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  1. 2008 gs450h

    I'd say go for it if you have found a good example. Like all cars they do go wrong sometimes and unfortunately they can cost a little bit more than others to put right when they do. As with Steve above I also don't see an issue regarding the batteries. There are threads on here from owners who have unfortunately suffered from hybrid battery problems but, as Lee says above, there are some independents who can rectify most problems for a fraction of what Lexus would charge. The hybrid batteries have their own cooling system which vents through the rear parcel shelf so one of the most important thing is that these vents are not obstructed by placing anything on it. I would also add that my car is 11 years old has just had it's 11th annual service from Lexus and was given a Hybrid health check certificate. I don't think it is a warranty as such but merely a certificate to confirm that the hybrid batteries are in good condition and the system is operating as it should. I would also advise to watch out for sticking brake calipers, especially the rears. Again there are threads on here about this. I myself have had all four calipers replaced during my ownership and only last week had another OSR replaced, the previous one lasting 3 years and 16k! However I am taking this further but that's another story. About 3 years ago the 450h was subject to a recall for a fuel pressure modification. If there is no paperwork to say this has been done a phone call to any Lexus dealer will tell you whether the model you are inquiring about was part of the recall and whether the work has been done or not. Also check the bonnet as some early ones had a habit of corroding from the inside out, especially on the edges at the front. Mine was replaced under the anti-corrosion warranty two years ago. However, if the model you are looking at has been looked after as well as claimed these things I have mentioned may never have been a problem, or, have already been addressed. Finally I would say read the forums on here. There is a wealth of information and advice and usually someone who can help you with any questions you have. Good luck with your potential purchase.
  2. I don't think it's hidden away. As Paul says above:- You might think it's hidden away because every other model on the website (with the exception of the LC) only has one engine choice, so, for example, if you click on the IS link, as there is only the 300h engine option, there is no choice to make. Same for the CT, NX and RX. The RC 300h and RCF are listed separately but if you click on the link for the LC you are asked, in exactly the same way as on the GS link, to pick your engine choice.
  3. Exactly my thinking. For info page 457 of the GS 450h owner's manual instructs to open the boot this way if the keyfob battery has discharged and page 459 also instructs to open the boot this way to access the 12 volt battery if that has discharged. As per my previous post I have done this so I know it works.
  4. I should also add the instruction is on page 457 of my owners manual.
  5. Just to add my twopence worth I have opened the boot of mine with my key using this lock when I experienced a flat battery. It is to the left of the left number plate light unit. The picture posted by Lee above shows it in the location that houses the camera on right hand drive models.
  6. I personally wouldn't use wheelbasealloys for advice. In my experience, to put it bluntly, they don't know what they are talking about. I changed the alloys on my car because of the corrosion to the standard wheels. I chose a set of GMP Italia EGO wheels in the same 8x18 size. However, when I tried to buy them from wheelbasealloys I asked if the standard tyre pressure sensors would fit them. Three days later they emailed me to say that the manufacturer states they won't fit and then they tried to sell me a very expensive kit from themselves. I declined! I then contacted performancealloys about the same wheels with the same question about the sensors. Within half an hour they forwarded me an email they had received from GMP Italia stating the standard sensors would fit with no problems but advised that the offset should be 35 for their wheels rather than the 45 of the standard ones. I had a few more questions and each time had a very quick response. I would recommend performancealloys but I would advise again if you have a Mk 4 ask your local dealer. I note the OP wants to reduce the wheel size in order to fit higher profile tyres for a more comfortable ride. It is worth noting that, excluding the F Sport, the standard tyre size for the Mk 4 GS is 235/45 18 whereas for the Mk 3 with 18" wheels it is 245/40 so the Mk 4 already runs on a slightly higher profile tyre.
  7. Do you have the current GS (Mk 4) model or the Mk 3? I only ask as after the final facelift on the MK 3 cars from 2010 some of the SE spec cars came with 17" wheels as standard, whereas prior to this they had all been 18" for all spec models, so if you have a Mk 3, 17" wheels will fit. However, as far as I am aware, all Mk 4 GS cars run on 18" wheels (or 19" in the case of the F Sport) so I'm not sure if 17" would fit. Have you asked your Lexus dealer? You should get a straight yes or no answer then.
  8. That isn't the case with mine but I'm glad you have got yours sorted It might work as it could be that the motors are fine and are stopping at the correct setting, but if the joints are stiff, they are preventing the mirrors from resetting correctly.
  9. It's worth a try. As I said I've read it's because the motors get 'tired' so they don't reset properly. If my wife has driven the car when I reset my driving position from the memory button the mirrors don't always return to my setting. It doesn't bother me but a little light lubing may help. If you try it let us know how you get on please.
  10. I read somewhere that the motors that move the mirrors get 'lazy' over time but you can try to 'free' them by moving both mirrors to their furthest positions. Press and hold the 'up' arrow until the mirror stops moving, then down, again until it stops. Bring the mirror back to central and then move it right until stops and lastly bring back full left. Then set them in the position you want and a press the memory button for the seating position. You don't have to move them in this order and you may have to do it more than once but you have to make sure you move them so the mirror stops moving before you release the control button. It doesn't work for all and some have said where it has it has only lasted for a short period, but for others it has worked. If it does work you may need to do it a few times over a year. I think the only other way to cure this problem is to get the motors replaced. However I don't think that will be covered under your warranty, but other people might know different and will correct me I'm sure. I personally don't bother with the dipping facility but give the above a go, it may work for you.
  11. 1. Austin Allegro 1100 deluxe (don't laugh!). The deluxe bit meant it had a carpet not rubber mats. Bought new by my father on 1st August 1979 he passed it on to me in 1987, when I passed my driving test, with 157,000 on the clock. I took it to 164,000 but by this time it was consuming more oil than petrol as well as constantly burning out engine valves. Above 40mph I couldn't see what was behind me. 2. Mk3 Ford Capri 1.6 GL. The Capri was my dream car when I was a teenager (probably something to do with 'the professionals' on television). Unfortunately because of this and being very young and naive I let my heart overrule my head and bought a shed of a car. It came to its demise when I hit a telegraph pole after skidding on black ice on back roads where I grew up in rural north Wales. 3. Mk3 Ford Escort 1.6 L. A quite unremarkable car. 4. MK2 Volkswagen Golf GTi 8v. A brilliant car a possibly the best one I have owned (apart, obviously, from my 450h!). In the mid nineties a friend of mine had just bought a new Mk3 GTi and at the time he wrote some articles for one of the Volkswagen magazines. This magazine had a quarterly spin off called 'GTi special' and he wrote a piece outlining the history of the GTi. Myself and my car were used for the photograph's for the piece on the Mk2. I did well over 100,000 trouble free miles in this car before passing it onto my wife, who promptly traded it in, without telling me, for a Nissan Almera! 5. Volvo 460 GLE. After my father passed away my mother gave me his car. I didn't like it at all so I got rid of it quickly. 6. Rover 620 SLi. A very underrated car as it was basically a Rover body and Honda everything else. Again I did over 100,000 trouble free miles in this car. 7. Seat Toledo SE TDi 110. Another very good car but I didn't have it long before I passed it to my wife who had just started a new job which involved a lot of traveling. When she traded it in a few years later it had covered 197,000. 8. Jaguar XJ-S 3.6 manual. The most comfortable car I have been in. It had an interesting history too. It was built in 1983 but was not registered for the road until 1986 as it was used by Jaguar's SVE department as a test car. When it was road registered it had been fitted with the updates that were put on the 1987 model year cars. In the documentation I had with it there was a letter from the supplying dealer to the first 'owner' stating this and also informing him that the car had also been used by Martin Brundle as his 'company car' at the time he was racing sportscars for Jaguar. I sold it because it was costing a small fortune to keep running and was also dissolving away! 9. MGF. The worst car I have ever owned, sat in or driven. A truly horrible car. 10. BMW 325 Ci. Not a bad car but tiring to drive as it pulled 3250 rpm in 5th gear at 70mph, so not a relaxing cruiser. 11. Lexus GS 450h which I have had for 6 years now and when I next change I am 99.9% certain it will be another Lexus.
  12. I started a thread on this in the General Discussions forum earlier this month asking why there is no 450h version of the RC. Rayann replied stating there is no demand. However, three on this thread also ask the question and I believe there would be demand as there maybe potential buyers (both UK and Europe) out there who like the look of the RC but can't afford the F version but would want one that offers a bit more performance than the 300h or 200t.
  13. There was one for sale on Autotrader about two months ago. The advert said it was one of only 16 in the UK so, if that's true, it explains the rarity.
  14. Why no RC 450h?

    With respect I was stating what I thought and that was that a hypothetical 450h would use less fuel than a 200t and, therefore, would be more fuel efficient. I was not stating or wondering anything about the tax charged. Your reason for a 450h model not being offered is because there is no demand. That's fine. I am just thinking about a hypothetical car and asking for peoples opinions. What I am not asking for is people to tell me what I do or do not mean. If you think differently and ask why this model isn't offered with the engine choice you mention, well, that opens up another angle to my original post and for people to give their opinions on that too.