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  1. Ordered a pait at 1024 this morning with free one day delivery. They came in van about 3hours later. Haven't tried them yet. John
  2. I tried this afternoon on the M40 from Oxford J8 to Warwick. Set zero at metro station about a mile from J8, set CC to 65. (This is 60MPH according to my OBD reader.) Motorway very busy so sometimes the radar brought me down to 50 or below though not for long. MPG gradually climbed from <30 before joining motorway to 46 just before I turned off. By time I returned home which included 10+ miles non-motorway A road and unclassified back roads and traffic it was showing 42.3. It's hills, >75 mph, cold engine and faffing about in town that drops the MPG. I wonder what the Mk 4 engine would have done under the same conditions? John
  3. You had starched underwear? 12 years old? Luxury. We had to go up in nothing and we were only 6. John
  4. What time and do guests get cake supplied? Mrs Trout will probably skip the cake. John
  5. I'm very envious. I assume this was on the flatter and slower part of your journey. Economy goes up on mine if I can get it into its higher gearing above about 55mph and then starts to drop again above about 75mph. How long does these wonderful figures hold up after hybrid battery solutions have worked their magic? John
  6. My 2007 is red. The touch-up kit I have is Red Mica Chrystal Shine 3R1 and it is not a perfect match John
  7. Love the Welsh number plate. V6 would have been even better. John
  8. Many years ago Jaguar were 10 years and 150k miles. Not sure about Aston Martin. Average AM annual mileage is <5k so design life probably never comes up. My neighbour works in the industry and he says 300km now. I think my dampers are both poor quality and expensive. I agree about the warranty. Over 100k miles and say 8 years many more parts get excluded by wear and tear than they would at 30k miles and 4 years. I wonder what warranty work does get done on our older cars? John
  9. I would like to believe that the design life for a Lexus is at least 10 years and 150k mile. It is for many other brands. John
  10. I better come in the silver car then
  11. Ken, Welcome back. Couple of things struck me as I read about your return purchase. 1) Engine starts using the HV battery so the 12v one is not subject to same punishment as non-hybrid. i.e. battery need not be the highest quality. 2) "floaty barge feel"? I had a Camry 12 or so years ago. That was a floaty barge or sofa but my 450 is not. Are your rear dampers shot? Front ones too for that matter. Dampers are an issue on 450s of this age and mileage. Perhaps this ties in with knocking noises? If the dampers are shot the sport mode will not stiffen them. John
  12. There is also a cafe at Swansea airport which allegedly does very large slices of wonderful cake. Perhaps flying increases the craving for cake. Or even driving IS F. John
  13. Excellent, although I may skip the cake. I believe you meet at a cafe somewhere near Kemble. Is it the AV8? John
  14. When is the August meet? I have never seen an IS F but would like too. Are second class Lexus owners are allowed to come? John