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  1. Well 3 days after picking up a car sold as scrap to me for £200 she is on the road, taxed and insured. Thanks for all the help here.
  2. Do the Cats get damaged due to a misfire then? And are they expensive to get a new one if it fails? Luckily it's MOT is right through until next year - May
  3. Got the owner down to £200 as we weren't sure how much we'd have to spend to get her going / if at all. Looks like they've spent a lot on it. Overheat at Easter meant a head skim, new gasket, water pump, radiator and some second hand coil packs! Why second hand I've no idea. Anyway. Bought a decent set of 6 coil packs today, all the codes cleared but we had an Air Temp Sensor fault too. The car was so gutless we couldn't drive it onto the recovery truck. Once the coil packs were done she sounded great but then the revs died but still no faults. Smelly exhaust. Cracked the exhaust below the first Catalytic converter to find the innards of some of the first Cat had fallen away causing a massive bung blocking the exhaust. I think this has caused the overheat, powerloss etc.. Got a new set of plugs coming tomorrow from Ebay as it was a £15 saving and two tyres to fit. Tracking to check. Apart from that she's in great order. Only other thing was rear boot stays are gone so it doesn't stay up and it weighs a tonne, and O/S wing mirror outer cover has been clipped and gone. Kept all the old coils for future repairs although some look very brown like they've been overheating and arcing (if that's possible)
  4. Thanks. Arranged to have a look with my mate who has his own Garage but not much experience with Lexus but has the diagnosis computer kit etc.. I asked the owner about overheating, they had some coils replaced around Easter and he thinks it may have overheated back then, been running fine up until last friday when it misfired then again and the AA guy said it came up with multi fault codes indicating coils again. Unless it's in terrible order I'll probably go for it.
  5. Posted up in the IS200 buyers guide bit too: Chance of getting an IS200 that someone is scrapping because of ignition coil problems. Looking at just over £300. Possible lower arm issues from what I read on the guide. Worth a punt?
  6. Handy tips here thanks. Just registered having spoken to a customer (I'm a gas engineer) today when I spotted their IS200 had a cords showing on the NS Front tyre. She said that was the least of the problems as it was misfiring and it might need all new coils after having a couple recently. They are scrapping it and want just over £300 having been offered that. I'm wondering if it's worth my while as I have a mate who runs a garage so I can get work done on it at a decent price. Sounds like the tyre might be the lower arm mentioned here in various posts and maybe a coil diagnosed properly? Worth a punt? Not sure on other details yet but looked in decent order, 2005 plate and I get the impression theirs from new.