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  1. Front Parking Sensors?

    Thanks Steve that really helps.
  2. Front Parking Sensors?

    Thanks Steve. I seem to spend my time looking at is300's to see if they have them fitted. Big ask but if you get a chance then maybe upload a picture? I was told that flush fit cannot be canbus controlled which is probably why you have your switch.....
  3. Front Parking Sensors?

    Thanks Steve. The company that supplied me with the image also said that canbus works with these and my IS, therefore doing away with the switch, they would charge about £350 fitted. My reputable car electronics company said they have not fitted them to an IS but would make it work and look like a factory fit, but for £750! I am torn and the dealers are as much use as a handbrake on a canoe on this subject, great for everything Lexus but once you step out from all things Lexus they just seem to have no great advice. Don't get me wrong I am not knocking them but I find it hard to believe that 2 dealers have never had or seen front parking sensors fitted...... I pick up the car in a couple of weeks so will wait to see what the rears look like (flush or not). If not flush I might just go for the image option and canbus.......
  4. Front Parking Sensors?

    I looked at this type of solution but doing some homework uncovered that this system is not very reliable and tbh if you can't rely on it then there is no point having it! I am still on the hunt. I was sent the attached image but then another reputable car electronics fitting company said that where the front sensors had been placed would leave a massive blind spot on the very front. So, the story continues and please keep the ideas coming.....
  5. Front Parking Sensors?

    Thanks Rayanns. The grill on the advance does not have the sensor holes, not even blanked, so I would need to swap the grill, that on its own is £500 according to the dealer! There is just no easy way to fit them, which is why when I have asked a couple of the larger installation companies (just Google parking sensors) and you will know who I mean both said that they were unable to fit them. I am having the rears fitted by the dealer but even then they do not integrate with rear camera, just a buzzer. They are only fully integrated on the rear if specified at the factory.... or so I have been led to believe. I am guessing I will have to do without unless someone on here has managed to get it done!
  6. Front Parking Sensors?

    Hi there I have a CT currently and you are correct but they are more forward facing as they are positioned on the front of the bumper. The holes on the IS that fitters would use are facing left and right if that makes sense, and cars with them fitted at the factory use a different grill which has 2 forward facing sensors. I have found a local car HiFi centre which will attempt it and build 2 brackets for the grill plus a canbus for £900!! Yes £900, which even I just can't afford...... I think I will just have to live without them.......
  7. Front Parking Sensors?

    Thanks guys for helping so far but has anyone had them fitted? Feedback would be useful. The dealer did say that someone did have them fitted but due to the large grill they could only be corner mounted in the bumper and therefore did not give full frontal cover?
  8. Front Parking Sensors?

    Mr Vlad....... if I could afford it I would but sometimes the wallet has to rule the head!
  9. Front Parking Sensors?

    Thanks. Rears being fitted by the dealer but there is no option from the dealer for front ones. Having had them on both my previous Lexus I would really feel lost without them. Have you had them retro fitted to the Front?
  10. So I pick up my MY17 IS300h in a couple of weeks, waving goodbye to my 7 year old CT200h! However, the one thing I will desperately miss will be front parking sensors. I have asked the dealer and there is no option. I have asked a couple of independent companies that specialise in parking sensors but again no joy. So, have you guys managed to get them fitted and working and if so some advice on what you have fitted, cost and reliability? Thanks in advance.
  11. Space Saver

    I have just been given a brand new Toyota auris space saver, offering this up to the car it looks like it will fit, anyone know for sure?