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  1. The best thing to move over is the 220d badge - instant theft deterrent.
  2. So that's Lexus, Merc and now Volvo do it. John is gonna be busy redesigning all these systems.
  3. Just realised. Window switches - they should go over ok.
  4. @Big Rat not that kind of comedian - but I will provide a link to you big bunch of meanies.
  5. RC F-Rozen

    I reckon if you got a grey rc-f people might say 'nice volvo'......... me for example ;) Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
  6. tracker

    Didn't even know there was an app. Also now see there is a breakdown app. Thanks. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
  7. Like what's in the other topic, lazy bones ;) Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
  8. There is an entire thread devoted to it. It has a few issues to be aware of.
  9. I wasn't bragging, I was making a light hearted joke about rose tinted glasses. Technicians are grumpy about everything engineers design don't you know? I've worked with lots of aeronautical engineers. Where did you do your degree?
  10. Part of the ownership "experience" of classic/rare bikes and cars is that some things are a challenge. A lot of owners enjoy this aspect; the search for the holy grail, the handing over of the cash for a shiny object, posting a photo on the forum to show you have achieved the impossible. There isn't much joy walking into Halfords for a wiper blade is there?
  11. You say "we're realising" but I suspect what you really mean is "I am realising" although how you're realising a design flaw based on anecdotal evidence is beyond me. The only glasses I have are x-ray ones I ordered from the back of Viz. Rose tinted doesn't work on me. I'm a technician.
  12. Maybe they use different linkage systems and geometry between makes and models...... or do you suppose all makes and models have identical steering systems? You have a situation where the 4 corners of the car are moving at 4 different velocities, this is true in any turn and the steering has to cope with that but at full lock it's the most extreme variation possible. I haven't done the maths or looked too deeply because, well, it's not an issue. If you're worried - go and have the geometry checked at a tyre centre or Lexus. It will still do it though.
  13. My is and now RC do it as I reverse off my drive as I have to go full lock in reverse and the road is lower than the drive so the front right wheel skids a bit. Bear in mind your rear wheels are pointing straight back and the 2 front wheels are trying to curve 2 different arcs while being pulled sideways at the extremes of the range.