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  1. That is quite interesting John. Thanks for doing that. So it seems that 3.3V is about right then? Also, I have actually never used the graph function of TechStream before. How do you access it? Thanks.
  2. This is true John, but as you can see from the screenshot I posted earlier, the live engine data should include the voltage values for the sensors, so I am assuming you can still compare those to what is in the manual?
  3. Where did you find these? They look like they are from the manual, so in which section did they list these diagrams? One thing that springs to mind is that what you have posted says turn the car on and test at 2500rpm for 90 seconds. Is this with the engine cold? If so, that will affect the readings since the car will naturally run rich whilst cold.
  4. As far as I am aware, if yours has the 4 digit postcode lookup then you are stuck with it. Mine certainly didn't add it when I upgraded, albeit this was in 2015. It does update the firmware though, which in my case added the useful functionality of being able to input addresses into the sat nav whilst on the move.
  5. Whoops, didn't realise you meant it for F owners only. My bad
  6. Is your car male or female?

    Personally, all my cars, including my current one, have been male. I just feel that it is too bulky and rough to be anything else. My partners Renault Clio was female. Maybe it was because she was delicate and fell apart easily?
  7. Guessing the Film

    Death Proof? Feel free to try again
  8. That is a nice plate for a GS. If I were selling the car, I would be tempted to remove the plate and sell it separately. I'm sure one of you GS owners would pay a reasonable amount for it
  9. Well done tackling your EGR cleaning Daniel At least Lexus managed to place the EGR valve in a very accessible location. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the fuel filter. I have changed mine once, and next time I am finding a garage to do it for me! Believe it or not, 2 hours labour is actually quite good for doing that job, but I would obviously not recommend paying Lexus main dealer labour rates. Have you tried JEM in Colindale? I have never been there myself, but I know someone who has and he told me they were good. You just have to make sure that they drain and clean the fuel sediment filter at the same time since it is a separate unit. @rtho If you haven't cleaned your EGR valve in ~38K miles, I can pretty much guarantee it is going to need a clean. As you have no doubt seen, all you need is a basic socket set and about an hour to get it done. You also don't need to remove the metal pipe, as some people suggest in their videos, since you can move it out of the way enough to remove the EGR valve.
  10. @Ado1379 Sorry about the hijack Adam, but we did start with the best of intentions
  11. Way ahead of you. That is where I got the drawing from.
  12. I also think that this actuator: Is this: I know what you mean, this is like a murder mystery now, it must be solved
  13. You don't mean this, do you? Because that appears to be where the EGR Cooler gets it exhaust gas from? I am seriously tempted to go try and cram my camera down there on mine tomorrow
  14. Ok, posting at the same time just gets confusing So is this the actuator for the wastegate? I thought this was for the EGR cooler as I mentioned before.
  15. Thanks for that. I have come across variable vane turbos before, but only on the intake side. But wouldn't that mean that the second actuator in the photo posted earlier was for the EGR Cooler as the turbo only uses the actuator you have just shown in the picture above?
  16. Hang on, one thing has occurred to me; Does the turbo have the vanes in the exhaust side instead of a traditional wastegate? If so, what is the second actuator for since I can't see a second linkage on the turbo? Sorry for all the question.
  17. This is quite interesting. Don't normally have someone with one of these turbos on their kitchen counter. We really could use some pictures from underneath to see what all the pipework under their looks like. Specifically, it would be nice to see how the EGR cooler is hooked up down there. Also, Steven, sorry for all the requests, but I don't suppose you have the actuator linkage for the vanes to hand? Would be really good to see it.
  18. Thanks for that. I can see it is made by IHI, but I can't see a model number? Also, I can see some slots cut into the turbine housing, but no vanes? Typically, variable vane turbos look like this: How come you don't need it anymore?
  19. Really? Don't suppose you can post a photo of what it looks like? Also, do you know the make and model? Thanks.
  20. Yep, I still think the TechStream software would be useful. If you want to check the SCV, then you can do the following:
  21. I'm getting confused again. What failed on you? And which actuator moved when you disconnected the vacuum line?
  22. Hello, Firstly, how does the mechanic know it needs replacing? The reason I ask is that the car does have the option to perform a forced regen that might help with the problem. You need a copy of Toyota's Techstream software in order to be able to do it. Basically, the software will tell you how close to the blocked threshold it is. Depending on what it says, it might be possible to clean it with a regen, but if it is too blocked then a replacement is the only option. The software itself if fairly cheap from Ebay, so it might be worth investing in before shelling out for a new DPF.
  23. Well, that's the thing; since you have modified your EGR system, we can't be sure how it has been set up to work. Hang on, earlier you said you had checked the wastegate wasn't stuck. Which actuator did you check? Bear in mind everything we have discussed up until this point has assumed you are talking about the actuator on the bottom in the picture you posted. At this point, I think you need a copy of the Techstream software to see what the car is doing while it is running. Has it ever had the engine management light come on when this happens?
  24. Also, since the turbo wastegate seems to be operating normally, the reason for the loss of power is still unexplained.