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  1. Tyre Upgrade Advice

    No so fitted would be £856 if you took them to tyre fitter.
  2. Tyre Upgrade Advice

    Just had little Look, this site seems to be the cheapest i have found so far coming in at £780 delivered.
  3. Tyre Upgrade Advice

    If they are over £100 cheaper per set ill get them from costco and get a local shop to fit them. Normal charge is £1 per inch so would be £76. Out of interest how much are they at costco?
  4. Slight front seat rocking/knock?

    Yep my front seats move around a tiny bit too.
  5. Tyre Upgrade Advice

    Just reading on the forums in the us. Seems like a guy sued costco after he had an accident and he blamed them for fitting wong size tyres and won the claim. Since then they only fit standard tyres sizes. Guess i just got lucky
  6. Tyre Upgrade Advice

    Sunbury sw london
  7. Tyre Upgrade Advice

    Hi. I had the wider size fitted at costco, he just said to Me did You know they are not standard size and i said yes and that a lot of people are running those sizes. He said ok no problem. Once fitted he said they fit even better than the standard size.
  8. Great. Just ordered full set of front/rear pads+discs £299. Don't need them yet but at that price had to snap them up. Thanks Voodoo
  9. Have the front discs sold out? Only find rear discs. Also added 1 rear disc and its saying i need 2 lots but thought they came in pairs...Maybe not
  10. Not bad for a 5 litre v8

    Hi C.B Yes 65 litre tank but around 12 of those litres are once you hit the reserve mark. I try fill up when my range says around 15 miles left and i only manage to fill around 53 litres until the tank is full. I live sw london And drive into kensington most days so traffic is not great And i average around 19mpg according to the trip computer. I get about 220 per tank (or per 53 litres) if you want to work that out to real world figures.
  11. How well do you know the F?

    Dam i only just realised our cars have 4 exhaust tips!! 😃
  12. Tints exhaust wheels calipers

    Hi dougie, just done 450 miles today from rennes to bruges and was no problem. When you're Not flooring it, its very refined and did Not notice any drone at all.
  13. Tints exhaust wheels calipers

    Its my place, been in the family 30 years and been a labour of love, was just a shell when my dad got it and been Some very big ups And some big downs but def worth it.
  14. Tints exhaust wheels calipers

    Few more pics from france
  15. Haywood and scott

    Few more video clips for you.