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  1. Yep I used a Meguairs kit which included the protective coat!
  2. No it made fek all difference with new bulbs plus I had my lights restored like new as they were gone cloudy and they are the same....😦😦😦
  3. I Installed them earlier and it was a five minute job! I recommend that eBay seller too everything was spot on..
  4. I ordered them earlier, are they awkward to replace?
  5. Hi Guys. One of my xenon bulbs are gone! It flickers for a second but then goes out! Anyone use this crowd before they seem reasonable.. Thanks!
  6. If you need a good private investigator give me a shout...
  7. Is your one the Wicklow reg?? I see it on the N40 most mornings..
  8. Hi people just wondering is it possible to upgrade the firmware on the headunit as the display seems pretty old and dated. I have updated to the latest version maps but the screen still looks the same.
  9. Welding is fine and should last a long time if its done properly..
  10. Its a tough call all right maybe you will get a better view in daylight. The boot on my wife's A4 lifts up completely when you press the button so I was expecting the GS to be the same!!!
  11. Yep those fuses are impossible to see even the ones on the far side. As for the boot light its a very bad design imo also does your boot open fully when the button is pressed or does it only open a inch?? I seen a GS 450H with those active stabilizers before but that was a jap import.
  12. Mine are getting professionally refurbished at the minute as they were very bad, I wanted a set of 18" but they are very scarce plus I only need 1 the part number is 4261130B50.
  13. Hi guys I'm thinking of changing the xenon bulbs on my MK 3 GS so looking for recommendations as I want decent bulbs also any brighter/whiter bulb for the front parking lights as the stock ones look yellow along side the dipped beam. Cheers.
  14. I will be selling mine once I find a LS 600 or 460..