped backmarker! Excellent result for Gazoo, no disgrace there. The IS-F was running as that backmarker at the end, albeit a long way down. The RC-F (I think) was involved in terminal a collision early on, sadly. It's a great event, let's hope for a bigger GT3 involvement from Lexus in the future.
  7. I think Leon this post has your answer Seems it's to do with the position of the slot in the external barrel. Never tried it myself, never put my key into the barrel!
  8. Starting very soon is the 24h race at the Nurburgring, with three Lexus competing (an RC-F, an IS-F and the 'factory' Gazoo Racing RC). There's a wide range of car specifications, with GT3 spec machines dominating the fastest times; Lexus will likely not be challenging for an outright win but should do well in their respective classes. Streaming has already started here, and coverage at Radio LeMans will be continuous for the whole 24 hours, even if the dubbed Vodafone Deutschland video stream stops.
  9. This weekend is the third round of the 2017 Japanese Super GT season at the Autopolis circuit, missing since the devastating Kumamoto earthquake. Lexus have been doing very well with both the LC500 in GT500 and the RC-F in GT300 but a little more effective competiton would be welcome! Qualifying take places tomorrow with the race on Sunday; live streaming will be on the Nismo TV YouTube channel from 6.00am UK time. A link to the official website is just here, and a picture from the website is attached...
  10. It's Round 4 of the IMSA Weathertech series this weekend with the Advance Auto Parts Sportscar Showdown at COTA in Austin, Texas. The two RC-Fs have qualified second and seventh in their GTD class of 17 cars (don't worry, the 'D' bit refers to Daytona, not Diesel). I somehow missed the last race (The Bubba Burger Sportscar Grand Prix, I kid you not) at Long Beach. It's not the best of circuits but was notable for two big blockages, the second of which was unfortunately caused by the #15 Lexus at the last corner on the last lap. You can see the ambitious overtake here. I read something that appeared in my alerts that was posted on a BMW fan site that said: When on the road I often say "if anything is going to screw up your day, it's going to be a Lexus". I say this regularly witnessing Lexuss driven poorly, or well under the speed limit. And it looks like things aren't different on the track, that was the stupidest crash The irony! Live coverage of the race will be streamed through, starting I think at 2300 1930 UK time.
  11. For anyone fortunate enough not to face the daily commute tomorrow morning (how I envy you!), the second race of this year's Super GT will be run at picturesque Fuji, 6am UK time. No, I don't know why its been run a Friday either; perhaps it's a public holiday in Japan? You can catch live streaming at Nismo TV on YouTube. At the first race, it was a Lexus benefit with Honda self-destructing and Nissan being way off the pace. Official website is here: Super GT
  12. If you are at a loose-end, a single Toyota Gazoo Racing Lexus with an all Japanese crew will be competing today in the Qualifying Race for 24h VLN2017. It's a big and varied field, so you might be lucky to spot the Lexus, but live streaming is available here: Elsewhere it is the first round of the Blancpain Endurance Series today. Sadly no Lexus involvement as yet - although Lexus racers Emil Frey are competing with two venerable XK8s - but it is a magnificent 52 car grid in the beautiful royal park at Monza for three hours. Worth a look, coverage on-line is through (including live timing) or through NISMO TV channel on YouTube.
  13. The more I search Autotrader, the more I realise that my current IS300 will be the car I miss most when it finally goes. I love everything about it, except perhaps its appetite for unleaded! But when I try to find something to replace it, there is nothing that ticks all the boxes. So, being bought-and-paid-for, the fuel bill is - on reflection - a minor negative. I'd buy another, without hesitation. Apart from that, I miss my old FIAT Coupé 20v Turbo; a fast, fabulous but infuriatingly fickle and flawed motor...
  14. Do you mean the light on the centre dial showing external or recirculated air? That stays on even if the fan is off. Some air will be forced through the vents when driving; I think to stop that all you can do is put it on recirc.
  15. Strange no EML showing; even if it's not something being monitored you'd have thought the cat might complain and light it up. Got to suspect coil packs, plugs or MAF initially. Might be worth doing the simplest thing first; is the filler cap sealing properly? It should his when you go to fill after running down the tank. Then, any effect if you disconnect the battery for 30 minutes?