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  1. Probably a silly question, but do you always leave the Bluetooth on your phone on?
  2. Perhaps. I had a quick run through on my contacts and I couldn't see any with the +44. Maybe edit one or two and try again to see if it works? Remember to delete the previous contacts first from the car if you do try.
  3. Stiggy

    Good video. Shame about the quality though. I am surprised anyone uses 360p anymore these days. Also, is it silly that I found it annoying that he kept referring to the bonnet as the hood?
  4. Nice one Glad it worked. Do you mean single spaces between the first and second part of the number? E.g. 07770 000000? If so, then that is odd since I have the same formatting on my phone and they appear on my car without problem?
  5. Hmm, that does look like mine. Strange. Perhaps the GS and IS systems are slightly different then?
  6. @The-Acre Yeah, I saw from the post on the other thread that the 2005 GS has the older sat nav system. Hopefully it will still work. @Initial P Yeah? Is that the same Gen 05 sat nav as mine? If so, then that is strange because mine is the exact opposite - if the phone is connected it will not transfer anything.
  7. Ok, been out to take a look (sorry, forgot to do it yesterday). This is what I did: First, you need to disconnect the phone from the cars Bluetooth (I forgot to get a picture of how to get here. If you press your phone dial button, you should then be able to see a Settings option in the bottom left): Then, select Phonebook: Next, if you want to start from scratch, you can delete the current contacts by pressing Delete: You then press the Transfer data button: The next screen (which I also forgot to picture) is if you want to have more then one group of contacts. In my case I didn't, so I just selected Group00. Now, on your phone, you go to your Contacts, and select Share: Something similar to the following should appear giving the option to select and transfer all: You then select sharing by Bluetooth: The source will be whatever the Bluetooth name of your car is called, in my case Hands Free: The car should display this during this time: Once the phone has finished, a notification similar to this one appears: The car screen should have now reverted to this: As you can see, I transferred 70 contacts. They all appear to be present: Finally, remember to reactivate Auto connect: And that should do it. There may be some slight differences. One thing to note is that all my contacts are stored in the same place on my phone. This may not work if you have more then one location enabled. Another thing is that this is on my IS220d, which I believe uses the Gen 05 sat nav system. The phone used is a Samsung Galaxy S8. I hope this is helpful to some of you.
  8. Welcome Pete The G3 should be fine Phil. On mine, you go to the phone menu and disconnect the phone. You then try and transfer the contacts and it should attempt a new connection to get the info across. I will have another go at doing mine again tomorrow and see exactly what the procedure is.
  9. Does it mention not doing only short journeys? Could save a lot of people some time and money if it does
  10. It should be the same sat nav system as in mine, and I have managed to transfer my contacts. The only tricky thing to figure out is that the phone must be disconnected from the Bluetooth in the car when trying to transfer. Not sure why, but it seems to make a new connection just to do the transfer. What phone are you trying to sync with?
  11. Nice one. That is a remarkably clean looking car, especially considering it is 12 years old. A credit to its former keepers.
  12. Another vote for Dodo Juice. You can see the results I had with it here:
  13. That is quite interesting John. Thanks for doing that. So it seems that 3.3V is about right then? Also, I have actually never used the graph function of TechStream before. How do you access it? Thanks.
  14. This is true John, but as you can see from the screenshot I posted earlier, the live engine data should include the voltage values for the sensors, so I am assuming you can still compare those to what is in the manual?
  15. Where did you find these? They look like they are from the manual, so in which section did they list these diagrams? One thing that springs to mind is that what you have posted says turn the car on and test at 2500rpm for 90 seconds. Is this with the engine cold? If so, that will affect the readings since the car will naturally run rich whilst cold.