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  1. It seems that a picture does exist of me! From the following Golf R owner... Ollie - I totally missed you - I fully intended to pop over and say hi! Car looked lovely and sounded great when you arrived :-)
  2. I went to the PistonHeads oragnised Sunday Service today - loads of interesting cars there! I met a nice chap called Adam from Toyota, who’d borrowed a lovely looking red RCF carbon. I also saw a dark grey/black ISF to complete the set, and as an aside managed to visit the memorial to Bruce McLaren and Sir Jack Brabham. Most of the time, I totally forgot to take photos, but the bacon sandwiches were great and the weather was freezing! The GSF was utterly faultless, although a healthy presence from Sussex constabulary on the journey home prevented too much fun!
  3. ISF on Ebay

    That advert’s just given me a nosebleed! Not that it’d bother the seller presumably, but legally they’re on thin ice when describing the car as “absolutely, totally and utterly impossible to tell the difference between this and a brand new car..... Totally and utterly without any fault or wear and tear whatsoever” or some such...
  4. In the 2.5 years I had my ISF, apart from a water pump (about £400?), I didn’t have to spend a penny that I didn’t want to. A great car, solidly built. General servicing was taken car of by a service plan which was about £35/month. Here’s hoping the GSF is as good!
  5. It’s just raining on the South Coast.... no empty, snowy car parks for me :-(
  6. Thumbs up for AutoSol - it’s really good stuff. Not sure about waxing afterwards - surely it’d just burn off?
  7. Was the water pump ever a recall, or just something we all have to do eventually?!
  8. Ah yes, the ‘other’ genius issue with the climate control on everyone’s favourite Bavarian car company’s offerings. The other being the E39 5 series - a friend had one. Allow me to explain... The cabin temperature sensor was located in the dashboard, just ahead of the cup holders. Marvellous plan, and presumably kept the sensor on the same PCB as the rest of the climate control computer gubbins for a lower production cost.... ...however... If you put a hot drink in the holder, the sensor right next to it immediately warmed up and thinks “hold on a minute - it’s BAKING in here!” You could almost hear the idle of the car drop as the air con wound up to speed, or; On a nice warm day, a chilled, bottled beverage was slotted into the cup holder. Cue the cabin sensor being affected by the cold and ramping the heater up to compensate... I despair!
  9. Have you tried letting any trapped air out of the system?
  10. RC-F Tyres

    The only experience I’ve had of Falkens were FK452s, and they were pretty good. How many miles do you do a year/what kind of driving?
  11. I think it’s been bought... (at least it doesn’t appear on the Lexus website, or AT any more...) Hello, new owner! Look after it!
  12. A can of expanding foam and a pump, unfortunately.... ....and a lovely sculpted plastic thing to fill the hole where the spare wheel ought to go!
  13. Whoop! Whoop! Finally!!
  14. Probably the one that was semi-responsible for me buying my old ISF in the first place...!
  15. ... @BUG4LIFE isn’t a million miles off though...