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  1. Thanks for the info .. appreciated .. one less thing to worry about
  2. Just been going thro' all the posts .. makes interesting reading but a question popped up .. is the RX450 Cambelt or a Chain and is that a replacement at the 60k service ?? .. must confess i'm not up to speed on the RX at all .. probably because it's so reliable and all I ever have to do are the usual weekly checks .. in over 2 years I have never topped up the oil apart from the service changes .. and yes I agree with a previous post in that I didn't like it initially .. it was my wife's choice but the pesky thing just grows on you .. my longest run to date was Manchester to Hereford last week .. brimmed it and 4 up down the A49 rather than the M6 .. 250miles and 6 hours in the saddle with a one hour break on arrival and it was a doodle .. hoofed it on the way back plenty of power for overtaking and still managed 35.4 mpg overall ..
  3. You have the patience of Jobe .. but a great write up !!
  4. Ha.. never thought about shifting from Park to N.. as for the Trans mission getting stuck .. perish the thought Thanks for the info .. i'm off to play with it now ..
  5. On the subject of the RX .. can anyone tell me what the Shift Lock is for ?? .. Ive never used it and don't know how too If someone could explain it would really be appreciated Cheers
  6. Hi .. if I could put my six penneth in .. I have the 2011 model and bought it from Lexus Stockport with 33k on the clock one previous owner who obviously owned a large dog !! and had it now for just over 2 years and apart from the bad luck factor of a broken rear spring probably from speed humps not a single thing has gone wrong with it and that has impressed me more than anything My biggest moan is getting driver information .. almost anything you want to know requires you to take your hand off the steering wheel .. ie.. what radio station are you tuned into .. what is the car temp .. pulling up the central driver information display requires more input than it should as whatever icon you select on the screen when turning it on .. it defaults back to the road map so you have to re-select again .. with your budget follow Rayaans advice but don't go for the 2011 model
  7. 450RX Full service

    Ha.. ha.. hope they don't rip the engine apart !! but .. bearing in mind I paid £760 just for the 40K gearbox overhaul on my AMG 6.3 I can live with this .. maybe I can persuade them to throw in the plugs as a freebie ... I wish .. my problem is my wife loves this motor so much she kicks off every time I suggest changing it and she doesn't even drive .. it's just not fair .. i'm still looking at the LS600 tho' but to be honest this is the most reliable car I have ever owned by a country mile and the guys at Lexus Stockport feel more like mates although i'm sure that's part of the Lexus strategy .. truth is it works .. honestly didn't expect to keep the car this long but the plus's outweigh the minus's Thanks to all for the advice .. time to raid the piggy bank for a Lexus 60k service !!
  8. 450RX Full service

    Thanks guys .. as ever your all a mine of information and appreciated .. just got back from the Tatton Park Classic Car Show and pretty awesome it was too plus a lovely sunny day .. anyway the bottom line .. my motor is now 6 years old with 49k on the clock so your recommending a BIG 60k service .. Ok i'll do that for peace of mind .. important question .. how much will I expect to pay at Lexus for said 60k service ?? second question .. can anyone tell me what is involved ?? It's obvious we love our cars and I never skimp on vehicle maintenance because my daughter sometimes drives mine with my granddaughter strapped in the back .. but as I say I have every confidence in my local garage too however .. is the RX service process so complicated that you all feel I should leave it to Lexus to carry out ?? If you do .. then regardless Lexus has the job Thanks again for all your comments
  9. 450RX Full service

    Thanks for the input .. bought the car from Lexus Stockport at 33k and was advised it had just had a full service done so had a half service at my local garage and assumed it would now need a full service again .. maybe I should contact the dealer .. as far as paintwork goes i'll have to be more selective methinks .. or just not get into anymore scrapes .. wouldn't care all the bells were going off in the car and the camera was telling me I was about to smack the wall .. but it was just another one of those days
  10. Hi .. Wife wouldn't go for the LS600 ( don't ask ) but which I keep looking at .. so still have the 2011 450RX which is now coming up for a full service and i'm sure this has been asked many times before but.. what exactly is involved with a full service at 50k ?? .. and crucially is my Lexus dealership going to sting me as opposed to my local garage who I have lots of confidence in and don't charge the earth?? On another matter .. (it's a long story) but managed to reverse into a wall in the old part of Manchester city .. resulting in a shallow dent in the bumper and deep scratches on the rear passenger corner .. nothing I couldn't repair myself after having restored a Merc SL500 .. however the White Pearlecent finish is summat I wouldn't attempt .. however when I bought the car from Lexus Stockport I actually paid some £350 for 3 years of minor paint damage insurance for just such an occasion as this .. but you guys on the forum don't seem to think the people sent by the insurance company do a very good job .. sooooo .. I decided in my infinite wisdom to pay for the repair myself and get Stockport based "Matthew Leeson of Chips Away" in to do the job .. he assured me it would be an invisible repair at £180 .. well I can honestly say if I were to give it marks out of 10 it would be a 3 at most .. the white spray applied is nowhere near the original bodywork colour and is at least a shade whiter .. the depth of lacquer applied is not nearly deep enough to match the original coating but worse the shallow indentation in the bumper is still there and when I pointed this out after the base coat had been applied Mr Leeson told me once the Lacquer was applied it wouldn't be seen .. absolute nonsense it's still very much in evidence !! You may ask why I didn't stop the job .. truth is I had a whole pile of other problems stacking up at that point and didn't need the extra hassle .. so be warned this guy is a cowboy and at some point i'm going to have to get it redone .. this time by a professional ! TGF .. i'm going for a beer .. sorry to bitch
  11. I did 20inch Rangie rims a while back as bad as yours .. personally I think you did a good job on this one given the tools you have .. but honest have a serious think about paying to get them all done by a professional .. personally Its a job I would never attempt to do myself again ..
  12. LS 600h Excitement

    Thank you all for the feedback .. it's very interesting getting all your views .. and yes it is the one being sold by Aspire but there is another .. 2007 with 57k on the clock in dark blue .. same price being sold by LTV (Lancashire Trade Vehicles) one thing seems to be certain the 600 is loved by anyone and everyone who drives it but have to say doing some research last night it's had mixed press reviews fortunately I take those with a pinch of salt Time to go and mull over what you all say .. with regard to the battery pack .. it was my belief they were only good for 10 years .. not sure where I got that so reassuring to read that comment as I have been starting to worry how much longer mine will last as they are expensive to replace Thanks all really appreciated the rapid replies M
  13. Guys .. Just been to view a 2008 LS 600h with 52000 on the clock and all the toys at £19990 and full Lexus service history It is in truly stunning condition for the year and hardly appears to have been sat in or even driven .. Questions .. is the dealer asking too much ? .. but more importantly does anyone know of any weaknesses this model may have .. bearing in mind the battery pack is probably nearing the end of it's life now .. it's got me excited and "may" replace my current 2011 RX 450h All replies in a massive hurry ... pleeeese as i'm due to go abroad for a month next week and would need to seal the deal asap.. I know and that in itself is probably a big mistake !!
  14. 450h

    Thanks to all for the input .. I'll chase the Rock Auto link up as I do find the ride too firm.. but this is the first vehicle I've had in several years that doesn't have Air suspension so am probably spoilt Cheers M
  15. Shocking roads spoil the Lexus experience

    A little Ironic that I should post a topic relating to my Advance 450h about 2 hours ago in that the coil spring in the drivers side rear suspension has broken (probably on a speed hump) and I was asking members if they knew of a replacement shock absorber as I find the ride in this vehicle is far to firm so goodness knows what the F Sport 450h model is like To be fair tho' .. this car has given 2 years service and been utterly and boringly reliable .. !!