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  1. I'm not an expert but I'd recommend going on Ebay and getting hold of a second hand exhaust as I've been told in the past that stainless does not suit the cars character (too loud).
  2. Hi cidersteve, Buy an OBD reader off eBay, its pretty cheap. It will tell you the problem and allow you to reset the warning. My hunch is that it could be an oxygen sensor.
  3. Hi Shahpor, That's useful to know, when I inquired with Lexus warranty people 2 years ago they said calipers are not covered, it seems as if things have changed since then. In which case I would probably go for the Lexus warranty. PS Which dealer do you use?
  4. Hi Guys, I thought it would be useful to share my experience. I bought an IS250 SEL auto 57 plate with 63k on the clock in 2015 from a dodgy independent but it had a full Lexus SH with invoices etc. I serviced it at a local Indy who I know and trust (funnily enough they are merc & Bmw specialist). I had a choice between warranty wise and Lexus warranty (roughly the same price), in the end I went with warranty wise. Approximately 9 months later my front calipers went and warranty wise paid for the labor and parts. Lexus quoted over £800 for the same job and not covered by the lex warranty. The indy garage told me that its all about the wording the mechanic or technician uses in the report. In two years of ownership I have replaced; Wipers, oxygen sensor, battery, Tyres, discs, calipers, headlight bulbs and filters. Other than that the car has not given me any issues.
  5. Hi Goldwyn, It's on my list to do so I havent had a chance yet. I remember reading that its a pretty easy swap. I would recommend checking out youtube there are tons of DIY is250 guides sitting in there :)
  6. Id recommend the angel eyes headlights, looks stunning on black is250's, check the link;
  7. I thought so too, worth mentioning that I spoke to a engineer
  8. I spoke to Lexus Edgeware Rd last year and they said its highly unlikely it will ever happen.... please do keep us updated, they may well have to eat their words
  9. I would highly recommend you to go through the buyers guide on the forum which points out common faults and what to look out for etc. Parts and labour are usually very expensive at dealers but the diy guides on here will save you a fortune.
  10. It's the smoothest in its category, beats a 3series, class, a4 etc (I haven't driven a X type yet). Tip stay away from the sport and buy an auto and you won't regret it. I live near speed humps so it was very important to me when I was looking at the time. Ultimately it can't beat a 4x4 or an S class with air suspension but those cars are a different category and a lot more expensive.
  11. I was planning to sign up to the Lexus warranty in Oct 15 for my 07 plate is250, then my local independent (who I trust) highly recommended warrantywise as one of the better ones (but far from perfect). At first I regretted coughing up almost £380 then about 9 months later my front calipers went, It would have cost me £850 from Lexus or £700 from local inc labour. Warrantywise paid for the labour and parts, thus it paid for itself. I have heard of horror stories for both.
  12. Sorry to hear about your head gasket, I found this recon engine on ebay for £700, perhaps this could help;
  13. I had a similar experience, replaced the back tyres as told they were wearing down to 2mm on the Mot a few weeks ago. Whilst there was a difference I didn't notice a dramatic difference.
  14. I totally understand, I used to work in central London, when I told my colleagues that I was going to buy a car they all looked at me as if there was something wrong with me and said "why do you want to do that? what a waste of money!!"
  15. It's so true, unfortunately not much one can do :(,