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  1. Dampers working, not leaking but "something fitted on top". Safety issue or just short of work? John
  2. Shahpor, I think you are right about the glitches. Mine is also listed as having a tachometer. I think American models have them but we have the more useful power meter instead. John
  3. Robert, Thanks for suggestion. The arm rest box did need a purge but alas I could find no connector. I found another cigar lighter outlet at the back of the box which is more useful for charging with a cigar lighter USB charger than the one in front of the gear knob as there are no trailing wires. I assume entries under Vehicle Features can only get there if somebody at Lexus enters them. I also assume that it is not a standard feature so it has been added. Allegedly. I believe the only optional extras I have are the rear window blind and black wood. The grain is just visible. I prefer this to the usual walnut. I don't think I have the rear wheel steering option because I can't find the extra fuse box in the boot. John
  4. Last night I discovered the My Lexus section of the Lexus website. I keyed in my car - 2007 GS450h-SEL - and discovered under Vehicle Features/Accessories/Audio "iPod integration kit, for radio with DVD-changer". Now I am old enough to have an iPod (which is not used now) so this would be useful if only I could find it. What should I be looking for and where? A USB outlet or a mini-jack or what? John
  5. Thanks John. I tried but that did not recognise my VIN! I then tried the Lexus site and it used my registration to tell me mine was a 2007 GS 450h - MY06 SE-L and no recalls were applicable. I then registered it under the My Vehicle and discovered that a "fuel pressure recall" was done in February 2015. Discovered some other interesting stuff in the service record: all four tyres replaced at 20k miles AND offside front shock absorber replaced at 50k miles. So that replacement only managed 62k miles. Also found an entry called "reconditioning"? Getting ready for resale? John
  6. Recall work on fuel system? I agree that IS300h is noisy. When I had one for 24hrs I took it back after 30 miles. Couldn't have a conversation with the wife. (They have resurfaced that bit of M4 now but my old 1998 GS300 was quieter by 5dB.) John
  7. More advanced than my 2007 450h too. I can receive calls and also make them using speed dial entries. I have not been able to transfer any numbers from iPhone 4. This does not matter much as in order to use numbers from the phone book which are not speed dials I would have to stop anyway. Having stopped, just use the phone. But being able to use music from iPhone would be nice. John
  8. Robert, Cunning but how did you get the contacts on your iPhone into the Android? John
  9. Jeff, Delighted to hear it! How much functionality do you have? Receive and make calls from the car controls I guess. Anything else? John
  10. Welcome Robert. I've had mine 19 months and am still learning. The manual is not always clear but the help on this forum is. Just ask. John (coming up to halfway to moon.)
  11. On the alternative topic I think John (Britprius) has explained why neither I nor Fireblade1 have noticed the lights moving. Both are lights are not great and the effect is subtle. With improved lights I may be tempted above 25mph on little twisty country roads on dipped beams and may then notice. Thanks John for the tips on improving the dipped beams. I had missed that post. John
  12. Interesting. The 450 HID bulbs are 35W and I don't think they are very good. Bitprius also is not impressed and is investigating replacing them with a different bulb. I am waiting to hear the results of that trial. John
  13. Robert, In my 2007 version, Sport mode stiffens the dampers and sharpens up the throttle response. By sharpen up I mean a little movement of the pedal does a lot more than in normal mode. I don't know if the steering is altered. Like you I wondered if the AFS was actually working because I can't tell. The lights that move are the dipped beams not the main beams so it is going to be easier to see if main beam is not on. I know my little platforms on which the dipped lamps are mounted can move both up and down and side to side. The dipped beams have a flat upper cut-off and this does not go up on nearside which makes it harder to spot sideways movement. Are you happy with your dipped lights? John
  14. By knackered do they mean the slider pins are seized? Knackered brake pipe? How? Taking the callipers off carelessly? Seized callipers are usually replaced under warranty I think from reading this forum. If they do replace them ask for the old bits as they can probably be repaired. If you don't want to repair them somebody on here would and the callipers could be useful to someone else. John