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  1. New to lexus

    Hi Kyle, welcome to the forum. Are you planning to do the work yourself or getting someone to do it for you? I guess it's a bit more involved than just bolting it on the front of the engine?!?
  2. A 2001 IS300 you say? Excellent choice!
  3. New Potential Lexus Owner/Recommendation

    Seconded Ken. Usually videos on YouTube as well but they sell quickly!
  4. New Potential Lexus Owner/Recommendation

    Hmm, not necessarily. It depends on your expected annual mileage and how long you want to keep it. IS260 owners will be better able to advise you, but for me I'd go for a later car even if it is a bit 'leggy'. 2008 models on Autotrader with 100k could well be a better buy than a 2005 with 50k on it.
  5. New Potential Lexus Owner/Recommendation

    Hi Lee, welcome to the forum! You might find this thread a good starting place for what to look-out for: IS250 And as for trims etc., Parker's have a pretty good spec area on their website.
  6. I was quite surprised how competitive Toyota were for a replacement on my IS. They did have to order it in (came in about five days) but the £89.42 was I though a good price compared to those I found on-line. For comparison, my old battery and new one had/has these labels:
  7. Coilpack testing

    Hi Matthew, not really the start to 2018 you wanted is it? The only way I know of testing a coil pack without specialist equipment (something I did myself with a previous car) is to take them off one at a time and restart the engine, gauging if the misfire gets any worse or stays the same. Well worth investing in a cheap OBD scanner to recover the codes causing the EML, they pay for themselves quickly on older cars like ours. Other than that it might be possible to test with a simple multimeter, or worth a look for guides on YouTube.
  8. Wipers on straight away and there's no problem. It's a real boon warming the windscreen this way, helping the vents clear any misting on the inside as well. Only problem I have is the little river of frozen water than sometimes appears on my drive afterwards!
  9. An old Comfort bottle of tepid water for me each time, for exactly the same reasons as Michael. Been doing it for years with several cars, and so far no exploding windscreens.
  10. Nice work! But to be fair, only 73000 miles and thirteen years old is hardly broken...
  11. Wow, what a beauty; very jealous! As for dirty... Well, cars are for driving not for cleaning, and the more you drive, the dirtier they get...
  12. A few days late, but fitted a new battery. £89 from Toyota, a lot less than I was fearing. Still starting fine but voltage seems to have been sagging recently; better safe than sorry!
  13. Sluggish acceleration IS300

    Like Richard says, cleaning the MAF is a doddle, two screws and a can of contact cleaner and that's it. Easy enough as well to take off the air intake tract and have a look at the butterfly to check cleanliness and free movement (remember the ignition will need to be on if you want to check the latter). I checked my for the first time a few weeks ago and it was - reassuringly - clean as a whistle. Perhaps invest in a couple of tanks of V-Power if you don't already. Check for air leaks in the intake tract, sloppy clips or splits. After that, you might be looking at plugs, etc. If it's actually a gearbox issue (which sounds like what you're describing), then as Chris suggest disconnect the battery and let it reset and relearn your driving technique. You say the transmission fluid is at level, but do you know how old it is? What sort of colour is it?
  14. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Pure filth!
  15. With you there; I still park my old girl in the clearest bit of car park I can find! It's only recently - when I had no choice - that I picked up my first door ding, which was annoying. There've been a few scratches along the way from jeans studs or bag buckles, but I think generally IS metal and paint is pretty tough.
  16. I've never had a new car, and don't suppose now I ever will; anything I can afford I don't like and anything I like I can't afford! Besides, I think I'd worry too much about a new car, driving it down country lanes or leaving it in a busy car park. But... if one was left one for me on the drive, then an RC-F in that lovely blue would do me just fine.
  17. Speedo 10mph out

    Is that 10mph consistent across all speeds? That's quite odd, suggests the speedo may be sticking as anything tyre or differential related you'd imagine would a percentage out, not a fixed amount. My IS under-reads by about 10% compared to road side displays and satnav.
  18. Lexus RC-F GT3 in International GT Open

    It's the final round of the 2018 International GT Open series this weekend at Barcelona, Spain/Independent Republic of Catalonia. News and live timing is available on the official website while you can stream live qualifying and both races (one of each today, one of each tomorrow) through their YouTube channel. Emil Frey Racing - one of the two teams running the new GT3 specification RC-Fs - are in with a decent shout for overall honours. Qualifying for race one has just finished with a strong showing by both Lexus teams, securing P1 and P4 on the grid for this afternoon's 70 minute race, due to start 1500 UK time. Pole by a scant 21/1000ths from the two Imperiale Racing Lamborghinis but I have a feeling the Lexus is kinder to its tyres and its driver over a race stint. Forza Lexus! (if that's not an unforgivable mixing of motoring cultures)
  19. First off, mods I'm sorry for so many new posts; I'll stick to one for each series from now on. Anyway, for a number of pathetic reasons, I have completely forgotten the International GT Open series this year. Suffice to say, I've missed both of the two-race meetings so far - Estoril and Spa-Francorchamps - the first of which marked the RC-F's debut in a European international series (if you know what I mean). When I watched GT Open last year, it was a pretty small grid lacking variety but it was a nice surprise to see that in 2017 it is much improved. The grid will be 28 cars this weekend; no match for the Blancpain GT Endurance series, but pretty healthy none the less. And with the notable exception of the Audi R8s, most of the current GT3 cars are present. The field is immeasurably improved of course (!) by the presence of the 2017 débutante RC-Fs, one each for Farnbacher Racing and Emil Frey Racing, two very experienced teams. If like me you need to catch-up on the season so far, you can watch full coverage at the GT Open YouTube channel. But if you only watch one, watch Race 2 from Spa; anyone who has watched racing from that magnificent track will know how the Ardennes weather can enliven a race in the blink of an eye. I'll steer clear of letting slip any spoliers! If you can't wait to find how the Lexus did, the official site is here. So to this weekend and the series has its third race of the year at Paul Ricard. Now, I'm assuming they will be using the same circuit layout as the Blancpain series have used in the past it should suit the strengths of the Lexus, as it has the similar front engined Bentley and Nissans before. If that's not the old Murray Walker curse, I don't know what is! Live streaming should be on the YouTube channel. Good luck, Lexus!
  20. That's reassuring, thanks. The oil filter on my IS is difficult from above or below, a real pain.
  21. That looks exactly like the one I have, but I have had no end of trouble with that spout, so much so I have considered cutting it short for next time. I must be doing it wrong! I'm 95% likely to get an IS250 next, so I'm curious, is the oil filter easily accessible using normal domestic ramps, etc?
  22. Please help car wont start

    Don't know if you got your headlight washers sorted out Ray, but mine were problematic since the day I bought my IS. They generally didn't work in respond to the button or would start at random. I can't imagine it's correct but they actually remained live when the ignition was off, to the extent when parked I could here them trying to get going and one time overnight drained my washer bottle! In the end my garage admitted defeat (after a few hours of drenching them and the workshop!) and we agreed that with the wording of the MoT test, if we removed the dashboard switch, removed the relay and glued the jets in, a pass could be achieved. It's a case of if it's fitted, it must work; I suppose like taking an illegal spare out before the test. Have I missed them, not a jot. Worth bearing in mind if your fault proves illusive.
  23. Some photo's of SuperGT Rd3

    Nice pictures there, David. Very jealous you got Autopolis! Do you live in Japan or were you just visiting?
  24. This weekend is the third round of the 2017 Japanese Super GT season at the Autopolis circuit, missing since the devastating Kumamoto earthquake. Lexus have been doing very well with both the LC500 in GT500 and the RC-F in GT300 but a little more effective competiton would be welcome! Qualifying take places tomorrow with the race on Sunday; live streaming will be on the Nismo TV YouTube channel from 6.00am UK time. A link to the official website is just here, and a picture from the website is attached...
  25. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Sorry chap, I believe that's a SsangYong Tivoli, but the effect is much the same!